God and Devil World

Chapter 270: Revenge!

Chapter 0270 – Revenge!

Translated by: Kun, DcbLol

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Yue Zhong gazed at Liu Yujiao and spoke, “Very good. If this intel turns out to be true, after the matter is completed, I will definitely not treat you shabby!”

“Many thanks, Commander Yue!!” Liu Yujiao broke out in a grin.

The night was dark and the winds were strong, without even the barest sliver of moonlight. Everything was shrouded in darkness, and only a few areas were lit up in the entire SY County.

The 5 heads of the Military had conflicts of interest within one another, therefore there were 5 different residences set up within the military itself. Consequently the distance between each of them stretched for a few kilometres.

Under the cover of the pitch dark, Yue Zhong brought his Special Combat forces as they snuck towards Su Dongming’s residence within the military camp.

Liu Yujiao’s Vermillion Phoenix had plenty of women, some good-looking ones at that. These women prostituted themselves in the military camps, at the same time, obtaining valuable intel as well as protection for the Vermillion Phoenix Triad.

Part of the recent intel gained was that the experts who tried assassinating Yue Zhong had been seeking refuge within Su Dongming’s military camp.

Yue Zhong carefully manoeuvred his way to the front of the camp and saw 2 soldiers standing on guard.

Yue Zhong gave Cheng Yu a hand signal, and Cheng Yu brought out a blowpipe, shooting a poison dart at one of the soldiers’ neck.

Upon impact, the soldier immediately grabbed towards his neck and struggled to keep his eyes open, before fainting to the floor.

Yue Zhong instantly activated his Art of Fear skill on the other soldier and under the assault of the mind shattering fear, the other soldier died while foaming at the mouth. He even passed without a sound.

The Agility-based Evolver Yaoyao who had been standing by Yue Zhong’s side activated her Shadow Steps, and her entire body flitted towards the camp like a dark leopard in the night, within just a few blinks, she was nowhere to be seen.

Yue Zhong had already activated his Encompassing Bone armor, and led the Special Combat forces inside the military camp, only to discover that along the road, there were many soldiers’ corpses, each and everyone of them had their neck slashed.

Yaoyao was a naturally talented Agility-based Evolver, and under the constant forging through battle as well as the strict training of the elite soldiers, she had developed beyond even the strongest soldiers of the world prior to the apocalypse. The moment she was near, even Yue Zhong would feel a headache. Those normal soldiers never stood a chance against her.

While the soldiers were silenced one by one by Yaoyao, the rest of the Special Combat forces went to attach bombs on various armored tanks, and Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and even some helicopters as well.

Inside the camp, Yue Zhong came across 5 tanks, it was a pity that his storage ring could not accommodate these beasts, otherwise he would have already swiped them all.

Since he couldn’t have it, no one else could have it as well, Yue Zhong decided to use his Devil Flame to open up holes inside those tanks and placed the time bombs inside.

Along the way, whenever the Special Combat forces came across soldiers doing their patrolling, they would swiftly kill them. These warriors were, after all, specially selected and trained by Yue Zhong. In all reality each and everyone of them became Enhancers above level 20. With their Combat tactics learned as well as having undergone all sorts of special forces training, they were nearly unstoppable.

Very soon, Yue Zhong and his team arrived at the residence which the assassins were taking refuge in. Yue Zhong did not barge in directly however. Instead, they surrounded the entire estate with timed detonation explosives.

After finishing, Yue Zhong waved his hands in a predetermined signal, and the Special Forces soldiers assembled into 4 teams. As they dispersed to the various parts of the camp, placing more timed explosives as well as killing the other soldiers who were not even prepared.

After approximately 15 minutes of slaughter, the Special Combat soldiers arrived back at Yue Zhong’s side.

Yue Zhong waved his hands once more, and the Special Combat warriors all left, leaving Yue Zhong alone. This time, Yue Zhong’s motive wasn’t to annihilate Su Dongming’s forces completely, but to cause a huge ruckus. If it came to a clash to the death between his warriors and Su Dongming’s forces, both sides would face heavy losses. Yue Zhong wasn’t willing to lose these experts that he had painstakingly trained up.

“Time’s up.” Yue Zhong looked at his watch, as he whispered silently to himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

In an instant, sounds of explosions resounded one by one within the military camp, and the various armored vehicles and military equipment exploded into pieces, becoming piles of useless metal. The military residence buildings also exploded in a huge ball of fire, instantly crushing and killing the soldiers inside.

Countless soldiers were plunged into utter chaos, as they ran amok, shouting at the top of their lungs. The entire camp was in a mess.

The residence of the assassins also collapsed under the explosive assault, as the ceiling debris fell and buried the assassins within.

Inside that particular building, were the experts that Su Dongming had gathered with his utmost efforts, if they were to face off in a battle, even Yue Zhong would be forced to retreat. However, with one fell swoop, Yue Zhong had killed over 90% of them.

With a ‘hong’, as some debris exploded outwards, a huge body rushed up towards the sky from the pile of rubble.

