God and Devil World

Chapter 253: Discussion

Chapter 0253 – Discussion

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, TheNo1Fan, Dedition

The Chinese were by nature people of orthodox means. Even in history, characters like Song Jiang and Zheng Zhilong who were outlaws of their times had made use of the opportunity to receive political amnesty. Wen Baoguo had extended this means and absorbed a number of small powers around him, and this was the reason why he successfully rose in strength enough to be able to contend with Peng Mingde.



Seeing that Yue Zhong had turned him down, Wen Baoguo did not have too big a reaction. He simply smiled and said: “Since you’re uninterested, it’s fine. Yue Zhong, I would like to purchase 5000 tonnes of rations from you and I want to use 5000 tonnes of steel to exchange with you.”

After the apocalypse, steel was an extremely useful resource as well, it could be used to manufacture blades, spears, arrows, steel barbed wires, steel lines, etc that were helpful in the fight against zombies.

5000 tonnes of steel was after all, not a small sum, Yue Zhong’ Big Stone Town had a small steel factory as well, however the small steel factory was limited by resources, its maximum output was about 6000 tonnes before it had to stop production. It wasn’t like the days of before, where one could purchase raw materials easily.

However, humankind could triumph over every other species and become dominant was because humans were resourceful and intelligent. Those vehicles that could not be operated due to fuel issues were stripped down on orders from Guo Yu. The important parts were kept well, while the rest of the steel were sent back to be melted down. That was why Yue Zhong wasn’t in sore need of steel at the moment.

Without batting an eye, Yue Zhong replied: “I can sell 5000 tonnes of food to you, but I will require the Survivor Coins, System Equipment, ammunition, mechanical lathe, cotton, sulphuric acid, and some other resources.

The God and Devil System was the source of all enhancements so with its equipment, Yue Zhong could quickly raise an entire army of Enhancers. While the Enhancer army might not be invincible, they were at least of a better physique compared to normal people and could tolerate/undergo tougher training. This would in turn lead to being better and stronger soldiers.

Wen Baoguo looked at Yue Zhong, his eyes narrowed. He could tell that this young man in front of him was formidable in many aspects other than war indeed.

When the county’s Enhancers killed the zombies and Mutant Beasts with the System Equipment, they of course managed to gain some Survivor Currency. It was just that there were no Newbie Villages. So obviously the Survivor Currency was considered useless. Wen Baoguo possessed over 15,000 of them, yet could find absolutely no use for it.

Yue Zhong shook his head: “1 point of survivor currency for 2 kg of rations. This time I brought along 5000 tonnes of food intending to conduct a trade here in SY County. Regardless of who the person is, as long as they are able to offer a price to my liking, I will sell to that person. I will only sell 5000 tonnes though because I don’t have any more.”

Rations were currently the most sought-after resource. After opening 2 huge granaries, and the constant scouring he only managed to scrape together about 17,000 tonnes of food. He was willing to take out 5,000 tonnes for an exchange and this was already the largest consensus he could arrive at, he would not easily sell off his food.

Previously, because he had to quell the insurgency, he hurriedly agreed to exchange 3,000 tonnes of rations for 300jin of gold. Coupled with the fact that his strength wasn’t sufficient then he had chosen this option.

Now that he gained control of his 2 established counties and had the total strength of 7 battalions of soldiers, his strength was vastly different. Naturally his threshold had risen as well, and he could be firmer with his words.

Be it before or after the apocalypse, the world had always worked on the fact that people with power would usually be tougher to deal with. Regardless of international relations or the relationship between 2 major powers, it was the unspoken general rule that most adhered to.

The reason why Yue Zhong had only brought 5,000 tonnes to exchange was mostly due to the fact that he wasn’t willing to part with his precious rations. At the same time, he harbored ill intents, and wanted to see the major powers in SY County break up in an internal struggle for the food.

Wen Baoguo looked at Yue Zhong and smiled lightly: “All these administrative matters, let’s have the subordinates handle them! This time I’ve invited you here to see the kind of person and hero that had saved countless survivors from the mouths of the zombies and Mutant Beasts. After seeing you, you are indeed as the rumors say and a lot more. Of this 5,000 tonnes, I hope to gain at least a 1,000 tonnes of it.”

