God and Devil World

Chapter 268: Tragic Victory

Chapter 0268 – Tragic Victory

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies] Chapter 268: Tragic Victory!

Yue Zhong’s feet shifted and his body flashed, dodging towards the side.

Yue Zhong had just stepped to the side, when the sniper with the Sniper Specialization Skill fired another shot.

An armor-piercing round immediately shot towards Yue Zhong’s body, shooting through his waist, and smashing a piece of bone armor.

Sniping a moving target from afar was a really hard feat to accomplish. Prior to the apocalypse, the sniper was already a top sniper. Coupled with the Sniper Specialization Skill, and even allocating a skill point to it, it allowed his sniping skills to reach unprecedented heights. He could efficiently utilize an ultra-long range sniper rifle with his dynamic skills.

The other 2 snipers also fired at Yue Zhong continuously. It was fortunate that they could not achieve the type of overpowered firing that their comrade was exhibiting. As their bullets landed on Yue Zhong’s sides, it gave him a sort of pressure. At the same time it also limited his movement space.

Yue Zhong took a deep breath as his Danger Perception Skill was pushed to its maximum, reminding him of the fearsome hold the snipers had over him.

Once he became careless, he would absolutely suffer some injuries from them as well. This was the most dangerous situation he had ever been in since the apocalypse.

Compared to the Mutant Beasts and zombies, humans were much more intelligent and could utilize their skills as a team. Even if their skills could not match him individually, when together? They created an extremely tough situation for Yue Zhong to handle.

Yue Zhong’s body continually flashed about like a spectre as he made his way towards a small ditch. He had the confidence to be certain he could kill the 2 Strength-based assassins in 2 breaths The problem was that while killing them, he would suffer the magic incantations of the spell casting experts.

The magic incantation skills possessed a frightening power, and the best way to deal with it was to kill them before the process was finished. If they released the skill, Yue Zhong would face a larger problem.

Yue Zhong’s speed was inhumane, and only an Agility-based Evolver or those Enhancers who focused on Agility growth could surpass him. As illustrated by the fact that Su Chen and the rest were not even able to catch up to Yue Zhong’s afterimage

Right at this time, Su Chen’s eyes flashed with a domineering chill as he activated his Vertical Gravity Skill on Yue Zhong.

In that instant, Yue Zhong felt his body becoming heavier, even much heavier! As a gravitational force 3 times that of usual pressed down on him, it severely constrained his speed.

“Damn it!!” Yue Zhong’s eyes glinted fiercely in anger. With his speed now, wanting to escape to the other side of the ditch would only result in him becoming a target for those expert snipers. With the pursuit from the assassins behind, he would have to pay a hefty price to even think of escaping to the ditch.

The small assassin team led by Su Chen had incredible teamwork, and their methods vicious. Their exemplary teamwork managed to come up with counters to each and every ability of Yue Zhong’s. Of course having made so many preparations, they were well prepared just to force him down a road of despair.

“You want my life?! You’ll have to pay for it first!!” A maniacal killing intent surfaced in Yue Zhong’s eyes, as he charged towards the Strength-based assassins.

Seeing that Yue Zhong was rushing over, the heavy weapons-wielding duo grinned in delight, as they waved their massive weapons towards Yue Zhong to crush him. After all, with his speed it would be impossible for him to dodge their attacks completely.

Yue Zhong did not show any hints of dodging in his actions. Instead, he activated his Art of Fear skill as he ran and the fearsome monstrous aura spread out with Yue Zhong at the centre.

Those within a certain circumference could not escapethe terror. The 2 Strength-based enhancers were enveloped by that Soul-chilling aura nearly immediately. As their Spirit stat was low, they could not defend against its assault and fell to the ground, terrified and broken.

Yue Zhong’s Art of Fear also reached Su Chen, it was somewhat u expected though that while Su Chen’s Spirit was not as high as Yue Zhong, it wasn’t low either. All he felt was a little headache, as he swiftly retreated backwards in response.

Dedition: That crappy excuse…

Yue Zhong wanted to rush towards Su Chen but was suddenly hindered when the assassin possessing the Ground Manipulation ability struck the ground, and a sharp spike rose from the earth in front of Yue Zhong almost bifurcating him at the crotch and thoroughly blocking his advance.

