God and Devil World

Chapter 254: I am Yue Zhong!

Chapter 0254 – I am Yue Zhong!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, TheNo1Fan, Dedition

Lu Chenguang had just raised his hands, when Cheng Yu, who was standing beside Yue Zhong shot forward like an arrow, raising his own hand and grabbed Lu Chenguang’s hands, before forcefully applying strength and twisting Lu Chenguang’s arms behind his back. His next move was kicking out twice at his knee, forcing Lu Chenguang to kneel down in a humiliating manner.

Lu Chenguang found that he had been forced to kneel in such a manner, and he gritted his teeth saying, “Do you know who I am? I am Lu Family’s 2nd Young Master Lu Chenguang. SY County’s top expert Lu Tianzong is my brother. You dare to touch me, my brother will definitely not let you off!!”

“Let go of Young Master Lu!!”

I’m going to get Master Lu Tianzong!

“If you don’t want to live in SY County any longer, you can kill him anyways?”



All the young masters behind Lu Chenguang immediately stepped forward and issued threats.

One of the elite soldiers called Kong Wei suddenly exploded forwards, and with a single kick, he sent one of the young masters flying through the air hitting a table and causing screams.

Song Wen’s gaze also flashed with a murderous intent as he shot forward like an arrow, grabbing one of the young master’s head, before harshly kneeing him in the face causing his nose to spontaneously erupt blood.

Another 3 of the warriors stepped out and with just a move, they forced the remaining 3 young masters to sprawl on the floor, grabbing on to their heads and presenting them like dogs to Yue Zhong.

Song Wen smacked his lips, with his eyes radiated an intense battle lust, as he laughed coldly and said, “Commander Yue! Do you want them dead?”

Song Wen was a murderer prior to the apocalypse. After joining Yue Zhong’s troops, he had always fought valiantly and was extremely used to killing enemies without hesitation. Killing these soft rich men’s sons wasn’t an issue to him.

The special forces not only had to deal with zombies, they also were in charge of special missions to clear some troublesome characters, every single warrior had blood on their hands. Human lives were not important to them!!

“Don’t kill me!!”

“I’m sorry!! Don’t kill me!!”



Feeling the intense murderous intent from Song Wen, the 5 young masters who were originally extremely arrogant were frightened out of their wits, and started pleading for mercy.

“My brother is Lu Tianzong, you won’t be able to kill me!! If you kill me, you will not be able to escape from SY County’s government.” Lu Chenguang was honestly terrified by the ruthless measures of Song Wen and the rest, and his face was white while he trembled as he tried to threaten Yue Zhong again. SY County was protective of these important characters and Lu Chenguang was banking on the fact that SY County would not forgive Yue Zhong if he committed murder.

Yue Zhong stared at Lu Chenguang and laughed coldly: “I am Yue Zhong! Ning Guang County’s Yue Zhong! If your brother Lu Tianzong or your entire Lu Family wants to challenge me, I will welcome them with open arms!”

“Yue Zhong!!” Upon hearing this name, Lu Chenguang involuntarily shuddered and his heart went cold. This person was someone his dad had specifically warned him not to provoke under any circumstance. The monster from Ning Guang County in front of him had casually executed over a hundred people, and laughed while tossing a person to be eaten alive by zombies. If this madman was to kill him, his Lu Family might even have to apologize for his behaviour. Yue Zhong was a scary existence that even the Army did not want to offend.

Lu Chenguang immediately bowed his head, as he apologized profusely without regards for his image and pride: “I’m sorry, it was my fault!! I didn’t recognize you and had offended you!! Please have mercy on us and let us off!!”

Lu Chenguang was usually arrogant and despotic, towards people he deemed weaker than himself. However, if he met someone who was stronger, his attitude would take a 180 degree turn. If he had offended them, he would immediately apologize and lower his head, as he knew he could not afford to make an enemy out of Yue Zhong for his family.

“This time, I’ll overlook it! Release them!” Yue Zhong waved his hand, Song Wen and the rest released their grip on the 6 young males.

Amongst the 5 other young masters, not all of them had heard of Yue Zhong’s fame. However, they knew that since Lu Chenguang, one of the biggest young masters in SY County had actually bowed down to this person, he naturally could not be offended. 4 of them immediately excused themselves abashedly, leaving behind Lu Chenguang and the other member of the group, who stood to the side.

“What a brute!” Seeing how Yue Zhong had overcome Lu Chenguang and his lackeys by overwhelming force, the doll-like girl Zheng Peipei had a look of disgust in her eyes. She detested those who forced others into submission like Yue Zhong.

“Brute? This person is heroic and valiant. In such chaotic times, only these type of characters can get the important things done.” The other beauty with the attractive figure, Tai Yiyan, was currently licking her sexy lips. Her eyes stared fixedly at Yue Zhong without blinking.

After Lu Chenguang received his just rewards he did not slink away with embarrassment. Instead, he actually worked up the courage and nerve to ask Yue Zhong, albeit with respect this time: “Brother Yue Zhong! My Father had always been in awe of you, and hopes to invite you to our mansion as a guest. I’m not sure when will be a good time?”

