God and Devil World

Chapter 265: Cleaning Up The Gangs

Chapter 0265 – Cleaning Up The Gangs

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan,Johnyxn

[Book 2: The Sea of Zombies] Chapter 265: Cleaning Up the Gangs!

“Who’s the owner of this basement?” Yue Zhong glared icily at the 6 remaining guards.

Seeing their comrade’s corpse, their eyes flashed with fear. The enemy in front of them was more vicious than they had ever imagined. Somehow under such duress they kept their silence.

The owner of the basement was too powerful, those who betrayed him would not have a good ending.

“You can die then!” Yue Zhong directly pointed to a guard coldly.

The guard’s eyes flashed with horror, his entire body convulsing as he struggled to say, “I….”

Before he even got the words out, Song Wen had already chopped off his head, and the lifeless head whose face was full of hatred and reluctance fell to the floor. This very effectively further added on to the fear of the remaining 5 guards.

“You were too slow!!” Yue Zhong eyed the dead body, before his gaze moved to the other 5 guards.

“I’ll speak!! I’ll say anything!! Don’t kill me!!”

“I’ll speak!! Don’t kill me!! I’ll tell you everything I know!!”

The remaining 5 guards lost all sense of their composure, and bawled as they fought to let Yue Zhong know what they knew. They did not want to die at his hands.

“So it was him!! Interesting!! Really interesting!!” After hearing the words from the remaining guards, he gained some interesting information.

The owner of the 3000 tonnes of rations and a battalion’s worth of firepower was the private property of Su Dongming, one of the 5 heads of the military. In the military, as Su Dongming was the overall Commander, he was under the scrutiny of the other 4 powers, and every actions of his was closely observed.

In order to expand his power, he had siphoned out parts of the military’s resources, and sent it to this small unassuming bungalow. At the same time, he was building up a civil force. However, they didn’t expect that their hard work would fall into the hands of Yue Zhong.

These 7 guards were also the elites of the civil force, and possess weapons on themselves. They could easily deal with a triad of 100 members. In this part of town where the number of experts could not possibly be greater or stronger than this group of 7, Su Dongming had not expected that his prized possessions would be swallowed by Yue Zhong.

These resources of Su Dongming had been obtained secretly and could not be revealed to anyone. The moment he did, he might have to deal with the joint efforts of the other 4 heads to dethrone him, and his Commander position would not be secure.

While the position of the Division Commander might be in name only and could not possibly affect the other 4 troops, Su Dongming was not willing to part with it.

Since Yue Zhong knew Su Dongming would not dare to openly send troops for revenge, Yue Zhong couldn’t care less about offending him. Even if Su Dongming knew it was Yue Zhong who did it, he could only grit his teeth and accept the facts.

Early the next morning at 8, the blond haired Yun Fei and his father Yun Qiang stood at the courtyard awaiting Yue Zhong obediently.

A small triad like the Black Tiger Gang helping Yue Zhong whose power was more significant, wasn’t much of an issue. A few experts could easily wipe such a small triad out, therefore Yun Fei and Yun Qiang father-son duo weren’t willing to offend Yue Zhong.

Zhang He walked out and spoke indifferently to Yun Fei and Yun Qiang, “Boss Yue wants you to go in! Follow me!”

Yun Fei, Yun Qiang both followed Zhang He in quietly.

“He really is strong!!” Yun Qiang saw the various Special Combat soldiers standing around the villa with .05 rifles and he was shocked. Last night, after Yun Fei had advised him, he had his doubts about Yue Zhong. However, today, he really opened his eyes and discovered Yue Zhong’s strength to be more fearsome than Yun Fei described.

Yue Zhong eyed Yun Qiang indifferently and said, “You’re Yun Qiang?”

Yun Qiang looked to Yue Zhong infront of him and spoke extremely respectfully, “This small one is Yun Qiang. Boss Yue, last night my Black Tiger Gang had offended you greatly! I hope you will forgive us. Today, my useless son and I are here to make amends, and from today henceforth, we are willing to work for you.”

After the apocalypse, whoever had the largest fist was the boss. Naturally someone like Yue Zhong who had so much power at his fingertips usually wasn’t someone to antagonize others because of prior events. In fact, most would wish to throw in with him, to obtain such a strong backer, and in the future, create more possibilities for oneself.

Yue Zhong coolly replied, “I want you to show your face and go to Xinglong Street, Nanshan Street as well as Xingye Street, and clear up all the different gangs. Once they are cleaned up, the entire area will be handled by you. Do you have the confidence?”

