God and Devil World

Chapter 252: [The Elite Battalion’s Prowess!]

Chapter 0252 -[The Elite Battalion’s Prowess!]

Translated by: Kun

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Amongst the elite battalion warriors that Yue Zhong brought everyone had eyes on Ji Qingwu. Be it her features, figure or demeanor. All of it was extremely eye-catching. When compared to Yue Zhong, he didn’t even seem worthy of a second look.

The few other girls who could match Ji Qingwu in terms of her looks and figure were Guo Yu and Chen Yao, who were staying behind at Qing Yuan County handling governance and other matters. Zhuo Yatong was also in charge of the warriors hunting zombies and Mutant Beasts. She wanted to quickly shorten the gap in terms of enhancement between herself and Ji Qingwu, becoming even stronger and more worthy of Yue Zhong.

Fan Ming hurriedly introduced them to Wen Peishan: “Peishan, let me introduce these people to you, this is Ning Guang County’s Yue Zhong, also known as Commander Yue.”

Wen Peishan looked at Yue Zhong and frowned, as she spoke with an undisguised arrogant tone: “So you are Yue Zhong? You don’t look like much though! I heard you used some brutish methods to execute some people in Ning Guang County after your takeover. Is this true?”

The group of people behind Wen Peishan also stared coldly at Yue Zhong, wanting to see how he answered.

Yue Zhong replied blandly, “Yes, it’s true.”

Wen Peishan became furious immediately and said: “How could you be so cruel? What right did you have to do that? Even if those people were in the wrong, you could have taken care of them by law. What you did was despicable!”

Wen Peishan had always been under her father’s protection and had not tasted the bitterness or harshness of life. She naturally did not know the blackness and cruelty of people’s hearts in the outside world. Her naive thinking was still stuck in the pre-apocalyptic days, and she naturally felt Yue Zhong’s actions were damnable, and he should be thrown in jail.

The rest of the group however, knew far better than Wen Peishan, and they did not dare step up to point at him. After all, this man in front of them was rumored to be a killing machine that did not bat his eyelids at slaughter.

Yue Zhong glanced at the naive Wen Peishan before shaking his head at Fan Ming: “Mayor Wen’s ability at guiding his daughter is really subpar!”

In the current world, based on Wen Peishan’s temperament, if she lost the protection of Wen Baoguo… who knows? All that awaits her might be a pack of hungry wolves who wouldn’t leave a single bit of her behind.

Fan Ming couldn’t help but blurt out: “Teaching the young is one of the hardest things in the world. Compared to the Pengs, Peishan is considered very good already.”

Even prior to the apocalypse, there were such cases aplenty. Those with power and affluence usually kept low-key but their own sons and daughters were, on the other hand, arrogant and despotic, doing what they liked, an idiotic bunch in fact.

[TN: seems like the author really dislikes people of power. He used a strong chinese term for idiots.]

Wen Baoguo had brought his own daughter up to be caring and kind, which was a good thing before the apocalypse. But after such a drastic change of the world, this was dangerous. THe moment Wen Baoguo fell, his naive daughter wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving at all.

Wen Peishan saw that Yue Zhong had actually slighted her, and her face flushed red with anger: “Yue Zhong, I know you take pride in your own abilities and strength, that’s why you’re so arrogant about it. But as the saying goes, there are mountains beyond mountains, people above people, there are definitely people who are at least 10 times stronger than you. Do you dare take on Jiang Tao my brother Jiang? If you lose, you surrender yourself to the authorities, who knows, your punishment might be smaller.”

After those words from Wen Peishan, the big and burly man Jiang Tao beside her immediately took a step out, his eyes full of animosity as he looked at Yue Zhong.

Jiang Tao was a naturally awakened Strength-based Evolver, and could be considered a true genius. Other than the status of an Evolver, before the apocalypse, he was also an expert in judo, being proficient in various judo wrestling skills, and was extremely good in melee combat. That was why he dared step forward to test Yue Zhong.

“Let me!” Right at this time, amongst Yue Zhong’s troops, the loli Yao Yao jumped out, her huge eyes staring at the burly man like a small cheetah eyeing its prey.

Yao Yao was after all a naturally awakened Agility-based Evolver, a genius amongst genii. She didn’t like to study culture and normal knowledge, instead, she spent her time frequently polishing her knife skills, learning about combat, weapons, shooting, driving and various other wartime information. Although she had not yet joined the special forces, she wasn’t behind them in terms of various combat abilities. She even joined in on the efforts to clear the passage between Ning Guang County and Qing Yuan County, and her own kill count of zombies were numerous, while at the same time, she had already reached Level 28 as an Enhancer, her strength could be comparable to Ji Qingwu.

Jiang Tao looked at Yao Yao, as he frowned and spoke in a deep voice to Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong, you dare to hide behind a girl’s back? That’s really shameless of you!”

To Jiang Tao, even if he beat Yao Yao this loli, it wasn’t something to be proud of, instead, it would feel like he was bullying the weak.

Yao Yao was immediately enraged by Jiang Tao’s words, and she activated her Shadow Steps Skill, her Agility instantly soaring to around 140 which was much faster than a normal person. Even faster in fact than Yue Zhong’s own Agility.

“You’re dead!!” Before Jiang Tao even knew what was going on, Yao Yao had appeared behind his back. She already had a sharp Tang Replica Sword held at his neck, prickling a small wound, blood sluggishly trickling down it.

