God and Devil World

Chapter 269: Restraint

Chapter 0269 – Restraint

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[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies] Chapter 269: Restraint

The entire SY City was startled by the sudden wail of sirens constantly sounding out as police squadrons hurried over one after another. As they arrived they grouped up forming many blockade lines.

The one hundred riot policemen stationed nearby were also rapidly mobilised to form a defensive line at the front. Cheng Yu brought people over, only to see that those policemen hadn’t actually opened fire yet. The survivors had occupied various bunkers and were armed, beginning to face off against the police.

“Hello to the little brother over there! I am the Bureau Chief of the Police Station Niu Jinbao! I don’t know what has happened to cause your side to start a riot like this…?”

A fat, middle-aged man with a massive beer belly and reeking of the sweat streaking down off him in waves, used a loudspeaker to shout loudly towards Cheng Yu’s side.

Niu Jinbao was extremely hesitant to engage in a battle with Cheng Yu’s side. If both sides started to fight, it would be very difficult to avoid casualties. He himself, certainly didn’t wish to die. Moreover, if he were the one to fire the first shot, then things would get troublesome from then on.

Cheng Yu threatened coldly,

“You people actually dare to try assassinate our Commander Yue!?! Do you really think that we’re that easy to bully? If you don’t give us a confession, then we will have no choice but to fight it out! Even if the battle carries on until only one man is remaining. We will not give up on our revenge!”

Niu Jinbao replied loudly in an appeasing manner,

“Misunderstanding!! This is only a misunderstanding! You wait a moment; first, let me go to Mayor Wen to quickly make a report! Think carefully! This matter should only be a misunderstanding!! You guys should first disperse, alright?”

Cheng Yu continued to threaten icily,

“Hmph! We will wait here! I will wait 4 hours for you. If 4 hours have passed and I still don’t see Wen Baoguo or Peng Mingde, then we will launch an attack. Even if we all die in battle here, our 4000 brothers in Ning Guang County will still avenge us!!”

Cheng Yu was also very clear on the fact that Yue Zhong was rather unwilling to engage in battle with SY County. However, if it continued in this way, that loftiness would become even more difficult to dissolve.

They would only be able to obtain greater benefits by being more aggressive.

Niu Jinbao wiped off some cold sweat and called over his own assistant Wu En, speaking in a stern voice.

“Wu En! I want to go see Mayor Wen, so this place will be left to you. Remember, don’t provoke the opposing side, and we also must not fire the first shot. If anything happens, you’ll be the only one responsible!!”

“Got it!”

Glancing at Niu Jinbao, Wu En replied coldly.

This Niu Jinbao’s ability was much lower than that of Wu En’s, it was just that Niu Jinbao was good at currying favor and had various supporters behind the scenes. Those were the only reasons for why he was able to firmly step down on Wu En’s head, hence Wu En naturally held Niu Jinbao in contempt.

After leaving commands for Wu En, Niu Jinbao immediately got into a car and hurried towards Wen Baoguo’s office. He reported everything from the beginning to the end.

“What?! Yue Zhong was met with an assassination attempt?? Has he died or not?”

Hearing Niu Jinbao’s report, Wen Baoguo’s face paled and he asked solemnly. The matter of Yue Zhong’s life and death directly affected SY City’s attitude towards his forces.

Niu Jinbao lowered his head and thought for a while before saying,

“I don’t know!”

“You just said, Yue Zhong’s subordinate brought troops over to confront you?”

Wen Baoguo’s eyebrows furrowed as he continued to question.

Niu Jinbao quickly replied,

“Mm! It is like this!”

A hint of disappointment flashed past Wen Baoguo’s eyes,

“Then he should still be alive! Otherwise his subordinates wouldn’t have all fought their way over here and fail to keep this sort of restraint!”

If Yue Zhong did die, the huge force he had established by himself would definitely fall apart, making it just right for SY City Base to send out troops and eliminate those forces, to eventually become the true overlord of the entire region.

Yue Zhong’s side and SY City had both restrained themselves from battle because both sides had similar battle strength. Even if one side forcefully annexed the other, the winning side would still suffer disastrous damages.

Wen Baoguo contemplated for a while, before standing up and striding out of his office.

“I am SY City’s Mayor Wen Baoguo, here to see Yue Zhong!”

Wen Baoguo rushed up very quickly to the frontlines of the two sides’ confrontation and said to Cheng Yu.

“Please enter!”

Cheng Yu glanced at Wen Baoguo and leaned sideways, allowing him to pass through.

Without showing any signs of fear, Wen Baoguo thus proceeded to stride into the streets by himself without any bodyguards.

Currently, the three old streets were very heavily guarded; warriors armed with Type 03 Rifles defending each and every road, coldly watching everything that was happening.

All the gangs, (such as the Black Tiger Gang and the Vermillion Bird Gang) began to move out while inquiring everywhere for information about the assassination or assassins.

Fifteen warriors of the Special Combat Battalion had also returned, each of them concealing themselves in the vicinity of the villa in which Yue Zhong was residing. With such tight security, it was simply impossible for anyone to make an attempt on Yue Zhong’s life again.

Inside the villa, Wen Baoguo saw the nearly disfigured Yue Zhong lying on a bed with his head nestled in Tong Xiaoyun’s embrace. His face was covered in swollen purple lacerations and burn marks.

