God and Devil World

Chapter 255: Ambush by the Dark Crows!

Chapter 0255 – Ambush by the Dark Crows!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan

Lu Chenguang had come forward to introduce Su Tianyang and Yue Zhong: “Tianyang, let me introduce this person to you! This is Ning Guang County’s Yue Zhong!! Yue Zhong, this is Su Tianyang Second Young Master Su.”

“Yue Zhong?” Su Tianyang frowned, as he looked at Yue Zhong, before coldly saying: “Yue Zhong, you have come to plead for amnesty right? If you are willing to surrender to the SY County army, I can help put in some words for you, and let you become a squad commander. If you still want to hesitate and drag this matter longer, once the army reaches your Ning Guang County, it will only result in your death!”

SY County had many different characters hanging out together, each of them with unique temperaments. Different powerhouses treated Yue Zhong differently.

Yue Zhong glanced at Su Tianyang coldly and replied with: “I’m waiting for your army to come! If you have the guts, you best lead the army yourself. At that time, I’ll let you experience who will be buried.”

Even though Yue Zhong was reluctant to clash against the army, if the army took the initiative to launch an assault, he would definitely not back down, and thoroughly wipe out the enemy troops. The 7 battalions under Yue Zhong have all went through some sort of warfare, 3 of them could be considered having enough battle prowess that surpasses the army’s soldiers. The remaining 4 also did not consist of cowards that ran at the first sign of trouble. These battalions were Yue Zhong’s trump cards, and even if SY County were to come on strong, he would reply back with a lot more ferocity.

At this point, the conversation between Su Tianyang and Yue Zhong had come to an icy halt.

A few of the Special Forces warriors came beside Yue Zhong and stared at Su Tianyang coldly.

After expansion, the 36-man Special Forces Battalion possessed Enhancers that were all above level 26, each of them experts at utilizing different skills. If it came down to using them, with just their battalion, they could set in motion a wave of carnage nobody would forget.

Su Tianyang’s words had just come out and he was immediately rebuked by Yue Zhong, followed by the cold stares of Yue Zhong’s warriors. This led him to be in a difficult situation, he did not want to continue but he could not back down for fear of his face. He had always been direct and overbearing, but because the Army’s influence and power was huge, no one dared say anything back. This was the first time he had actually faced a retort. It must be made clear that the Army was SY County’s strongest force currently, and most of the smaller powers would rather throw their weight in with the army. Just being the commander of a small squad was an incredible position, and it was more attractive than being part of the government.

Zhou Yanxue walked right towards them at this moment, with a hint of fragrance about her, as she spoke in a charming voice: “Master Su, Master Yue. It is time for me to perform, can I trouble the 2 of you to give me face, and shelve your disputes while listening to my songs?”

“On account of Zhou Yanxue, I won’t pursue this matter.” With the chance to step down, Su Tianyang hurriedly told Yue Zhong off, with a cold look.

The Army was still unprepared to wage war on Yue Zhong, Su Tianyang had just used some words to probe Yue Zhong. If Yue Zhong had shown some weakness, he would have bank on that to increase the pressure on Yue Zhong. He didn’t expect Yue Zhong to retaliate so strongly, making things difficult for him.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently: “On account of Miss Zhou, this matter shall be overlooked.”

Since the army possessed huge strength, Yue Zhong did not want to go against them so fast. Even if he used all his means, it would only result in a tragic win, and if he lost, then everything will be for naught.

Watching the 2 headstrong men backed down with their pride intact, Zhou Yanxue lightly smiled, before she walked towards the stage.

The moment she stepped on the stage, the guests quietened down.

Under the shine of the stage lights, Zhou Yanxue looked stunning and beautiful beyond compare.

Su Tianyang, whose mood was low after the verbal exchange with Yue Zhong, upon seeing Zhou Yanxue, his eyes lit up with passion. He had seen many women, and played around with countless beauties, but someone like Zhou Yanxue, he had never been with. He also truly fell in love with Zhou Yanxue, that was why he did not make use of his background, to force himself on her.

Prior to the apocalypse, Su Tianyang did not even have the qualifications to woo Zhou Yanxue, but after the apocalypse, if he was willing to provoke and offend some of the SY County’s powerhouse, he could still have his way with Zhou Yanxue.

On that stage, Zhou Yanxue broke into her song with an extremely captivating voice. Her voice was like the flow of water from a clear spring, trickling into the audience’s hearts, washing and cleansing their state of minds.

Every single member of the audience was thoroughly enamored by Zhou Yanxue’s voice, their expressions drunk.

Tong Xiaoyun was currently moved beyond words, as teardrops flowed from her eyes. Ji Qingwu had closed her eyes, and was quietly appreciating the beautiful music. As she was brought up and learned in culture, she could not help but admit that Zhou Yanxue’s voice was truly beautiful. Even Yue Zhong who did not know a single thing about music, felt that her voice was amazing.

