God and Devil World

Chapter 257: Intel

Chapter 0257 – Intel

Translated by: Kun

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Tong Xiaoyun looked towards the absolutely beautiful Zhou Yanxue,noticing her eyes had a strange gleam. “Don’t tell me I’ll have to share my husband with an idol?”

In the banquet hall, countless envious and jealous gazes from the many men were piercing Yue Zhong like knives. If looks could kill, Yue Zhong would have died countless times over.

Under the envious gazes, the main character of the confession Yue Zhong actually frowned. He did not believe he had the charm to incite Zhou Yanxue to confess in front of so many people.

Su Tianyang saw the girl of his long-time affection actually confessing to another guy in public, and felt like someone had gave him a tight slap! His expression turned extremely steely.

Su Tianyang stepped forward with a frozen expression as he coldly ordered: “Yanxue, you must have been frightened badly! Follow me back to recuperate okay? Go bring Miss Yanxue back, she’s tired!” He said as gave the orders to his men.

Hearing those orders, the 2 bulky military experts immediately stepped forward towards Zhou Yanxue. Su Tianyang was determined to use force.

Zhou Yanxue’s face turned pale as she stepped forward and lowered her head towards Yue Zhong’s ear. Her suttle flowery fragrance softly wisped sound him as she said softly: “I know all about the powers of SY Couny like the back of my hand. As long as you protect me, I’m willing to tell you everything and be your woman.”

During these turbulent times, other than some exceptional women who relied on their own strengths, the rest who did not have any background could only rely on strong people. Zhou Yanxue’s influential family had disappeared with no news. She still remained free of captivity because she was a celebrity, and the few powers that lusted after her were keeping each other in check. Now it was evident that Su Tianyang was about to offend some of them with his intention to forcefully take her, hence she could only rely on Yue Zhong.

As Yue Zhong smelled the fragrance from Zhou Yanxue’s body and heard her words, his heart was moved. Waving his hands, he signalled 2 of his Special Combat warriors to step out and block the 2 military experts.

The 2 military experts had just rushed forward only to come face to face with the 2 Special Combat soldiers, causing their eyes flashed with a complicated gleam. The Military men could feel an extremely oppressive aura from their bodies. It was just as apparent that they had definitely seen blood, and many must have lost their lives at their hands.

Su Tianyang looked at the 2 warriors under Yue Zhong who were blocking his own, and his face turned an even uglier colour. Calming down outwardly, he spoke out sensibly: “Zhang Lai, Niu Jin! Stand down!”

Although Su Tianyang had utmost confidence in his own experts, Yue Zhong had too many experts on his side. If they really made a move, his side would be at a disadvantage.

Su Tianyang steeled himself impressively and then spewed out words threateningly: “Yue Zhong, Zhou Yanxue is my girlfriend. You actually want to split us apart and steal her? If you return her to me we can still be friends. In SY County, whoever is my friend, can get to enjoy tons of benefits. As for my enemies, they have been wiped off the face of the earth!”

Yue Zhong cocked his eyebrows at Su Tianyang and reached out to wrap his arms around Zhou Yanxue’s extremely flexible waist, as he coldly laughed: “Yanxue, is he your boyfriend?”

“No! He has always been pursuing me. However, I don’t see anything in him it seems it’s just his wishful thinking!” Zhou Yanxue laughed seductively at Yue Zhong, her words cutting deeply at Su Tianyang’s heart.

Zhou Yanxue had always been someone amicable to everybody, but now she was extremely clear that she had to dissolve all relations with Su Tianyang and gave all her attention to Yue Zhong. Only then could she be valued on the level she desired. As for offending the powerful Su Family in SY County, she could care less.

“Good! Good! Good! Yue Zhong, today’s humiliation… I will return it in the future!” Su Tianyang’s expression had turned extremely ugly and his gaze was like that of a venomous snake staring at Yue Zhong and Zhou Yanxue. Abruptly he turned around and left with his 2 henchmen in tow.

Wen Baoguo came to Yue Zhong’s side and reminded him: “Yue Zhong, Su Tianyang is a really vengeful person. Thus you must be careful.”

Su Tianyang had intended to take away Zhou Yanxue in front of Wen Baoguo and it infuriated him. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong’s presence, he would have lashed out on the spot. Zhou Yanxue was a celebrity and if Su Tianyang had brought her away quietly, Wen Baoguo could turn a blind eye. However, intending to abduct her in front of so many people like a bandit was tantamount to not giving Wen Baoguo face. So of course even if Yue Zhong had not acted, Wen Baoguo would have immediately clashed with Su Tianyang.

Yue Zhong lightly smiled and said, “I know, Mayor Wen.”

Within the villa, there were human and Dark Crow corpses everywhere, as the remaining guests left in a scattered manner, the banquet had somehow ended.

In Yue Zhong’s living quarters, he was sitting on his huge bed, while the huge celebrity Zhou Yanxue was currently seated beside him, carefully massaging his legs for him!

Yue Zhong looked at the stunning beauty in front of him as he waved his hands to stop what she was doing. “Speak! Tell me all that you know. If the value of the intel is sufficient, i can give you your freedom!! I can also assure that you’ll never be bullied ever again!”

Intel was extremely important. All those years throughout history, countless successful battles have been due to the amount of effort put into gathering information. A crucial piece of information at the right time can help turn the tide in any situation.

