God and Devil World

Chapter 256: Zhou Yanxue’s Confession!

Chapter 0256 – Zhou Yanxue’s Confession!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog,TheNo1Fan,Dedition

Wen Peishan had always been in the protection of her father. Even before the apocalypse set in and zombies walked the face of the earth, she had never witnessed the deaths of other people personally. This time she was truly scared out of her wits and she grabbed Yue Zhong’s shirt tightly and didn’t let go.

Yue Zhong only glanced at Wen Peishan before saying, “Follow me closely or I can’t guarantee your survival!”

After all, a person’s background might play an important role at any time. If Wen Peishan was just a normal girl, Yue Zhong wouldn’t mind her too much. At least not enough to risk his own hide to save her. However, she was Wen Baoguo’s daughter, if Yue Zhong wanted to do anything in SY County, he needed to work together with some major powers and forge good, lasting relationships.

Wen Peishan grabbed Yue Zhong’s clothes tightly, as she suppressed her shame and embarrassment at remembering all her prior words, following closely behind him.

Wen Peishan’s close friend Tai Yiyan was also trying to escape amidst the chaos. As she ran she saw just ahead someone she knew was pecked to death right in front of her eyes, the bird beak easily slamming through the persons forehead. In response her body numbed and her bowels clenched, her heart thumping heavily, icy fear slithering through her veins. Fleeing even faster she caught sight of Yue Zhong and at that moment, her eyes were filled with a strange relief as she hurried over frantically shouting: “Help!!! Help!!!”

2 dive bombing Dark Crows shot towards Tai Yiyan like arrows, forcing Yue Zhong to wave his sword in successive swings, instantly killing the 2 Dark Crows, fresh blood and fluffy gore splattering on the ground.

Tai Yiyan took the chance to immediately throw herself into Yue Zhong’s arms, a heavy scent of perfume wafting into his nose, and squirmed seductively, crying out somewhat fearfully: “I’m so afraid!!”

Wen Peishan looked at Tai Yiyan currently in Yue Zhong’s embrace, and her heart felt a little sour. It was strangely as though something precious of hers was stolen by someone else.

“Follow me closely!” Yue Zhong did not have the time or heart to console Tai Yiyan this little vixen, as he pushed her away and strode forward once more.

After Tai Yiyan was pushed out of Yue Zhong’s embrace, she followed behind him tightly. It seemed that right now amidst the chaos, the safest place to be was by Yue Zhong’s side.

The celebrity Zhou Yanxue had also silently come along and was following behind. She was not a fool and was clear that following Yue Zhong was the safest choice.

“Save me!! Save me!!” Zheng Peipei was trapped in the chaos, and she unconsciously made her way towards Lu Chenguang while pleading loudly. However, Lu Chenguang’s speed of escaping was fast, even with the loud shouting of Zheng Peipei, he pretended not to hear her.

Amidst the chaos, a man from behind ran forward and knocked Zheng Peipei to the ground. The people behind didn’t notice the living person beneath their feet as they just proceeded to violently stamp and smash their way over her in a mad dash to escape.

Just as she was about to be stomped to her death, the people dispersed and escaped towards other directions.The print riddled half-corpse of Zheng Peipei could hardly be in a worse condition. A number of the Dark Crows were currently flying over, and like arrows, shot down on top of their shoulders leading with their sharp beaks to peck holes in the runners heads.

One of the Dark Crows also turned into a streak of black lightning that shot towards Zheng Peipei, who could only helplessly cough up blood from her pitiful place on the floor. There was a look of fear written in her eyes as she watched her own death soar.nearer on silent wings.

Just at this moment, there was a flash of bladelight and the Dark Crow was savagely chopped into two halves, saving Zheng Peipei’s life.

Zheng Peipei glanced at whomever might be her saviour only to discover that it was precisely the ‘barbarian’ whom she had greatly despised not all that long ago.

Right at this time,Tai Yiyan, who was standing beside Yue Zhong, saw the heavily-injured Zheng Peipei who had been trampled over a dozen times. She immediately walked over and helped Zheng Peipei up, supporting her as she asked anxiously,

“Peipei, are you alright?”

Although Tai Yiyan and Zheng Peipei had different personalities, they shared close family backgrounds and had been best friends ever since they were young. Both of them were very close with each other. Upon seeing that Zheng Peipei had received heavy injuries, Tai Yiyan truly felt anxious in her heart.

As she coughed up blood, Zheng Peipei, whose baby face had fear written all over, held tightly onto Tai Yiyan’s small hand and cried as she said,

“Yiyan, I’m almost dead!! I don’t want to die!!”