TN: Check this out for the song that came to my mind as I translated this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdJVvyN3D04

The moment the song came to an end, the applause was like thunder, every member of the audience could not help but praise Zhou Yanxue.

As Zhou Yanxue stood on the stage, she looked at the men and women below with a hint of fatigue. Before the apocalypse, as she had a family background that was not simple, even if people coveted her, they would not dare show it. But after the apocalypse, since there were no news of her family, all those people who had designs on her started to show up. If it wasn’t for the fact that she mingled with the top brass of society, who checked each other, she might have become a canary in captivity.

“Yanxue, great work!” Su Tianyang saw Zhou Yanxue coming down from the stage and he walked towards her with a charming smile.

“I should just choose him! At least he’s young, and he has a good family background. And he should be true to me.” Zhou Yanxue looked at the good-looking Su Tianyang walking towards her, and her heart skipped a beat.

Although Su Tianyang wasn’t the best man out there, compared to the smelly old men, she was at least more receptive towards this young man who had a promising future and some strength.

Right at this time, all of a sudden, a piercing alarm sounded out across the entire SY County.

In the next moment, within the compound, countless glass shattered, and numerous mutant birds with black feathers, beaks 20cm long, huge claws with 5 cm talons rushed in.

“Level 16 Mutant Beast: Dark Crow! It likes to attack during the dark of the night. It is ferocious and extremely hostile!”

As soon as Yue Zhong saw the Dark Crows, his eyes filled up with the information from the system.

The moment the Dark Crows broke through the windows, they started an attacking frenzy on thr various guests.

One Dark Crow flapped its wings and became a ray of black light that shot towards a man in a suit, before clawing viciously, and pecked a huge bloody hole in his head with ferocity. It then proceeded to feast on the blood and brain matter with gusto.

One by one, the Dark Crows chased the various guests in the villa, plunging the people into chaos. These people were the elites of society, and had never faced a Mutant Beast in combat before. Facing the sudden assault of these Level 16 Mutant Beasts, they naturally lost all composure and fighting spirit.

Amidst the chaos, Zhou Yanxue and Su Tianyang were currently trying to escape together, when suddenly, a Dark Crow flew towards Zhou Yanxue’s direction.

Zhou Yanxue let out a desperate cry towards Su Tianyang: “Help me!! Tianyang, help me!!”

Su Tianyang shuddered, before a resolute glint appeared in his eyes, as he pushed Zhou Yanxue forward, directly into the path of the Dark Crow. Once the Dark Crow had its fill, it naturally would leave Su Tianyang alone. Although he liked Zhou Yanxue alot, he valued his own little life a lot more.

When Zhou Yanxue was pushed in this manner by Su Tianyang, a hint of disbelief and desolation could be seen in her eyes. Not long ago, he had sworn to love her and protect her, wanting to marry her and only death till they part. Who knew at this time of crisis, he didn’t save her, instead pushing her further to the impending grasp of death, turning her heart into dead ash.

The speed of the Dark Crow was extremely fast, in a few seconds it had appeared in front of Zhou Yanxue, with its claws outstretched and aiming at her shoulders. As long as it grabbed her shoulders, with a single peck, one of the world’s greatest beauty would die just like any other human being.

Right when Zhou Yanxue had lost all hope, with a flash of a blade, the Dark Crow was instantly sliced in two, fresh blood splattering on Zhou Yanxue.

Having escaped certain death, Zhou Yanxue looked towards the owner of the blade with glistening eyes, and saw the back of Yue Zhong as he waved his Dark Magic Blade around, killing the Dark Crows left right centre.

As she looked at Yue Zhong, her eyes had a strange gleam, as her heart grew complicated: “So it is you!! During this time, only he could be relied on.”

“Help!! Help!!” Wen Peishan watched her friends getting pecked to death by the Dark Crows, as she cried out while crouching on the floor.

It was just that everyone was frantically escaping for their lives, therefore no one could care less about Wen Peishan this princess.

Amongst the Dark Crows circling in the air, one of them suddenly dove down towards Wen Peishan (TN: no shit, your making alot of noise there), and she was so terrified that her body trembled uncontrollably, as a yellow liquid ran down her fair legs. This pretty flower had actually been frightened to the point she lost control of herself.

As the Dark Crow came in front of her eyes, with a flash of a blade, that Dark Crow was cut in two.

Wen Peishan lifted her head, and discovered the killer of the Dark Crow was precisely the Yue Zhong that she hated.

“Don’t leave me!! Please, don’t leave me behind!!” Just as Yue Zhong turned to leave and kill another Dark Crow, Wen Peishan grabbed onto his shirt, and was sobbing her heart out, pleading profusely.

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