God and Devil World

Chapter 267: Assasination Attempt!

Chapter 0267 – Assasination Attempt!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies]

Yue Zhong looked to the extremely skinny and cultured-looking Gao Ming, who seemed 37 or 38, and asked, “You know how to create bullets?”

Gao Ming flinched a little before replying, “I do know how to make bullets. However, without the proper tools and materials, I can’t do it!”

Creating bullets was not a simple matter, without the right tools and materials, even an expert would not be able to make them.

Yue Zhong continued, “Where can I find the items you need?”

Gao Ming immediately began to reply with a torrent of words, “Long Hai County!! I was the Technical Director of the XXX Machinery Plant in Long Hai County. In the machinery plant, there is an entire set of tools that can create bullets, as well as materials enough to create a million bullets. Furthermore, the XXX Machinery Plant has some barrel manufacturing tools….”

From Gao Ming’s info Yue Zhong discovered that within Long Hai County, there were factories that specialized in manufacturing all sorts of ammunition. There were also factories that made mortars, grenades and even artillery shells. If they could subdue Long Hai County, then Yue Zhong’s army would stand to benefit hugely.

“Should I make an attempt to attack Long Hai County?” Hearing Gao Ming’s words, Yue Zhong was thinking quietly to himself.

Currently, whenever Yue Zhong wanted to send his forces out to clear the zombies around his strongholds, he could only send 3 out of his 7 battalions. The remaining 4 had to always be on guard in case SY County attacked.

If he sent out a huge force to Long Hai County, and SY County were to suddenly backstab him, then Yue Zhong would be in danger. Long Hai County had over 700,000 zombies, and it wasn’t a small number.

Furthermore, the zombies were continually evolving, and were not as easy to kill as before.

At that time, the reason SY County had been easily subdued by the military was due to the fact that not only was the military well-equipped, the zombies had not yet evolved to a fearsome level. Now that the zombies were continually adapting, the 700,000 zombies were stronger than a 700,000 zombie horde of the initial apocalypse by a wide margin. If Yue Zhong wanted to thoroughly eliminate the zombies, he would have to expend a huge force.

After pondering a while, Yue Zhong decided to abandon the plan to set out for Long Hai County, as the threat of SY County was still too huge to ignore.

“Go back to Qing Yuan County first! I appoint you as the Production Director in the Ammunition Production Department with a rank of Lieutenant. Once you are in Qing Yuan County, immediately train up a group of people. Even if it’s in theory, it’s fine.

Once I’ve obtained the materials and tools, we will have to start production straight away. As long as there are bullets manufactured, I will appoint you as the Deputy Minister of the department with a rank of Captain.

If you can manage to manufacture grenades, then I will appoint you as the Minister, with a rank of Major. As long as you work hard, if you want to be an official I will confer upon you the official position. If you want women, you will get women!” Yue Zhong stared at Gao Ming as he said this clearly.

Gao Ming’s eyes filled with warm tears, as he replied in a loud voice. “Thank you Boss Yue! Thank you!! I will definitely work hard for you!!”

Gao Ming was a technical person, and unless he met with some fortune, he was basically useless. He could not even hope to compare with the likes of a farmer. As a farmer had more strength and energy than him, the farmer could at least fight and risk it all. In the post apocalyptic world, a farmer or villager who could fight and dared to risk, gained benefits.

Before meeting Yue Zhong, Gao Ming had been living on, meal to meal day to day. If it wasn’t for Queen Bee Liu Yujiao accepting him, he might have already become a pile of bones.

Liu Yujiao had an astute foresight. She knew Gao Ming was useless to normal triads. But to stable powers with ambitions, he was a treasure that was hard to come by. Therefore, it was considered that due to her sharp foresight, she saved the Vermillion Phoenix Triad as well as gifted Yue Zhong with such an impressive technical worker.

After settling Gao Ming, Yue Zhong strode towards the outside.

“Left turn, Maaarch!!”

As Yue Zhong came close to the river, he saw Chen Shitou currently training the 400 survivors he had just gathered.

Chen Shitou had grown to become an outstanding commander after countless hours of training, and he was extremely adept at training new recruits. Therefore, Yue Zhong had specially arranged for him to be transferred over to train these survivors.

These 400 survivors were currently decked in green military clothes, and were training diligently under Chen Shitou’s orders. After joining Yue Zhong’s power, they could eat their fill everyday and even meat from time to time. This led them to feel extremely grateful to Yue Zhong, and they gave their all during training.

It must be clear that there were countless people who were envious of their current good fortune, and if they were to be eliminated, someone else would immediately fight to gain their position.

When Yue Zhong appeared on the street, the initially dirty and smelly alley had been cleaned up. The numerous reeking piles and puddles of noxious human waste that appeared everywhere was nowhere to be seen, and the litter had long been cleaned up, giving the entire street a clean and fresh feel.