After her delicate body had been trampled over by a dozen people, Zheng Peipei had already received heavy injuries; if she didn’t receive emergency medical treatment the only remaining road for her would be the unknown trail of death.

Tai Yiyan held back the tears in her beautiful eyes as she said,

“Peipei, hold on, you will be alright!! I will call a doctor for you very soon! I will definitely find someone to nurse you back to health!”

A gruff voice ruined the painful of somewhat nauseatingly emotional moment: “Apply one bag externally and also take one bag orally! Let her consume one bag first. Then support her as you come along with me!

Right when Tai Yiyan and Zheng Peipei were both starting to tear up, Yue Zhong tossed two medicine bags containing the Life-Saving Grass powder into Tai Yiyan’s hands.

Upon receiving the medicine bags, Tai Yiyan only glanced at Yue Zhong before tearing open one of the bags without any hesitation and pouring the medicinal contents into Zheng Peipei’s mouth.

The Life-Saving Grass Powder possessed miraculous curing effects: once Zheng Peipei had swallowed it, her incredibly pale face finally regained some of its color and soon after, she also stopped coughing up blood.

“What a miraculous medicine! Exactly how many secrets are still hidden on him?”

As she watched Zheng Peipei’s rapid recovery, Tai Yiyan felt a slight shock in her heart. Gritting her teeth, she carried Zheng Peipei as she followed behind Yue Zhong.

Right at this moment, Zhou Yanxue walked up to Tai Yiyan’s side and revealed a beautiful smile as she said,

“I’ll help you!”

“Thank you Sister Yanxue!”

Tai Yiyan instantly gained a favorable impression of Zhou Yanxue. It was truly too exhausting for her to carry Zheng Peipei by herself, so having an extra person to help out was the best right now.

Wen Peishan continued following Yue Zhong tightly. Earlier, she was truly frightened, and even though Tai Yiyan and Zheng Peipei were supposed to be her good friends, their relationship with her was just that: good friends. During such a time of crisis, she was willing to only stay by Yue Zhong’s side, it made her feel more safe.

The entire banquet had been thrown into chaos, yet Yue Zhong’s Special Combat Battalion had not lost their composure. They gathered in small units of 4, supporting one another, as they each utilized their skills and abilities to take out the Dark Crows.

While half of them acted, there was another group of them that stayed still, calmly observed and reported the surroundings. There were currently more enemies than allies in SY County, they naturally would preserve their strengths so as to be ready to retreat anytime.

Although only half of the warriors from the Special Combat Battalion deployed, the Dark Crows were still unable to resist the warriors’ attacks as they were killed off one by one.

When the other guests of the banquet saw that the Special Combat Battalion had made their move, they started to move towards them, hiding behind this group of warriors whom they had just despised as barbarians.

Yue Zhong was like a Wedgestone that stood at the front of the group. As any frenzied Dark Crow flew over, they would only see a flash of a blade, and if flying particularly fast after they were split down the middle they would fly apart into large pieces with a light spattering of blood across his chest with each kill.

Although Yue Zhong had not received any pointers on swordplay from any great masters, after being tempered through many difficult battles, his swordplay had now become extremely tyrannical in nature. The specialty of his swordplay was that it was both fast and accurate; with his agility that was around 80 at its base, he could casually send out 3 slashes in just one second. At his fastest, he could even send out five attacks. The Dark Crows had just flown up to him when they were engulfed in bladelight and chopped into two halves.

Meanwhile, Ji Qingwu stood in support beside Yue Zhong. Her swordplay was greatly superior to Yue Zhong’s; every one of her attacks displayed both elegance and power and she did not waste any strength in her movements whatsoever. Any Dark Crow that flew within her range would immediately see only her sword, before falling from the sky lifelessly.

Little Yao Yao also made use of her Agility-based advantage by constantly flitting in and out of the action, killing the Dark Crows at the same time.

Under the consistent killing of the Special Combat Battalion, within the entire hall there were no more casualties. However, Yue Zhong’s group had a few people, while there seemed to be no end to the number of Dark Crows which kept flying into the hall through the broken windows. The continuously surrounded Yue Zhong, his team, and the group of helpless guests. If this continued on, Yue Zhong would also not be able to hold on.

The guests who formed a huge part of the upper echelons of the remaining society, were currently watching the scene with pale faces and hearts filled with fear. They knew that this group of warriors under Yue Zhong could not possibly maintain their intensity, and the moment they fell everyone would die under the assault of these Dark Crows.

After the battle went on for another 5 minutes, sounds of concentrated fire rang from the outside areas.

“Reinforcements!! We’re saved!!”

“It’s the reinforcements, oh thank God!!”