Wen Baoguo wasn’t a negotiator, although he did have people who were good in it under him. As long as he embarked on the first step, the actual negotiations could be left to his subordinates.

Yue Zhong also expressed an extremely warm smile but remained vehemently firm and said: “I’m willing to send you a gift of 1 tonne of food as a sign of our friendship. At the same time, as long as you are able to present items that we need… the entire 5,000 tonnes of food can be sold to you with no problems.”

Wen Baoguo saw that Yue Zhong was extremely closed to his advances, and did not pursue the matter. Instead he smiled and said: “Since you have come from afar, why don’t you go get some rest. We’ll leave this matter for another time, hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself tonight.”

“Farewell!” Yue Zhong gave Wen Baoguo a smile, before rising and left.

After Yue Zhong left, Wen Baoguo closed his eyes in thought, as he picked up a stack of documents and poured r over them carefully. The documents contained information on Yue Zhong.

SY County was after all, an official governing body. They had long sent someone to enter Yue Zhong’s establishment and had been receiving information on him. As the leader of such an establishment, Yue Zhong was an important character and all sorts of intelligence had been pouring in to SY County.

“What a pity! We already missed the best chance to contain him…” Wen Baoguo looked through the report and saw that Yue Zhong had brought his men to Qing Yuan County originally, only to be turned away by the Ice King. He sighed once again.

This was the crucial turning point for Yue Zhong’s actions. Prior to this, if Chen Jianfeng had sincerely made use of his position to welcome Yue Zhong…. Who knows, Yue Zhong might have long ago become a powerhouse for Qing Yuan County. However he had been forced out, and established his own base. Thereafter, there would definitely be no chance to offer him political amnesty. Of course he wouldn’t want it anyway.

Soon night fell, and a number of well-dressed aristocrats came trickling into the villa.

At the location of the banquet, countless crystal lamps illuminated the huge hall. While the dignified-looking men and women proceeded to mingle around with red wine in their hands as they discussed the news in the city, a number of suave waiters and beautiful waitresses were walking around serving people.

On the sides of the banquet hall there were 2 long tables of food from all sorts of places, plates of seafood, mutated vegetables, and even meat from Mutant Beasts all laid out in full view. It gave the distinct impression that there was no apocalypse to worry about.

Right at this time, a group of people wearing a variety of military uniforms, evening dresses, suits, white shirts and even jeans walked into the hall with big strides.

“What a bunch of ignorant country bumpkins!” These shoddily-dressed people aroused the attention of the countless nobles hanging around, whose eyes all flashed with disdain.

This group of people receiving the cold stares was precisely Yue Zhong and his people.

Amongst Yue Zhong’s special forces, their backgrounds were all complicated, there was even someone like Ji Qingwu who received a refined upbringing, yet she still did things her way. There was also Tong Xiaoyun from a common family background. There was the loli Yao Yao who seemed to prefer nothing else but military wear and jeans. There were even 2 people who were farmers prior to the apocalypse, and were upstarts themselves. This motley crew of mavericks had actually come together into Yue Zhong’s special forces.

The Special Operations Battalion only wore proper uniforms during times of mission and objectives, otherwise, they would dress in whatever they liked. As they were the strongest of Yue Zhong’s troops, they had a certain pride and character.

“What a feast!!” A number of the Special Operations warriors took one look at the various delicacies laid out and their eyes lit up, before rushing forward like hungry wolves.

Although the Special Operation Battalion received one of the best treatments amongst Yue Zhong’s troops, chances to eat their fill at such events were rare. During times of the apocalypse, there was hardly a time when a soldier could just set his mind to eat such delicious foods without worrying about anything else.

When those warriors made their moves, the rest of the Special Operation warriors did not linger beside Yue Zhong. They individually headed towards their favourite food and grabbed it before stuffing their faces, looking like a bunch of hungry ghosts.

Yao Yao had activated her Agility and within the blink of an eye, she actually collected 3 plates of cakes, 4 fishes, and 2 fat crabs within her arms, just as quickly she started swallowing the cakes nearly whole. The whole while she was maintaining a vigilant stare at the rest of the Special Operations warriors as though she was a cheetah protecting her own meal.