Yue Zhong had little to absolutely no information on SY County’s happenings and with someone who thoroughly understood the network of power and information giving it to him, he would definitely shelter that person. Furthermore, once Su Tianyang had expressed enmity against him, he did not mind giving him a few stinging slaps.

Zhou Yanxue gave Yue Zhong an enchanting smile. “I don’t want freedom, I just want to be your woman! As long as you don’t leave me behind, I will be your most loyal concubine!”

Zhou Yanxue was not like Wen Peishan who had the protection from a father with power. Her looks were a double edged sword, she could only rely on someone strong because without someone she would be enslaved. It happened that the person she had decided to rely on was Yue Zhong.

Zhou Yanxue gave Yue Zhong a light laugh and proceeded to tell him everything she knew.

As Zhou Yanxue was experienced at mingling and often took part in various gatherings and events, she often got closer with her fans and friends. Couple this with the fact that many guys wanted to impress her with their knowledge, and she often reaped a lot in information.

Through Zhou Yanxue’s vivid explanation, Yue Zhong started to understand the situation within SY County and why Su Tianyang would hate him so much.

SY County’s governance was run by 2 powers: Wen Baoguo and Peng Mingde. Both were incredibly influential people, and the control they had over the government was large. Within the entire county government, there was no 3rd party’s influence.

As for SY County’s military, it was filled with many different people, with different ambitions and traditions. It had a regiment with 6000 people. This regiment was formed from the remaining soldiers during the onset of the apocalypse.

When the world was changing, the 2 Infantry Divisions that were going through an exercise had suffered huge losses. The total number of soldiers who survived numbered a little over 2 regiments, and the highest commanding officers had faced unfortunate endings. The next highest commanding officers were only Lieutenant Colonels. Amongst the remaining soldiers there were 5 Lieutenant Colonels, and these 5 each commanded a small division. After forging through countless battles, the 5 divisions expanded continuously. In the end they formed the current military power of Long Hai County.

The 5 major powers of the military were Su Dongming, Shen Hongyang, Luo Tianyi, Qian Weimin and Liu Huifeng. These 5 all held some form of power over the soldiers of the military. Of course, amongst them there were some who held more power and some less. With Su Dongming holding the largest faction of soldiers, he resultingly became the nominal commander of the Long Hai County military. Unless it was a joint effort though, he could only command his faction. Wanting to move the other factions required the approval of the other powers.

The Long Hai County’s military had differing views and opinions and they naturally disagreed on their views of Yue Zhong, a thorn in their side. Su Dongming and Luo Tianyi who were the 2 major powers, voted to wipe Yue Zhong out quickly and planned on taking over everything in his current existing system. Shen Hongyang and Qian Weimin voted for pacifying Yue Zhong and forging a relationship. Assuming it didn’t work then they could form a temporary alliance and take care of Yue Zhong, by then they naturally wouldn’t suffer much loss for waiting. Liu Huifeng was neutral and did not have any stance.

TN: Author wrote Liu Huifeng’s name twice. Also, Long Hai army is same as SY Army.

It was precisely because of Su Dongming’s attitude that Su Tianyang had disliked Yue Zhong from the get go. This led to him trying to be domineering and not put Yue Zhong in his sights at all.

These matters that concerned the internal affairs of SY County, Lǚ Níng naturally wouldn’t tell Yue Zhong. As for the ordinary survivors, they simply could not fathom the ongoings amongst the top brass. It was only someone like Zhou Yanxue who often turned up at such events and gatherings amongst the elites, that she could get such detailed insights.

“So that was the case!!” After hearing Zhou Yanxue’s explanation, Yue Zhong finally understood why Shen Xue had given in.

SY County’s military had only over 2000 people just at the beginning of the apocalypse, and after regaining SY County, they had lost another 200 people. However they now had over 6000 that formed an entire infantry division, but the bulk of them were new recruits. The ones that could really match up against Yue Zhong were only a few battalions. The moment they full-scale clashed with Yue Zhong, they would suffer huge losses.

That day when Shen Xue attacked Yue Zhong, she had actually brought Shen Hongyang’s most capable battalion. If that battalion had been annihilated by Yue Zhong, Shen Hongyang’s power would have diminished by half. It was because of that, that Shen Xue had chosen to compromise and not attack Ning Guang County.

After hearing Zhou Yanxue’s extensive intelligence report, Yue Zhong finally felt that he had some knowledge of the current affairs in SY County and wasn’t as ignorant about it as when he first arrived.

“Damn it!! Damn it!! Damn you Yue Zhong!!” Su Tianyang’s current face was contorted, as he picked up the nearby antique chair and smashed it down violently on the ground.

A few pretty ladies were kneeling in front of Su Tianyang, their bodies trembling as they tried to brave Su Tianyang’s tantrum.

“Su Chen! Within 3 days, I want to see Yue Zhong’s head!!” Su Tianyang had just smashed the once priceless antique to the floor to vent his frustrations, but it didn’t really work. He turned around and ordered the silent and dark-skinned yet robust young man with calloused hands.

“Yes! Young Master!” Su Chen had a look of indifference as he replied. He was the butler of the Su Family, and had been saved by Su Dongming once before the apocalypse. Of course he had since sold his life to the Su Family.

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