A small puddle of blood had run down his body and dyed the sheets crimson from the numerous wounds everywhere on him. He almost didn’t dare to believe that the near-disfigured man before him was actually Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong glanced at Wen Baoguo and spoke tersely, his voice overflowing with killing intent.

“Mayor Wen, you’ve come! SY City’s security really is substandard. Today I almost died in SY City.

SY City really does have skilled individuals in hiding, making me really want to go on a killing spree and use artillery to plow through this place at once! If you and Secretary Peng are unable of giving me justice, then just let me use cannons and bayonets in exchange for justice instead!”

“Yue Zhong, you mustn’t be impulsive! Today’s matter, none of us wanted to see it. I will make people properly investigate this incident and bring you justice.”

Wen Baoguo’s eyebrows furrowed as he spoke in a low voice. He didn’t actually believe that SY City’s military strength was weaker than that of Yue Zhong’s. If they fought though, both parties would definitely suffer huge losses. He was afraid that Yue Zhong was as rash as he was young, and might really bring all his troops to fight it out with SY County’s military.

Yue Zhong stared at Wen Baoguo and spoke in a heavy tone. “Su Tianyang! The person who wanted to assassinate me is Su Tianyang!

There were a total of 15 Enhancers above Level 10 who came to kill me today! 3 of them were expert snipers, and it’s obvious that only the military or government commands such experts.

After coming to SY County, the only person I have not seen eye-to-eye with was Su Tianyang. I believe only he would have expended such forces. Therefore the only person who could have ordered the assassination is Su Tianyang.”

Wen Baoguo frowned, and he replied softly, “This is just your conjecture! Do you have evidence? Without evidence, you can’t just go around spouting nonsense.”

Su Tianyang was after all the son of one of the 5 heads of the military. A person with such a background could not be slandered nor deemed guilty without evidence just because of Yue Zhong’s words.

Yue Zhong coldly stared at Wen Baoguo: “Evidence?! Sure, I will find it for you! I’m tired. Please go back now.”

“Please rest well then!” Wen Baoguo said, as he walked towards the exit.

Yue Zhong had actually gotten a treasure from Su Chen’s body and was thoroughly exploring it.

“”Level 3 Treasure: Sacred Arm Guard. Upon equip, Strength +2. It gives the user the skill Sacred Protection, which allows one to activate a Barrier of Sacred Protection to protect themself from a set amount of harm. Cooldown: 24 hours.”

Su Chen had used this Sacred Protection to protect himself as a last resort. However, Yue Zhong’s attacks were too ferocious, and the Sacred Protection had not lasted more than a few hits before collapsing.

Yue Zhong directly equipped the Sacred Arm Guard. Who knew if it might save his life at some critical juncture in the future.

Su Tianyang was currently hiding within the military camp, his heart in turmoil. “Why isn’t he dead? Damn it! Su Chen that useless fucker couldn’t even complete something as simple as this!! He actually failed in killing that bastard Yue Zhong!!”

Right at this time, Su Dongming walked in with a steely expression.

“Dad, why have you come?” Su Tianyang immediately climbed off a serving girl’s body, as he asked a little embarrassedly.

“Get out!” Su Dongming looked at the absurd scene in the room, and he coldly told the few serving girls.

They immediately grabbed their clothes and exited the room swiftly without turning their heads.

“Did you do it?” Su Dongming stared at Su Tianyang as he asked.

Su Tianyang hesitated a while before saying, “No!!”

“You still dare to deny it?” Su Dongming roared, thoroughly enraged. He then slapped Su Tianyang across the face harshly, causing his face to swell.

“Su Chen is dead! Liu Jun is dead! All Because of you, you little bastard! I lost 8 experts! 8! You still don’t want to admit your mistake? Do you want to push me to the grave?”

While the number of experts in the military were numerous, to groom a high level Enhancer was not easy. Su Chen’s assassin team was one of the 2 elite Enhancers team that Su Dongming controlled. Since this time he lost 8 experts, Su Dongming could be considered to have lost 25% of his experts.

Su Tianyang jumped up, as he hollered loudly at Su Dongming, “How was I in the wrong!? Didn’t you also want to kill that asshole Yue Zhong? I merely set out to do what you didn’t dare to! I am your son!!

You hit me because of some mere outsider? Are you still my dad? After Mum left, you want to start mistreating me right? Aren’t you letting mum down?”

Su Dongming was absolutely fuming as he pointed at Su Tianyang: “Unfilial!! You’re an unfilial son! How did I have someone like you!! This entire month, you’re not allowed to leave the villa! You will stay here obediently!!”

After which, Su Dongming left the room in anger. He only had Su Tianyang and had always pampered and spoilt him, this led to Su Tianyang having a domineering character. Each time Su Tianyang had done something wrong, he would have it intercepted on his behalf.

Yue Zhong’s assassination attempt shook the entire SY County. Wen Baoguo and Peng Mingde met up to discuss, and ordered for the police to conduct an investigation throughout the county. It was just that those assassins had already hidden at Su Dongming’s military camp. Regardless of how meticulous the police were, there were no results.

Yue Zhong was quietly recuperating in his villa with the effect of his Level 4 Skill: Regeneration. Within a day, his bones that had been shattered by the sniper bullets had finished mending. After just 2 days, the facial wounds from the fireball skill and countless shrapnel had closed up and recovered, to the point that one would not believe Yue Zhong had just suffered huge injuries 2 days ago.

“Is this intel for real?” Yue Hong looked at Liu Yujiao in front of him.

“Definitely!” Liu Yujiao replied confidently.

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