Yue Zhong opened his right palm, and shot a Bone Spear towards the ground, propelling him upwards as he spread his legs to avoid the tip of the spike and angled himself perfectly in descent. The result was a beautiful looking maneuver followed by Yue Zhong shooting fiercely towards Su Chen like an arrow.

The assassin wielding the .05 submachine gun took out a hand grenade at this time and threw it at Yue Zhong.

With a bang, the grenade exploded in front of Yue Zhong. A fearsome amount of shrapnel flew out, causing Yue Zhong to be blasted backwards.

Yue Zhong tried to dodge at the first moment, but was still heavily struck by the sudden attack from the grenade, and parts of his Encompassing Bone Armor were shattered and sent flying by that attack. Fortunately, the shrapnel and resulting explosion did not affect his body that was boosted by his high Endurance.

“Go die!!” While in mid-air, Yue Zhong looked towards that assassin with the .05 submachine gun, and activated his Art of Fear skill.

The assassin wielding the .05 submachine gun immediately went rigid with fear, as he curled up, and let out a soundless scream while struggling, before he spat out a mouthful of blood and died.

Seeing this scene, the assassins with the Psychic Barrier and Ground Manipulation Skills immediately felt fear. This was the first time they saw someone being killed off by such an ability.

Right at this time, the 2 assassins muttering their incantations finished the chanting. Their Level 2 Skills Rapid Fireballs and Great Wind Blade finally activated, as 5 bright red fireballs like a row of pearls and the Wind Blade shot towards Yue Zhong.

If there was a special characteristic of the God and Devil System spells, it was that as long as a user had used his or her Spirit to lock on to the target and finish casting the spell, the activated spell would definitely hone in on the target. Due to this, Su Chen had selected 2 of his strongest Enhancers with magic skills to deal with Yue Zhong.

“Break for me!!” Yue Zhong faced the fearsome Rapid Fireballs and the Great Wind Blade, his eyes flashed as he activated his Devil Flame skill and with a wave of his right hand he instantly expended 50 Spirit points and 20 Stamina points to produce a huge fireball that met the attacks of the spells head on; exploding upon impact.

Under the catastrophic explosion, the Rapid Fireballs and Great Wind Blade dispersed violently. However, they were after all Level 2 skills, and had undergone enhancement. They managed to break past the Devil Flame fireball, and exploded on Yue Zhong’s body, knocking him back 6 -7 metres when they hit. He crashed into a nearby building violently, resulting in a huge hole amidst dust and debris.

Fire-attribute skills tend to be more offensive, while ice-attribute skills tend to favour defence. If Yue Zhong had obtained an ice-attribute skill, then as a Spirit-based Evolver, he would just have to expend the necessary amount of force to deal with the attacks. While the Devil Flame was devastating in terms of its destructive power, it did little to protect Yue Zhong, and was of not much use to block the remaining attacks.

Su Chen saw that Yue Zhong had received the full brunt of the explosion, and he immediately rushed towards Yue Zhong’s position swiftly. He wanted to make sure Yue Zhong was dead, if not, he would make use of the chance to end Yue Zhong’s life.

Su Chen didn’t have much time left. The battle had caused a huge disturbance, and Yue Zhong’s subordinates were most likely on their way. The moment they arrived, if Yue Zhong was not dead then their assassination would be a failure.

Su Chen made his way hastily towards the large hole, when a sharp bone spear suddenly shot out from the settling dust, aiming for Su Chen’s head.

Seeing that the Bone Spear was almost going to penetrate Su Chen’s brain, the assassin with the Psychic Barrier Skill activated his skill and a transparent wall appeared in front of Su Chen preventing the Bone Spear from piercing through!

Yue Zhong leapt out from the hole right after. By this time, the Encompassing Bone Armor on his face had already been blasted away, his hair was burnt black, and even his eyebrows were burnt off. He had multiple wounds across his face and on his chest, there was even a deep slash piercing though the Bone Armor.

Fortunately the Type 2 Black Scaled Boar hide was sturdy, there was only a long white scar on the hide that was a result of the Great Wind Blade.

After jumping out from the debris, Yue Zhong felt his whole face burning in pain, as though someone was spraying him constantly with a high pressure hose. His high Endurance had saved him once again, if it had been less than 60 points, he might have lost his life to those spells.

“I want to see how your Psychic Barrier will block this!” With that, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a murderous glint, and the Devil Flame appeared in his right hand again. Expending yet another 20 points of Spirit to mold it into a spear, he threw it with all his might; the Devil Flame Spear shot towards the heart of the Psychic Barrier Enhancer.