While Lu Chenguang might be arrogant and trample over others, he wasn’t a good for nothing as well. He switched his attitude at the first sign, and took the initiative to lower himself while extending a gesture of goodwill to Yue Zhong.

SY County was after all in a midst of a power struggle, since Yue Zhong was here to engage in a large trade of rations, the Lu Family naturally wanted a part of it.

Yue Zhong glanced at Lu Chenguang before saying indifferently: “Let’s talk about this another time!”

Yue Zhong wasn’t familiar with SY County, and he needed to find some allies in here. Although he was reluctant to engage in clash with the Army that possessed proper troops, he was envious of the abundant resource SY County had: trained people.

During the times of apocalypse, trained people were the most precious resource, with enough capable people, an establishment could quickly grow and develop. This time, Yue Zhong wanted to see if he could use a peaceful method to pull some specialized people over from SY County. Under this kind of scenario, the more allies he had in SY County, the better it would be.

At the same time, Yue Zhong had to maintain a strong and unshakeable front, he absolutely could not reveal any signs of weakness. The stronger he is, the more parties that will be willing to work with him. Vice versa, if he is perceived to be weaker then there will be more people who might make use of the chances to stab him in the back.

Wen Peishan looking at Lu Chenguang’s behaviour was repulsed, and she didn’t hide it as she immediately berated him: “Lu Chenguang, you’re no man!”

Lu Chenguang looked at Wen Peishan with a complicated gaze, but as he tore his eyes away, he did not give another look towards the girl that he used to like very much. Compared to the importance of his Lu Family, Wen Peishan was just a girl, and the priorities were clear to him.

Even if he did not succeed in wooing Wen Peishan, Lu Chenguang could still go for other girls. Right now in SY County, whoever had food, had the power to mess with a few girls and it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Without the Lu Family, Lu Chenguang might have been a beggar for all he knew.

“Not a man!” Tai Yiyan looked at Lu Chenguang’s performance, and laughed coldly as well.

Zheng Peipei frowned and came to Lu Chenguang’s defence: “That wasn’t Chenguang’s fault! If you want to blame, blame Yue Zhong. If he wasn’t so adamant about going against him, Chenguang wouldn’t have become like this.”

Just as men liked beauties, ladies were drawn to suave and charming guys. Lu Chenguang was in fact good-looking, and knew how to maintain his complexion, even a number of young idols could not compare to him. He was considered an eligible bachelor, and the women who liked him were numerous, Zheng Peipei included.

“Zhou Yanxue!!”

“The huge star Zhou Yanxue is here!!”



Right at this moment, the banquet guests started to buzz with excitement, as an incredibly beautiful and attractive woman walked into the hall. Dressed in a purple dress with a plunging neckline, her figure extremely sexy, her age about 23. She had a head of black long hair, abundant curves in front and behind, and was walking with elegance. This was precisely Zhou Yanxue.

Right beside her, was a fair-skinned, tall and well-built man, with an air of dignity and confidence. The handsome gentleman walking beside the beauty painted the picture of a golden couple, as they became the centre of attention.

Song Wen looked at the absolute beauty Zhou Yanxue, as a look of lust appeared on his face, while licking his lips and said: “That must be the celebrity Zhou Yanxue! She’s really exquisite. If I could just sleep with her for one night, my whole life is worth it!”

Lu Chenguang was after all SY County’s native, as he pointed out the identities of Zhou Yanxue and her partner: “That is precisely Zhou Yanxue. Beside her, is the well-known flower boy Su Tianyang! He is the son of Su Dongming, who happens to be one of the 5 big heads within SY County’s Army. With him around, no one dares to approach Zhou Yanxue. If you dare to touch her, it’s equivalent to going against the Army.”

The might of the SY County army was indeed terrifying, Yue Zhong also did not want to provoke them for no reason. He carefully observed Zhou Yanxue and could not help but admit she was extremely attractive. Even within his circle, the only comparable person in terms of looks and aura was Zhuo Yatong.

Guo Yu, Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu were beauties in their own right, but their overall package could not compare to the women who had reached perfection in their prime, like Zhuo Yatong and Zhou Yanxue.

One by one, members of the party stepped up to engage in conversation with Su Tianyang and Zhou Yanxue. While it was an honour to engage in small talk with a celebrity such as Zhou Yanxue, most of the people were actually more interested in forging good relationships with Su Tianyang, after all, he was backed by one of the 5 heads in the army, each and every move of his could affect plenty of lives.

Tong Xiaoyun rushed up in front of Zhou Yanxue excitedly and called out: “Miss Zhou Yanxue! I am a huge fan, can I get an autograph?”

“Of course! Little sister!” Zhou Yanxue was used to the adoring gazes of her fans, and had seen her fair share of fangirls, she revealed an extremely charming smile, as she received the paper from Tong Xiaoyun, and proceeded to sign her autograph.

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