God and Devil World

Chapter 266: Queen Bee!

Chapter 0266 – Queen Bee!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

“Yue Zhong?” Zheng Yun glanced at Yun Qiang, then looked at the .03 rifles his subordinates were holding and frowned. After Yun Qiang came into the possession of these guns, his strength was definitely not to be underestimated, even if the 23 knife-wielding members of her Vermillion Phoenix Triad were to rush up, they would only become riddled with bullet holes.

Zheng Yun hesitated for a moment, before saying, “I can’t make the decision! I need to confirm with Liu Jie-jie! Please wait here first!”

Cheng Yu eyed Zheng Yun in front of Yun Qiang and said coldly, “Go! I will only wait for an hour. After an hour, if you still haven’t come to a decision, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Women still deserve a little leeway after all. Cheng Yu saw the determination of the 23 women in front. If Zheng Yun were to give the order, these crazy women would definitely engage in an all-out battle. He was reluctant to slaughter them.

Zheng Yun heaved a sigh of relief, and immediately sent one of the her subordinates to go report back to their headquarters.

“Big Sis! What do we do?” A dark-skinned woman of huge stature and big limbs asked softly looking towards her leader, Liu Yujiao; who had extremely slender legs, bountiful curves, and exquisite looks.

Dedition: Pretty looks? Smart? Welcome to another member of the harem. *Scattered applause*

Johnyxn: Another concubine on the list.

Liu Yujiao was not a simple woman. She was also extremely capable and calculating. At the initial stages of the apocalypse, she had manipulated countless numbers of men to sell themselves for her. As one can imagine, this ensured her survival in this cruel world.

After that, she came to a small power and before long, with the exploitation of her looks and strength, she managed to steal away those women who were constantly abused by the people within that small power and established her Vermillion Phoenix Triad.

Liu Yujiao was extremely intelligent. She specialized in looking out for women who had received abuse or humiliation, and by extending a little helping hand, she gained the fierce loyalty of these women.

At the same time, she trained them up to become fighters that could hold their own against men. These women who had lost their self-respect and everything in their lives, having been given a second chance, became Liu Yujiao’s most loyal supporters.

Liu Yujiao frowned as she pondered quietly: “Yue Zhong! It really is him. This time, it’s hard to get out of this!”

Liu Yujiao had also recently gotten wind of Yue Zhong’s fame. She had insiders within SY County’s government and although they weren’t very high ranking, their information was still relevant. The fact that Yue Zhong had murdered the Director of the Tax Bureau Yuan Yeshan had caused waves and reached her ears.

Someone who could murder the Director of the Tax Bureau and still get away with it, if he wanted to snuff out the Vermillion Phoenix Triad, it would be beyond simple.

“I need to meet him personally!” Liu Yujiao stood up, and her eyes flashed with a resolute glint. While her personal strength might not be enough to overcome Yue Zhong, the only method she had left was to convince him.

“Big Sis! Let me go with you!” Liu Manyu, another beauty with long black hair, delicate and fair skin, and pretty features stood up and told Liu Yujiao.

A group that consisted entirely of females would find it extremely hard to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Liu Manyu was responsible for public relations. Just with her efforts alone, she managed to source for the protection and backing of a few powerful factions. Due to that, Vermillion Phoenix Triad could stand on equal grounds with the Black Tiger Gang as well as the Azure Dragon Triad.

Without a strong backing, any small force would not be able to stand up to the government. Just a few policemen could annihilate the entire triad.

Liu Yujiao maintained her stance and said, “No, this time I have to go personally. Otherwise, our Vermillion Phoenix Triad will truly cease to exist!”

Liu Yujiao passed on some commands to her 2 sisters: “If I can’t come back, you all should disband! If they get you all surrounded, just surrender!”

“Big Sis!!”

“Big Sis!! Let me go with you!”

Liu Manyu, Zhang Lili looked and shouted loudly for Liu Yujiao to change her mind. However, the Vermillion Phoenix Triad leader did not give a second look, as she left with big strides.

Yue Zhong glanced at the lady Liu Yujiao in front of him as he asked indifferently, “So you are Vermillion Phoenix Triad’s leader Liu Yujiao?”

Liu Yujiao was currently standing in front of Yue Zhong clad entirely in tight black, with black leather boots and a whip hanging by her waist accentuating her explosive figure and fully exuding her commanding charm.

Liu Yujiao smiled lightly towards Yue Zhong, as she did not hold back with her appeal: “That’s right! I am Liu Yujiao. Boss Yue, this time I’ve come to plead the same case as the Black Tiger Gang, that is for you to let us Vermillion Phoenix Triad off! As long as you let us off, from today onwards, I will bring the triad to follow your lead!”