Yue Zhong had bought over the 3 streets filled with all sorts of characters, and had the intent to clean things up. Otherwise, if it were allowed to continue deteriorating, it would be a hassle for him in the future, with regards to security.

Yun Qiang hesitated a while before replying, “Boss Yue, the number of men I have are not enough to clean up so many gangs!! Nanshan Street’s Azure Dragon Gang, as well as Xingye Street’s Vermillion Phoenix Gang have over 100 people who can fight, plus those bitches in Vermillion Phoenix Gang have guns. Our Black Tiger Gang is definitely not their match!”

The Azure Dragon Gang and Vermillion Phoenix Gang might sound intimidating, but they were only 2 small triads after all. To eliminate them, 20 fully equipped soldiers was all it needed.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “I will send people to help you! You just have to bring my men to capture their leaders and suppress their strength, that will suffice! If they aren’t willing to surrender, kill them, if they surrender, absorb them into your ranks, no unnecessary killings.”

Yun Qiang’s face immediately brightened up, and he replied excitedly, “Yes Boss Yue!! I promise to execute this mission well!!”

Yue Zhong swept a cold gaze at him, “Your son Yun Fei will stay here to assist me! To put it bluntly, whatever you guys did before? I don’t care. From today on, if you guys still continue to do those immoral things, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Yun Qiang’s heart went cold as he replied, “Yes Boss Yue! Then I’ll entrust my useless son to you! From today on, whatever I do, I will be sure to seek your approval! I promise that I won’t let you down!”

Yun Qiang was very sure that Yue Zhong had kept his son behind to not only guide him properly, it was to ensure he had a hostage as well. If Yun Qiang were to betray Yue Zhong outside, his son would only face death.

However, Yun Qiang felt elated! This meant that Yue Zhong truly intended to groom and test him, otherwise there was no need for a hostage.

The leader of the Azure Dragon Triad, Ran Chengzai, was feeling restless. His backer had just informed him that a Yue Zhong had appeared in Nanshan Street, and then had warned him to be careful. He was told not to provoke or offend this huge dragon, otherwise those on top could not help him.

“Should I send him a gift?”

Ran Chengzai hesitated a while, he was after all the leader of over a hundred fighters. If he took the initiative to gift Yue Zhong something, it would cause him to lose face. Furthermore, without any rhyme or reason, who knows, Yue Zhong might look down on him.

One of the Azure Dragon triad members rushed in breathlessly reporting: “Leader!! Leader!! The Black Tiger Gang has brought people to attack us!!”

Ran Chengzai frowned and said, “What are you panicking for? It’s only just that small Black Tiger Gang, what can they do? Let Liu Liu and Li Bo handle it!”

Liu Liu and Li Bo were the top 2 experts in the Azure Dragon gang. They were both above Level 10 Enhancers, and possessed the God and Devil System skills. In these kind of riff raff triads, there were really no normal people who were the match for these 2.

The lackey immediately replied fearfully, “They have already been defeated! They were defeated within one move by those experts that the Black Tiger Gang brought!”

Ran Chengzai’s expression soured: “What?? How did Yun Qiang get such experts?! Only the government or military will have people of that calibre!”

Right at this time, the sounds of merciless slaughter resounded from outside. 15 members of the Azure Dragon triad ran into the meeting hall embarrassingly fleeing from the enemy.

Yun Qiang had brought a bunch of the Black Tiger Gang members and was sauntering into the meeting hall with an extremely pleased face. He looked around as he scanned the area and saw the leader Ran Chengzai. His eyes brightened up, as he laughed coldly: “Ran Chengzai, do you want to surrender or die today?”

10 of the Black Tiger Gang members held .03 rifles pointing at Ran Chengzai. It was quite evident that as soon as Yun Qiang gave the order, they would immediately open fire and execute the Azure Dragon triad members.

With these 10 .03 rifles, Ran Chengzai knew that even if all his brothers were to rush up, they would be slaughtered immediately.

Ran Chengzai looked at those .03 rifles and looked at Liu Liu and Li Bo who were tied up tightly, as he clenched his fist, a hint of fury flashed in his eyes, before he gritted his teeth and asked, “Yun Qiang, have you been bought over by Yue Zhong?”

Ran Chengzai was, after all, also a capable person. He thought to the previous night where the Black Tiger Gang had actually offended Yue Zhong, and came to the conclusion with just a little more guesswork. He also knew the actual strength of the Black Tiger Gang, and knew it was impossible for them to possess the .03 rifles! 100% impossible. Oherwise the entire area might have already been dominated by the Black Tiger Gang long before. It must be known that the government and military controlled the guns very strictly.

