God and Devil World

Chapter 251: Fight

As Yue Zhong was at loggerheads with the powers of SY County, Yue Zhong’s side had always been at a disadvantage. He brought along a few people and the Survivor Camp was able to still accept it. Of course if he were to bring an entire battalion along, it would not sit well with the Survivor Camp.

As Yue Zhong and his team were clearing the checkpoint, a bespectacled man with a scholarly aura stepped up to greet them: “Hello, I am Fan Ming the appointed secretary of Mayor Wen! You must be Commander Yue Zhong. You’re really a hero you know. With your age and ability, you managed to save 30,000 survivors which is very commendable.”

Lǚ Níng looked at Fan Ming’s behaviour and frowned, as a foreboding feeling rose up in her heart.

Yue Zhong glanced at Fan Ming, before replying blandly: “How do you do, Secretary Fan. I am Yue Zhong, is there something you need?”

Fan Ming smiled lightly: “Commander Yue, Mayor Wen would like to have a meeting with you! Please come with me.”

Right at this time a young man with a slightly skinnier build, darker skin, aged about 27-28 and sporting a calm air walked over with a kind expression before he spoke. “Hello Yue Zhong. I am Secretary General Peng’s assistant, Wei Jueguang! Secretary General Peng has extended his invitation to you! Please come along with me, I have already prepared a car for you.”

A luxurious Rolls Royce drove up to Yue Zhong’s side, purring quietly at an idle. From within the car an extremely attractive woman stepped out. She was clothed in proper office wear; attractive black stockings that seemed to accentuate her long slim legs, hair that fluttered lightly in the wind and vibrant, purple lipstick. It was nearly enough that one could not take ones eyes off of her.

The beauty that stepped out of the Rolls Royce smiled sweetly at Yue Zhong. Such a scene with a pretty lady and luxurious car, it was quite eye-catching as surely intended.

Fan Ming was displeased and spoke out: “Wei JueGuang, what’s the meaning of this? I was the one to invite Commander Yue first. Once his meeting with Mayor Wen is done, it wouldn’t be late for you to extend your invitation to Commander Yue.”

Wei JueGuang eyed Fan Ming icily and said, “Secretary General Peng is SY County’s party representative, and the honourable leader of our SY County. After his meeting with Commander Yue has concluded, it wouldn’t be too late for Mayor Wen to talk to him.”

The mayor of SY County was called Wen Baoguo, while the Secretary General was Peng Mingde. These 2 were long-time rivals, and each were in control of a huge portion of SY County. Peng Mingde had single-handedly gained strength and support, forcing Wen Baoguo to a corner. However, he had failed in disciplining his child well; it was precisely his son Peng Ji who had caused the problem with the Evolver, leading to such a huge loss of food.

After the incident with the arson, Peng Mingde had expended all his power to protect his only song Peng Ji. However, his influence and power in SY County suffered as a result, many people threw their votes in with the mayor Wen Baoguo, which led to him rising in power again. Now that Wen Baoguo had a say amongst the people of SY County, his words often held a hint of suppressing Peng Mingde.

Although extending an invitation to Yue Zhong was a small matter, both sides were unwilling to give in this time. In these current days, as long as one side revealed a moment of weakness the other hungry wolves would pounce on the opportunity and rip their throats out. Mostly figuratively speaking of course. Mostly.

If initially, Yue Zhong had bowed towards Shen Xue’s threats and pressure, the whole of Ning Guang County might very well have ended up in her palms.

Fan Ming eyed Wei Jueguang coldly as he laughed towards Yue Zhong: “Commander Yue, Mayor Wen has already prepared a feast to welcome you, there’s even the celebrity Zhou Yanxue performing for you. Mayor Wen is absolutely sincere about making your acquaintance, do consider coming with me!”

The celebrity Zhou Yanxue was a person of huge influence and following prior to the apocalypse. Every time she held a concert, be it in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or even Taiwan, tickets would be swept up almost immediately. There were fans who were obsessed enough to queue for 2 days straight just to purchase a single ticket. To be able to watch the performance of such a huge star before the apocalypse was something incredible.

Upon hearing Zhou Yanxue’s name, Tong Xiaoyun’s eyes lit up, as she pulled on Yue Zhong’s arms and pleaded: “Brother Yue! Let’s go to greet Mayor Wen! I want to see Zhou Yanxue, I’m a huge fan!”

Although Tong Xiaoyun had like everyone witnessed many horrid and cruel things, when she’s within safety she could still be her innocent self. Now that she had a chance to catch her favourite idol, she was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

Hearing Tong Xiaoyun’s words, Fan Ming’s eyes gleamed with smugness. While the live performance of a huge star like Zhou Yanxue might not hold much priority for people who struggled with food, to those without such problems, it was a luxury that was attractive.

Wei Jueguang just lightly chuckled before saying: “Commander Yue, as long as you will come with me now to Secretary General Peng then this Xiao Shishi, a graduate from XX University of the Arts will belong to you. The girl is considered to be her schools #1 Flower and of course the Rolls Royce is included in the package deal.”

TN: School flower – a term in chinese popular in Taiwan, China and even Singapore to describe the prettiest girl that most guys adore.