“Expert!” Yue Zhong raised his eyes, and discovered it was an Enhancer that had activated his Werewolf Transformation skill. This Enhancer had actually managed to escape from the destruction, he was obviously an expert.

In fact, Yue Zhong’s guess wasn’t off the mark. This Werewolf Transformation Enhancer was an Agility-based Evolver named Luo Bufan. It turned out that Su Dongming had spent an exorbitant amount on him, and was also the first expert that Su Dongming had nurtured!

As an Agility-based Evolver, when Luo Bufan activated his Werewolf Transformation, his speed had reached freakish levels, and there was nobody in the entire SY County that could face him. As well as the fact that he had enhanced his Werewolf Transformation three times, his other attributes gained tremendous boosts as well, to the point that even 12.7mm bullets could not penetrate his body, and 7.62m bullets could not penetrate his skin. It was truly fearsome.

“Let me send you to your death!” Yue Zhong eyed Luo Bufan who had lept out of the wreckage into mid-air, and he laughed coldly.Yue Zhong winked and hoisted a PF98 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher up. “Click. Click. Boom.” mouthed Yue Zhong under his breath as he lined up the aim and shot at him!

“No!!!” Luo Bufan saw the anti-tank missile and his eyes flashed with wild desperation. His only thought as he shouted out loudly was to push his werewolf transformation to the maximum, as his muscles grew even larger and his fur coarser.

At the next instant, there was a flash and a moment of muteness as the rocket landed on Luo Bufan’s chest. The result was the creation of a stunning roar of flame and shrapnel. Even though he tried to resist with his valiant body, it still ended up with him roaring in denial as his body swelled up on impact and exploded into just so many semi-charred, meaty pieces covered in sizzling hair.

Regardless of how fearsome the Werewolf Transformation is, he could not possibly withstand the might of a PF98 Anti-Tank missile. Even Yue Zhong was not impervious to the might of an anti-tank missile.

Enhancers might be strong, but they were not invincible! As long as the proper weapon was utilized, Enhancers could be taken down like anyone else. However, compared to most normal people, those Enhancers who were familiar with the modern weaponry were even more terrifying.

Yue Zhong had never forgone any chance to learn about modern weaponry. Facing different enemies required different tactics after all.

Yue Zhong proceeded to gather Luo Bufan’s half scorched head and left the chaotic camp.

One by one, reinforcements poured out from different areas of the camp to help put out the fire and tend to the wounded. At the same time, the alarm was sounded and a search was conducted to capture any enemies. However, Yue Zhong had already long ago brought his men away, and the search turned up nothing.

Even though there were conflicts amongst themselves, the moment Su Dongming’s camp came under attack, the rest of the 4 powers had dispatched a battalion of soldiers each to assist. In just a short span of time, the entire camp was surrounded tightly.

This was one of the reasons Yue Zhong had left the place swiftly, if he had delayed for just a while longer, he might have been trapped within.

“Damn Yue Zhong!! Damn it!! Damn you!!” Su Dongming looked at the scene of carnage, and his eyes flashed with a furious gaze. This time, his losses had caused him to almost spit out blood in anger.

His tanks, helicopters, infantry fighting vehicles and even Howitzers were all rendered to little more than really expensive scrap metal. His entire force of 2000 people had been reduced by 162 soldiers, and the experts he had gathered painstakingly were all decimated. This time, his power had dropped way below the rest of the 5 heads, which led him to hate Yue Zhong with a vengeance.

“The young sure are rash!” Peng Mingde took a look at the details concerning this case, and sighed. Although there was not a single shred of evidence that pointed to Yue Zhong, everyone knew in their hearts, it was definitely a retaliation from him. No one had expected Yue Zhong’s revenge to be so swift and vicious.

In just one night, Su Dongming suffered unimaginable losses. Of his weaponry, he lost two-thirds of them, and lost nearly 200 men. The casualty rate was 10%.

This led all the top brass of SY County to open their eyes and witness for themselves how ruthless Yue Zhong could be when provoked.

In the meeting amongst the 5 military powers, Su Dongming submitted a proposal with an ashen face: “I reckon that we should gather the army, and eliminate the vermin Yue Zhong! He dares attack our military, his guts have really reached the heavens.

Today he dared launch an assault on me, who’s to say who he will target tomorrow? We need to work together and take care of this problem before he escapes!”

Shen Hongyang frowned, as he gazed at Su Dongming and spoke softly, “Division Commander Su, do you have some proof that it was Yue Zhong? If not, how can we just take up arms?”

Qian Weimin looked to Su Dongming and lightly smiled: “Division Commander Su, I feel that it’s better if we proceed with caution and conduct a thorough investigation. We cannot possibly let a criminal off, but likewise, we can’t just blame a good person. Don’t you agree?”

Su DongMing frowned as he looked towards his ally Luo Tianyi and asked, “Old Luo, what’s your take?”

Luo Tianyi drew a long breath on his cigar, and spew out a smoke circle. Without looking at Su Dongming, he thought for a while.

“I think…. it’s time for us to have a chat with Mister Yue Zhong!”

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