Even after expending a huge amount of effort, Ran Chengzai had only obtained 2 hand guns, 3 .81 rifles, and 60 magazines of ammunition.

“That’s right! I am now Boss Yue’s man!” Yun Qiang did not feel ashamed as he said it. “Ran Chengzai, you only have 2 options now~ to surrender, or to die!”

Ran Chengzai hesitated a while, before replying extremely reluctantly, “I surrender!!”

“Leader!! You can’t!! We will fight it out with them!!” One of the lackeys from the Azure Dragon Triad immediately shouted out, his eyes red.

With a ‘bang’, the lackey from the Azure Dragon tribe found a new hole in between his eyebrows, as he fell straight to the floor, not moving any more.

“Is there anyone else? Just speak!” Cheng Yu held a handgun, as he looked at the people from the Azure Dragon Triad as though they were already dead people.

Under the cold gaze of Cheng Yu, the members’ hearts went cold, no one dared to speak further.

Ran Chengzai looked at his subordinate that was executed and his eyebrows twitched, not daring to voice anything else. If it was before the apocalypse, he could still holler that he would get a lawyer. However, in the post-apocalyptic world…. So called human rights were basically non-existent, and those who were not satisfied were immediately executed, so there was no need to discuss about rights.

The members of the Azure Dragon triad did not dare do anything else, under the threat of the rifles, they obediently allowed themselves to be tied up by the members of the Black Tiger Gang, before being taken away from that place.

Ran Chengzai’s face was currently the colour of ash, as he looked towards the extremely complacent Yun Qiang and muttered in deep regret. “Damn it, if only I had gained Yue Zhong’s backing earlier! I didn’t expect that I would actually lose to this bastard!!”

The moment the leader of the Azure Dragon Triad was taken away the rest of the triad became devastated, and a number of the members left at the first notice.

Yun Qiang brought people and obtained 50 tonnes of rations from the place. Really, without these rations, the Azure Dragon Triad could not have gathered over a 100 fighters to establish a foothold around here.

After dealing with the Azure Dragon Triad, Yun Qiang gathered his subordinates and in a good mood made their way towards the Vermillion Phoenix Triad.

The Vermillion Phoenix’s territory was in Xingye Street. They were a triad that consisted of only female members. These women were mostly mistreated by men in the past, and hated them to the core of their bones. The queen bee Liu Yujiao was also an extremely ruthless and vicious person. All ruthlessness aside she possessed strong interpersonal skills, and had garnered a group of over 100 women. Under her leadership, the rest of the women in Vermillion Phoenix could fight and risk their all, and weren’t much weaker than most men, in actuality, they were a lot more ruthless.

Amongst the triad members of the Vermillion Phoenix, there were 5 rifles, and their power was recognized around the area. The Black Tiger Gang and Azure Dragon Triad had refrained from antagonizing this fearsome group of women in the past.

The Vermilion Phoenix also got their news extremely fast. After obtaining info that the Azure Dragon Triad had been annihilated, they immediately sent a group towards Nanshan Street to fight for control of the territory, and came across Yun Qiang’s team.

A decent-looking woman with fair skin, called Zheng Yun whom had a huge knife scar running across her face that disfigured her looks, was also the 4th Sister of the Vermillion Phoenix Triad. She looked at Yun Qiang with the huge troops behind him as she asked coolly, “Boss Yun, what is the meaning of this?”

The 23 young women behind Zheng Yun wielded their huge knives as they stared at Yun Qiang fixedly, the moment Zheng Yun gave the order, they would rush forward to hack Yun Qiang and the other men to death.

The Vermillion Phoenix Triad could survive in this cruel post-apocalyptic world was because they had the capability. The women in the triad were extremely tight and united. With one order from Zheng Yun, even if they know of the imminent death, they would rush up to battle to the death.

Yun Qiang eyed Zheng Yun, as he coldly smiled and threatened, “Zheng Yun! Our boss Yue Zhong has given the order to subdue you all. Surrender immediately, or face imminent death!”

The nice guys that did not hit nor kill women did exist in the post-apocalyptic world! However, they were few and usually not in power.

Those who could survive for so long were usually leaders that did not care so much about chivalry. If there were obstructions to their goals, they would dispose of the person, regardless of gender. Human life had little value anymore.

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