Other than Gu Zhixing, Ji Qingwu, Bai He and a few other special forces members, the majority of them had already rushed up and were snatching the good stuff while shovelling food into their faces.

“This time, I’ve lost all face!” Yue Zhong looked at his men who were acting like hungry ghosts, as he sighed. Shaking his head he walked over and directly grabbed a plate of cake and started relishing it.

With regards to his Special Forces, as long as their leashes stayed on during important times, Yue Zhong didn’t want to control them too much.

The countless nobles looked on as the warriors Yue Zhong brought started to clear the food like hungry wolves. Their eyes were turning red as the amount of food dwindled at the speed of a tornado.

This was after all, a time of trouble. The people who were able to host such a lavish banquet were only Wen Baoguo, Peng Mingde, and maybe the Army itself. Even Wen Baoguo who was the 2nd strongest power in SY County could only host such a party at most once or twice a month, and it was already impressive. Most other parties had no means of organizing such a party nor could they afford to be so extravagant with their food.

The difference was, that even all these distinguished guests had attended the banquet with the intention of having a great feast as well. However, because they valued their face and pride, they all put on a refined and well-mannered front. They were even only taking bits and pieces at times to show their culture.

“How could you guys be like this? Isn’t this too uncouth!” Wen Peishan arrived in front of Yue Zhong. She was bedecked in a red dress with a plunging neckline, various jewellry, and even wearing a pink headband. She looked extremely gorgeous, yet was annoyed at Yue Zhong and his troops’ behaviour.

“Open your mouth!” Yue Zhong had just cut out a slice of cake, and was using a fork to feed it to Tong Xiaoyun, as he smiled.

Tong Xiaoyun’s face was currently flushed and she wolfed it down in a single bite, the flavor exploded and her tastebuds were overpowered by the sweetness.

“How are we unbecoming? Miss Wen?” Yue Zhong was in a good mood, and just turned his head to question Wen Peishan.

He turned Only to find that there were 6 people by her side. Of these 6, 4 looked pretty ordinary while the 2 others were extreme beauties. One of them had a doll face a petite figure, and her skin was extremely fair. These gave her a cute vibe overall, coupled with a stunning clear gaze. The other beauty had a voluptuous figure her skin also fair, yet her expression seemed as though she wanted to rebel.

Wen Peishan replied angrily, “With the way you guys are eating, all the food will be eaten and there will be none for the guests.”

Yue Zhong glanced at Wen Peishan before saying indifferently: “This is a banquet after all! Everyone should help themselves. What are we doing wrong by eating our fill? If they want to eat, just go ahead and take it. If the food is not enough, and they didn’t eat their fill, then it’s the host’s fault for not preparing enough.”

“You’re shameless!” Wen Peishan was furious and her face flushed red. She had never come across such a shameless person before. A guest who went into someone else’s banquet and dared to eat without restraint, while criticizing the host for not having ample preparations.

Right at this time, a suave gentleman in a suit and holding a glass of wine walked over looking at Yue Zhong with an extremely haughty expression and saying coldly: “Where are you from, you country bumpkin? This is not a place for people like you without etiquette. Get out!”

Wen Peishan took a look at the handsome gentleman whose background was influential, and she frowned. This young man was called Lu Chenguang, and he was the 2nd Young Master of the Lu Family in SY County. He was also well known for being arrogant and despotic. He was currently chasing her without restraints, and had obviously come over to make a scene and to show himself.

Behind Lu Chenguang were a few other young men who were respective young masters of their own household. They looked at Yue Zhong, their faces filled with ridicule. They wanted to join up and humiliate Yue Zhong thoroughly, just because he had a few beauties by his side and was currently infuriating the princess of SY County.

The 2 beauties next to Wen Peishan also locked their gazes on Yue Zhong, wanting to see how he was going to handle the situation.

Yue Zhong coldly gazed at Lu Chenguang and spoke, “Kneel!”

Lu Chenguang heard those words, and his eyes flashed with an icy gleam, as he reached out to slap Yue Zhong: “Kneel?? Your words are sure big!! You dare to make me kneel! Seems like if I don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t know the difference between I, your master and you.”

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