Wei Jueguang had instantly proposed an incredibly practical and attractive offer. Xiao Shishi was a beauty with looks and demeanor not losing out to Gu Manzi. The Rolls Royce was also a powerful sports car. Just to step on the pride of Wen Baoguo, Peng Mingde was willing to invest much.

After the apocalypse, without the supervision and scrutiny of the media, people with power or authority started to grow more daring and impudent with the exchange of girls and items as bribes or conditions, all without batting an eyelid.

Seeing Fan Ming and Wei Jueguang openly engaging in a power struggle, Lǚ Níng frowned in displeasure, her expression cold as she spoke out, “Fan Ming, Wei Jueguang, what is the meaning of this? Yue Zhong is a guest of my invitation, he is naturally coming with me.”

Fan Ming smiled at Lǚ Níng and said: “Wherever Commander Yue would like to go is his freedom to choose. Miss Lǚ, dare I ask who are you to Commander Yue? In what capacity are you making his decisions for him?”

Following the flow of time and being unable to accept orders from the central government, the officials and military had initially worked together in SY County. However, due to the difference in power distribution there was a rift between both parties. After all, power was a huge attraction to many regardless of gender and anyone who possessed it found it hard to let go.

Peng Mingde could protect that degenerate son of his who had committed such an atrocious act, was because he had the power. If he didn’t, Peng Ji would have been shot dead countless times for his various misdeeds.

Lǚ Níng turned to Yue Zhong and asked: “Yue Zhong, where do you want to go?”

Yue Zhong lightly laughed and said: “Let’s head to Mayor Wen’s place, I’m also interested in the idol Zhou Yanxue.”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s choice, Lǚ Níng and Wei Jueguang’s expressions turned cold.

After recovering himself, Wei Jueguang continued smiling and said: “Since that’s the case, would Commander Yue have the time to meet with Secretary General Peng tomorrow?”

If there were normal people who dared to turn down Secretary General Peng’s invitation Wei Jueguang would have laughed coldly, before dealing with the person harshly. Thus making his or her life difficult in SY County. After the apocalypse, if a normal person had dared to anger or slight Secretary General Peng Wei Jueguang could absolutely make sure the person would not live for another day.

However, Yue Zhong wasn’t someone normal. He had established his own base(s) of operations, and commanded a troop of over 2000 warriors, while keeping 30,000 people surviving with his various abilities. He was also a strong Evolver all on his own. This figure of existence could not be offended, and Peng Mingde was unwilling to make an enemy out of him.

Yue Zhong replied with courtesy: “Of course I have the time, I also have high regards for Secretary General Peng.”

“Then, I’ll come pick you up at 9am tomorrow! I hope you have a great night.” Wei Jueguang looked towards Yue Zhong and smiled, before getting back into the Rolls Royce and leaving.

“Have an enjoyable evening! I shall return to the camp first!” Lǚ Níng glanced at Yue Zhong before she boarded her vehicle and left as well.

Fan Ming looked at the defeated Wei Jueguang and Lǚ Níng leaving as he laughed and said to Yue Zhong: “Please, this way!”

Under Fan Ming’s guidance, Yue Zhong’s team came to a villa compound that was decorated lavishly.

How amazing!! Brother Yuan, your strength is really great. Based on your ability, I think even Ning Guang County’s Yue Zhong is not your match.” A clear female voice had just resounded across the villa’s garden, and was heard by Yue Zhong’s team.

Yue Zhong looked towards the source of the voice, only to see a young lady of about 17 or 18 with extremely good looks dressed entirely in red. Her skin was a perfect snow-white colour, both smooth and pure. She seemed to be staring with an adoring gaze at a man of about 26, 27 with dark skin, tall stature, and eyes that seemed to shine with a heroic aura.

There were a total of 13 other young men and women surrounding the 2 of them, and right in front of the huge young male there was a sandbag that was lying on the ground in a battered state.

Fan Ming immediately turned ashen as he pointed out her background: “That is Mayor Wen’s precious daughter Wen Peishan. She’s still young and doesn’t know what she’s talking about, if her words had offended you, please don’t take it to heart!”

Yue Zhong’s deeds in Ning Guang County had naturally reached the ears of those higher-ups in SY County. They were starting to pay attention to him and in their eyes, he was a vicious and cruel warlord with no emotions who lusted after women. Fan Ming was worried that Yue Zhong would go against Wen Baoguo just because of the words uttered by Wen Peishan.

Yue Zhong glanced at the girl in red and the huge man before replying blandly, “Relax, I won’t take offense.”

Yue Zhong had after all, gone through many battles. With a good look he could tell the young man did possess some abilities as well, but lacked the aura and temperament of a warrior that had been through life and death battles. Any of the warriors in Yue Zhong’s elite force could wipe the floor with him.

Wen Peishan had just seen Yue Zhong’s entourage, and she brought along the group of young men and women as she walked over. “Uncle Fan! Who are these people?”

When the group of people came over, their gazes were drawn to the lady whose hair was tied in a ponytail and dressed in warriors clothing. She had an extremely sexy figure, her skin blindingly white, her appearance peerless, and her aura extremely valiant. She was Ji Qingwu.

TN: The raws spelt sexy figure wrongly, as ‘gan’-surnamed figure, which was pretty funny. 姓 and 性 are pronounced the same way, but one refers to surname, one refers to sex.

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