The Psychic Barrier user had gotten on Yue Zhong’s nerves for the last time. Without him, Yue Zhong had many chances to wipe out the rest of the assassins.

The Psychic Barrier user was taken aback, as he raised his hands and conjured another transparent wall in front of him.

The Devil Flame Spear Yue Zhong molded exploded violently on the transparent barrier, and the resulting force broke the barrier into pieces. The flying pieces struck the Enhancer’s face and at the same time, the Enhancer was assaulted by the intense flame and explosion.

“Ah!!!!” The Psychic Barrier Enhancer could only let out an anguished scream, as he was enveloped by the fearsome Devil Flames and was lit ablaze. The result was that he almost instantly died a most miserable death with noxious charred smelling smoke billowing off of his crispy corpse even after the flame died out.

Su Chen’s eyes flashed coldly as he directly raised his hands, and intended to throw a grenade towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong waved his hands and a .05 submachine gun appeared in his left hand, as he raised it and fired wildly at Su Chen.

Su Chen did not dodge the small caliber fire. Instead, his body seemed to emit a strange holy light preventing the bullets of the .05 submachine gun from penetrating.

Su Chen swung his hands, and another hand grenade flew towards Yue Zhong.

With a bang, even though Yue Zhong tried to dodge, under the effect of the 3-times gravity, his movement was too slow. Of course this made him affected by the resulting explosion of the grenade, propelling him through the air for 6 metres, while the shrapnel cut into his head. The flying debris caused numerous ugly wounds again to his already painful face.

Yue Zhong pointed towards Su Chen and raised a finger, as a huge fireball and an ice pick was conjured out of thin air, viciously smashing onto the protective aura surrounding Su Chen.

The protection of Su Chen had its limits as well, after the force of the fireball and ice pick, the strange light vibrated, before it disappeared entirely.

Su Chen’s face was cold by this time, and his eyes flashed with a hint of frenzy, as he knew he could not escape Yue Zhong’s pursuit. He also abandoned all hopes of escaping, instead he threw out another grenade with extreme haste.

Yue Zhong jumped to the side, and he waved his hand pulling out his Stinger, firing 3 times rapidly at Su Chen.

3 Stinger bullets landed on Su Chen’s skull and with a light puff of blood proceeded to bore through, directly causing it to explode into pieces! The pink pulpy brain residue splattered violently out the back and sprayed onto the ground behind Su Chen with a sickening series of “Glop” noises.

The grenade exploded not far from Yue Zhong, and the blazing explosive force blew Yue Zhong back 7 metres as he slammed into another wall violently. With bits and pieces of shrapnel again cutting into his face and body, adding on to the amount of injuries.

Ulamog: Apocalypse Glam Magazine: Most Scarred man Poses for cover photo next issue!

“What a tough fellow to deal with!!” Yue Zhong coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood and stood up and checked Su Chen who had just been shot in the brain by him. He couldn’t help but give a high evaluation of this person in front of him.

Not only was Su Chen thoroughly ruthless towards Yue Zhong, he was the same towards himself. He didn’t even leave behind a path of retreat. If Yue Zhong wasn’t an Evolver, the assassination attempt this time might very well have succeeded.

After eliminating Su Chen, Yue Zhong swiftly advanced, wanting to detain the rest of the assassins. However, when he rushed out, he realised they had already fled the scene.

By this time, Chen Shitou had brought a hundred guards as they rushed over and he asked worriedly: “Commander Yue, are you alright?”

Yue Zhong sullenly gave the order: “Immediately conduct an investigation, go notify Cheng Yu, get him to bring men and set off for the SY County area. Whoever attacks, they’re free to retaliate. They cannot open fire first, and whoever dares to stop the investigation, let them know about the assassination attempt on me!!”

Chen Shitou saw Yue Zhong full of wounds, and his heart was filled with unbridled fury as he replied, “Understood, Commander Yue!!”

Chen Shitou quickly brought men to search every single household of the 3 streets, not a single person resisted. They were all frightened as they watched on, not daring to hinder the investigation.

On the other side, Cheng Yu brought over a 100 soldiers that were recently undergoing training, carrying their .03 rifles as they rushed towards the downtown area of SY County.

The over-hundred soldiers carrying .03 rifles was a fearsome force, watching Cheng Yu bringing these men into SY County gave rise to a lot of shock and panic amongst the masses

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