Everyone present was instantly shocked by Yao Yao’s spectre-like speed, it was the first time they saw an Enhancer with such a sickeningly fast speed. Jiang Tao simply had no way of reacting to that and was controlled instantly. If it was a real battle, he would have already died without knowing what hit him.

After Jiang Tao was held in place by Yao Yao’s Tang Replica Sword, his entire back broke out in cold sweat his knees shaking, and he didn’t dare make a move. He could feel the cold steel and its sharpness, as long as Yao Yao lightly slashed, his limitless future potential as an Evolver would come to an end here.

Yue Zhong frowned, as he stepped forward and raised his hands to catch Yao Yao.

Yao Yao’s strength had increased by a scary amount, and wasn’t the little Level 1 Evolver that relied on Yue Zhong. When she activated her speed, her Agility was truly beyond that of Yue Zhong. Seeing that Yue Zhong was about to grab her, she immediately retreated swiftly, shooting towards one side like a cheetah.

Yue Zhong glared at Yao Yao, before activating his Art of Fear Skill and a huge baleful and oppressive aura locked on to Yao Yao giving her a shock. She quickly fell weakly like a little kitten into Yue Zhong’s arms.

Yue Zhong looked at the rebellious little loli saying, “Who gave you permission to act?”

Yao Yao just pouted, as she twisted her head to the side, showing an expression of a stubborn pig that wasn’t afraid of boiling water, and ignored Yue Zhong.

“I’ll deal with you later!” Yue Zhong was absolutely driven up the wall by this little lady Yao Yao. Within his establishment, few people dared to be disrespectful to him, and only this wilful Yao Yao could get on his nerves.

Yao Yao was extremely cute, and also she was capable. Within the base, she got on well with everybody and most people liked her. Furthermore, she was backed by Ji Qingwu. As long as she didn’t do something that was too infuriating, Yue Zhong also couldn’t bear to discipline her too harshly.

Seeing the little loli Yao Yao who had defeated Jiang Tao so easily simply being captured by Yue Zhong without breaking a sweat…. Other than those on Yue Zhong’s side, everyone’s eyes went wide.

At this time, another elite warrior with a slightly slimmer build walked out from Yue Zhong’s side. While taking an indifferent look at Jiang Tao he spoke. “Jiang Tao! I’m Song Wen. I am considered the weakest amongst the Elite Battalion, allow me to take you up on that challenge.”

By this time, Jiang Tao had lost all confidence of challenging Yue Zhong. Ha! Even facing Song Wen of the Elite Troops caused him to be wary and assume a serious expression as he replied with a: “Yes!”

Song Wen did not say anything further. With a single step, he flew forward and his eyes flashed with an incredibly brutal gleam, as though he was a beast that caught sight of a prey, rushing towards Jiang Tao.

Jiang Tao also raised his hands and reached out to grab Song Wen’s clothes. As long as he could get a grab, he could then give him a good throw.

Song Wen suddenly came to a stop, before lashing out with a kick towards Jiang Tao’s abdomen without mercy, sending Jiang Tao flying somewhere between 5 – 6m.

Although Jiang Tao wasn’t weak, he possessed little to no experience in actual combat, and could not compare with the troops trained by Yue Zhong. They who had been through countless battles and training vs him? He was naturally defeated easily.

Wen Peishan and the rest of the youths looked at Jiang Tao grabbing his stomach rolling on the ground groaning in pain, their eyes flashed again with shock. They had thought that Jiang Tao, being an Evolver that could disintegrate a punching bag with a punch was way beyond the over talked Yue Zhong of rumors. Who knew that Jiang Tao could not even contend against a single warrior from Yue Zhong’s troop, causing them to feel devastated.

“Please, come in!” Fan Ming’s eyes flashed with admiration, as he led Yue Zhong and his team into the inner area of the villa. It wasn’t time for the feast yet, hence he wanted to show them to their arranged resting quarters.

Yue Zhong also didn’t give any further attention towards Wen Peishan and the rest of the youths as he entered the villa.

Ji Qingwu and the rest were quickly assigned their resting areas, while Yue Zhong was led by Fan Ming towards a meeting room.

In the meeting room, a dignified and handsome man, with an aura of prestige sat on the sofa, there were even documents placed on the glass table in front of him. This middle-aged man must be one of the 2 heads of SY County, Mayor Wen Baoguo.

“Please sit!” Upon seeing Yue Zhong enter, Wen Baoguo did not engage in any nonsense and immediately gestured for Yue Zhong to take a seat.

After taking a look at Yue Zhong, Wen Baoguo immediately started the conversation: “How do you do? I am SY County’s mayor Wen Baoguo. Yue Zhong, would you be interested in coming over to SY County to help me? As long as you’re willing, I am willing to let you hold a post of a special forces battalion commander. All the people under you will be through your own selection, assigning tasks and jobs are also your own responsibility, as long as you report what they do after each mission it’ll be enough for me.”

Wen Baoguo had immediately proposed an attractive offer. This allowed him to retain his own forces, act on his own, and in short, gave him a position of power within SY County without giving up his trained troops.

Yue Zhong just smiled lightly, and immediately rejectedthe offer.“Mayor Wen! I have no interest in expanding to SY County. Let’s forget about this matter!”

Yue Zhong was enjoying his life as the leader of his own establishments, he was supporting 30,000 survivors, and wasn’t a single survivor on his own anymore. He wasn’t willing to throw in with anyone and submit to their wishes and regulations.

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