While Liu Yujiao could not compare to Zhuo Yatong or Zhou Yanxue in terms of absolute beauty, she knew how to use her attractiveness effectively.

So naturally every single move of hers was done with calculation to attract and move hearts. That, coupled with the strong independent character she had forged for herself, gave a strong intense desire in men to dominate her. However, these men usually became the stepping stones on her path.

Yue Zhong looked coldly at Liu Yujiao, and his eyes did not even contain a hint of excitement: “State your price! As long as you offer something worthy, I will let you continue living!”

Amongst Yue Zhong’s harem, he had 3 absolute beauties, he wasn’t the sort that would be fazed by more beauties. Liu Yujiao’s charm was ineffective against him.

Ulamog: Hahaha ye teammates of little faith! Yue Zhong is too picky for this chick!

Liu Yujiao saw that her charms did not work on Yue Zhong, and she finally revealed her last resort: “Bullets!! I’m not sure if you will be interested in making bullets?”

“You know how to make bullets?” Hearing Liu Yujiao’s words, Yue Zhong’s eyes finally shone with a hint of anticipation, and the gaze he had for Liu Yujiao was also different.

“No! Not me!” Seeing that her final resort had worked, Liu Yujiao lightly smiled, before continuing. “But I know someone who does.”

Yue Zhong finally revealed a smile: “Very good! As long as you hand the person to me, I will let your Vermillion Phoenix Triad off! However, as Xinglong Street Nanshan Street and Xingye Street are under my control, your triad will have to leave.”

Bullets were hard to manufacture. While Yue Zhong now had men who could re-install bullets, the amount was not much. However, Yue Zhong did not possess the skill to manufacture bullets, and reinstalling bullets had its cons, one of that was that the reused bullets had low accuracy. Bullets that were not accurate were of no threat to zombies, and having new bullets was an issue that weighed heavily on Yue Zhong’s shoulders.

If Yue Zhong could manufacture his own bullets, his forces would increase their fighting capabilities. The Vermillion Phoenix Triad was nothing compared to the skill.

“Boss Yue! I have one more request!” Liu Yujiao continued to look at him with her round eyes, “I hope to follow in the Black Tiger Gang’s footsteps and join your faction, to work for you.

While the fighting capabilities of our Vermillion Phoenix Triad may not be on par with your subordinates, we are extremely efficient with our information gathering. If you need, we can become your eyes and ears!”

“Fine!” Yue Zhong looked at Liu Yujiao, and lightly laughed as he promised her. This was a smart woman, and she knew how to get to where she wanted.

With Yue Zhong as a backer, the Vermillion Phoenix Triad could only expand further. In the post-apocalyptic world, it was not possible to survive without a strong support, one would only be bullied without it.

Yue Zhong gave an order to Liu Yujiao: “I have a mission for you, within 5 days, I want the entire Xinglong Street, Nanshan Street and Xingye Street to be cleansed of the riff-raff, thieves and liars; they are to be captured and brought to me. I will give you 10 .03 rifles, with 300 bullets, and send some experts to assist you guys! Those who resist are to be executed on the spot!”

“Yes! Boss Yue!! I will carry this out.” Liu Yujiao replied excitedly!

On the other side, the Black Tiger’s Yun Qiang also received the same mission.

In the following 5 days, the Black Tiger Gang and Vermillion Phoenix Triad joined forces and engaged on an extensive sweep of Xinglong Street, Nanshan Street as well as Xingye Street.

They ended up capturing all the hoodlums, liars and thieves and sent them to Yue Zhong. They were after all the leaders of the their groups and were extremely well-informed of the territories, so these riff-raff could not escape their attention. After the 5 days, all 3 streets had transformed into a safe and secure place.

The hoodlums, liars and thieves were all forced to become a coolie battalion (TN: Seriously what is up with the author haha) and made to clean all 3 streets, as well as to clean up the ditches of the dirty water and smelly contents.

Whoever was caught littering or anyhow doing their business was thrown into the coolie battalion and made to do corrective work order. Soon, no one dared to relieve themselves nor litter on the streets. The hygiene on the streets became a lot better.

After cleaning up the 3 streets, they were split into 8 different gangs, each gang possessing 50 to 60 fighters, and the total number was over 500.

After the 8 gangs were established, they immediately sent a request to SY County to seek permission to search for items on the outskirts. After obtaining approval, these 8 gangs brought people and left SY County, when they just disappeared, with only a few coming back.

After these 8 gangs disappeared, not long after, another 8 gangs were established, and again they gathered over a few hundred survivors. After some time, these new gangs again sent a request to be allowed to go out to search for resources. They left and disappeared in the same manner. Through this method, Yue Zhong covertly smuggled a number of the survivors in SY County out.

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