Hearing the constant bra-tatatatat of gunfire, the distinguished guests immediately let out whoops of delight. As long as reinforcements arrived, their lives were surely saved.

This particular villa was after all the property of Wen Baoguo who was the number 2 in SY County. Its defence was naturally thick; not only were there experts who were personally commanded by Wen Baoguo, there was even a force of 200 soldiers who were fully equipped with modern weaponry.

This time, the reason that the reinforcements had arrived a little slower than expected was because the experts had all went to protect Wen Baoguo first, while the special group of 200 soldiers had also come under attack from the Dark Crowsat the same time. That was why they arrived late.

This group of soldiers under Wen Baoguo could also be considered strong, coupled with the fact they were of course amply equipped. Every soldier had the latest .05 submachine gun and the moment they entered the fray, under the concentrated barrage of bullets, numerous Dark Crows fell from the sky like rain, pouring down to the earth in various degrees of solidity with a sickening series of Splat! noises.

These Mutant Birds Dark Crows also possessed a fast speed plus their attack power was high, yet they had typically weak defences. The moment they were hit by a bullet, they would lose their combat ability and had no way of defending against the attacks from the special forces.

After losing nearly 2,000 of their comrades, the flock of Dark Crows finally could not withstand the attacks and retreated swiftly.

“Shanshan, are you alright!!” The moment the Dark Crows retreated, Wen Baoguo arrived, under the protection of 7 experts, and the first thing he did was to find his own precious daughter as he asked around worriedly.

Wen Peishan replied with an expression of fear: “Dad! I’m fine! This time, I was saved by Yue Zhong!! Without him, I would really have died already!”

Wen Baoguo looked towards Yue Zhong, before nodding slightly: “Yue Zhong! I must Thank You for saving my daughter this time.”

Yue Zhong knew he had gained the trust of one of the stronger powers in SY County. Although it wouldn’t matter much when it came to the bigger matters, he would still be able to move around SY County without too many problems.

Yue Zhong lightly smiled and replied courteously: “It wasn’t much, it’s what anybody would have done.”

Yue Zhong could offend Wen Peishan without a care, but he wouldn’t just go out of his way to provoke other people and reject their kind intentions without a reason.

“I’ll be leaving first! Yue Zhong, thanks for saving me, I will find you tomorrow and let’s hang out, I know SY County very well.” Wen Peishan came in front of Yue Zhong and broke into a an extremely lovable smile towards this man whom she had despised not too long ago, before immediately turning and walking away. Although she wanted to stay behind, she could still feel the dampness which reminded her of her embarrassing accident earlier.

Tai Yiyan came to Yue Zhong’s side with her perfume trailing behind her, and kissed him furiously on both cheeks as she smiled sweetly and said, “Yue Zhong!! I am Tai Yiyan, the 1st kiss was for saving me!! The 2nd kiss was for saving Peipei!! From today onwards, we’re good friends! I’ll find you soon for some fun!”

After that, she also turned around and left with 2 people carrying Zheng Peipei.

Su Tianyang brought 2 bear-like experts from the military and walked towards Zhou Yanxue, as he spoke tenderly, “Yanxue, are you alright? Earlier, when I saw you in danger, I was really worried!! Come, let us go back!”

Su Tianyang knew that his actions earlier must have hurt Zhou Yanxue deeply, and it would extremely difficult to win her heart again, therefore he decided to possess her body. With her beauty and demeanor, keeping her by his side as his companion was more for face than anything else. The 2 experts were Su Tianyang’s subordinates who killed at his orders, and he decided that even if it came to force he would have Zhou Yanxue today.

Zhou Yanxue took a look at the handsome Su Tianyang, and realised that her past good feelings about him had disappeared only to be replaced by vehemence and disgust. She felt the man in front of her was extremely fake, vicious and cold, even worse than the smelly old men that she hated.

Zhou Yanxue took big strides and walked towards Yue Zhong before saying seriously: “Yue Zhong, I like you, and I hope to be your girlfriend!”

“Zhou Yanxue, that Zhou Yanxue actually asked out a guy of her own accord!!”

“That Yue Zhong is such a lucky bastard!!”

“What courage! She actually confessed in front of so many people, she really has guts!!”

“It’s so romantic, too romantic!!”



Seeing Zhou Yanxue confessing to Yue Zhong of her own accord, the entire hall was in an uproar. Prior to the apocalypse, she was a huge celebrity, and even after the world was plunged into chaos, she retained her star status and fans, and was the goddess of many guys. This perfect woman had actually taken the initiative to confess to Yue Zhong, it was too shocking for everyone present.

Ji Qingwu saw the dauntless actions and the confession from Zhou Yanxue, and she trembled outwardly while a complicated gleam appeared in her eyes.

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