“The target has appeared!!” Just as Yue Zhong was walking alone in the street, Su Chen who had been lying in ambush for an entire 7 days in Xinglong street gave the order, his eyes flashing dangerously.

At that moment, Yue Zhong felt a strong sense of impending danger, and he immediately activated his Shadow Steps, before retreating backwards swiftly.

With 3 loud bangs, 3 bullets from indeterminate locations shot over towards Yue Zhong.

While Yue Zhong’s reaction was extremely fast, out of the 3 snipers, 2 were top snipers of the military, and the remainder had the Sniper Specialization Skill.

Yue Zhong managed to dodge 2 of the sniper bullets, but was shot in the right shoulder by the last bullet. The force of that sniper bullet was fearsome! Upon impact even the Type 2 Mutant Black-scaled Boar hide that Yue Zhong was wearing could not cancel out the force, and Yue Zhong felt as though an expert had used his entire strength to blast him, fracturing a bone.

This was under the condition that Yue Zhong had high Endurance. Be aware that if it was any normal person, even donning the various hides as protection would still definitely have their entire shoulder blasted apart and they would be unable to move. Even Yue Zhong found that he could not utilize his right arm after that shot.

The moment the attack landed, Su Chen had already brought 8 experts and rushed over.

Furthermore, there were 2 other experts hiding in another room, and they looked at Yue Zhong as they started to chant different magical incantations. These skills were dropped from the God and Devil System, and though they required a long casting time, their might was immense. The moment they launched the attack, even Yue Zhong would be annihilated by the skill.

Yue Zhong glanced at the 2 chanting experts, and a chill appeared in his eyes. He quickly drew a .03 rifle in his left hand and fired frenzily towards the 2 chanting assassins.

A dense hail of bullets was fired at the 2 assassins, when all of a sudden a huge bear appeared in front of the 2 assassins. The enormous bear used its massive body to block the assault. This was one of the skills that the 2 experts possess, summoning a beast to block Yue Zhong’s attack.

Su Chen brought the 8 experts as they all launched their attacks on Yue Zhong. The attackers used their hands to hit the ground forcefully and a huge spear shot towards Yue Zhong from underground, aiming for his waist.

Yue Zhong’s face instantly changed as he moved his body in a flash, and dodged the incoming underground spike. His immediate response was to raise his gun at Su Chen and the other 8 experts and once again “Spray and Pray” wildly.

Ulamog: so this is a term kind of used to say one pulls the trigger and simply unloads the magazine hoping to hit the target(s). Usually it’s in reference to a machine gun or a weapon with very high rates of fire. IE: more bullets, higher chance of hitting something.

Enhancers were still human after all, with the exception of those with overpowered defences guns still posed a threat to most enhancers.

Amongst the group of assassins, one lunged forward and waved his hands to activate a Psychic Barrier Skill. Yue Zhong’s bullets floated in the air and were immediately dispersed by the Psychic Barrier.

Ulamog: how cheaty….

3 of the Agility-based assassins activated their Shadow Steps, pushing their speed to the maximum. They attacked while wielding daggers, and came from 3 different directions to lock Yue Zhong down.

An assassin with the Firearms Control Skill pulled out a .05 submachine gun and fired at Yue Zhong wildly.

Another 2 Strength-based assassins also activated their skills. The both of them were lugging a large hammer and a mace respectively, each weighing over a 100 jin, as they rushed towards Yue Zhong.

Those huge hammers and mace type of weapons were extremely effective for Strength-based Enhancers to wreak havoc among normal humans. With the swing of the 2m-long mace, regardless of one’s swordplay or blade skills, it was useless.

Su Chen icily kept his eyes on Yue Zhong like his prey, preparing to activate everything at a moment’s notice.

Immediate Summon!

Yue Zhong activated this skill in an instant, and White Bones appeared from goodness knows where, and stood in front of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong activated his Encompassing Bone Armor, and the bullets from the .05 rifles bounced off his body.

Yue Zhong’s right shoulder was temporarily incapacitated, and his strongest weapon the anti-tank rocket launcher could not be utilised to deal with these assassins.

Plan B. He looked towards the assassin with the Firearms Control Skill and activated his Art of Fear Skill. A huge oppressive aura assaulted the mind of the assassin, and he threw up fresh blood, before he fell to floor with horror in his eyes, and died with a twisted expression.

At the same time, he extended his palm, and 3 bone spears shot towards the Agility-based assassins.

The eyes of the 3 assassins were filled with shock and dread, as they hastily retreated, trying to escape the reach of the bone spears. However, while they were fast, the speed of the bone spears was faster, and within a few blinks, the 3 assassins had been pierced in the heart, head and throat, before they fell to the ground twitching in death.

While Yue Zhong was taking care of the 4 assassins, the other 2 Strength-based Assassins took advantage of the time to rush to Yue Zhong’s side. Arriving there they yelled as they swung their weapons downwards ferociously. If the attacks landed, even if Yue Zhong was covered with the Bone Armor, he would definitely suffer heavy injuries. Maybe even death…

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