God and Devil World

Chapter 258: Peng Mengde

Chapter 0258 – Peng Mengde

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition, TheNo1Fan

Su Chen glanced icily at the 4 ladies kneeling in front of Su Tianyang as he asked coldly: “Young Master, what about these 4?”

Su Tianyang glanced at the 4 extremely beautiful ladies, as he frowned slightly. He had given the order to kill Yue Zhong in his blind rage, and forgot that they were there, if this matter was to leak out, it wouldn’t bode well. However, these 4 ladies were the cream of the crop amongst beauties, and were extremely meticulous in their service to him, and he couldn’t bear to kill them at the moment.

One of the taller, slender ladies immediately begged: “Young Master Su!! Don’t kill me!! I have not heard anything! I’m willing to do anything!!”

“Don’t kill me!!”

The other 3 beauties also had expressions of fear as they started grabbing Su Tianyang’s legs with their voluptuous bodies, begging pitifully.

Their pleading did the opposite, however, as Su Tianyang steeled his heart and gave the extremely merciless order: “Kill them all! Don’t dirty the place!”

These women had to pay with their lives for a mistake that he Su Tianyang made.

Su Chen acknowledged with a nod of his head, and shot forward like an arrow, grabbing one of the women by the throat and breaking her windpipe. He followed up by grabbing another woman’s head, twisting it lightly into an angle that defied nature. After killing 2, he took big strides forward and viciously chop down on the remaining ladies’ heads, leaving 2 deep dents in their heads, killing them instantly.

In just a few short breaths after killing the 4 service ladies, Su chen had already dragged their bodies out silently and left Su Tianyang’s room.

“Yue Zhong! It’s all your fault!! I want you dead!!” Su Tianyang’s face was once again twisted with fury as he smashed another 5 pieces of antique furniture. In his mind he wasn’t to blame, so he pushed the blame of the deaths of the 4 ladies, as well as his fury and hatred unto Yue Zhong.

Early next morning after breakfast, Wei Jueguang drove the Rolls Royce with the beauty Xiao Shishi and fetched Yue Zhong to Peng Mingde’s residence.

Peng Mingde was of 46 – 47 years, with defining facial features. His brows had a hint of a stern expression, yet not a single strand of white hair was seen even though he was middle-aged. In fact he remained looking extremely youthful.

The moment they met, Peng Mingde immediately spoke with shock: “Yue Zhong, did you know you’ve invited huge trouble this time!”

Yue Zhong’s expression did not change as he quickly responded: “What type of trouble?”

Peng Mingde replied: “The army had decided to dispatch 3 regiments to deal with you. Tell me if this is huge trouble or not?”

3 regiments meant over 3000 soldiers, it could even be a 4000-strong army. If this type of huge army were the military-trained soldiers from before the apocalypse, all of Yue Zhong’s efforts in establishing himself could come to a halt.

However, since Yue Zhong had received vital information about the actual flaws and strengths of the army from Zhou Yanxue, Yue Zhong wasn’t flustered at all. Their current core was only the 2 regiments of a thousand over people, after expanding into a 6000-strong army, the might still needed time to be trained up.

Yue Zhong himself had 7 battalions’ worth of soldiers that numbered in 2000s, if it came down to a clash, unless the army really went all out with all they had, Yue Zhong still had some of hope of success.

Yue Zhong spoke out with a strong killing intent: “If the soldiers come, the general defends. If the water comes, the soil will block it. If the army really wants to fight, then I shall give them the fight of their lives! I have 3 regiments worth of soldiers. I want to test for myself if the army’s 3 regiments are stronger, or my army is stronger!”

Peng Mingde narrowed his eyes, as he carefully assessed Yue Zhong. He smiled and spoke. “You really are a hero! I have already rejected the proposal of the army. After all, as humans, we should not fighting amongst ourselves. Our current greatest enemies are the zombies! As long as we wipe them out, our humankind can once again repopulate the earth.”

“Yue Zhong, my dream is to build a new world without zombies, everyone is equal, all is fair, upright, transparent. Everyone is free, everyone prospers, and equality for all with no exploitation. Are you willing to help me with this?” Peng Mingde had a passionate expression as he spoke to Yue Zhong.

Most university students were hot-blooded and passionate about the world, and were easy to influence and manipulate. Peng Mingde wanted to use the idea of rebuilding the world to hook Yue Zhong in.

This was after all under the banner of righteousness. Throughout history, countless young people have given their all for the cause of a just, fair and equal new world for all.

“I have brought 5000 tonnes of meat to sell, I wonder what items you might want to offer in exchange? If you are not interested in my rations, then I’ll leave.” Yue Zhong gazed at Peng Mingde indifferently. He had no interest in the new world order that Peng Mingde was raving about.

While Peng Mingde was capable, he was lacking in his guidance of his kid. His son had actually caused so much trouble that he should have been executed, but this type of degenerate was still allowed to live under Peng Mingde’s protection, furthermore, it was a good lifestyle. If Yue Zhong really sold his life to Peng Mingde just based on the ideals he was talking about, his brain must have been knocked silly.

Yue Zhong did not have lofty dreams. Currently he was living life to the fullest, and was the leader of 30,000 people. With just an order, he could immediately execute over a 100 people. To throw all that away and be someone else’s dog just because of some illusionary ideal? He wasn’t willing.

“This young man is not a simple character.” Peng Mingde was thrown off by Yue Zhong’s practicality, as his brows furrowed he continued carefully sizing him up.

Peng Mingde decided to throw all talks about ideals and righteousness to the side, before he replied pragmatically: “The terms of the negotiations will be handled by my people later on! However, I hope to at least fulfill the quota of a 1000 tonnes!”

Ideals and righteousness are used as tools by Peng Mingde to win people over. Those who succumb to the idealistic thinking were perfect for being passionate cannon fodder. In fact, this was not a bad tactic. Under the pretext of ideals and righteousness, Peng Mingde had actually gathered over 200 youthful people as his Young Guards. The results made it so they were all crazy supporters, to the extent that they were willing to give their lives up for him.

Yue Zhong lightly smiled before giving the same terms he gave Wen Baoguo: “I can gift you 1 ton of rations as a sign of our friendship. However, the remainder will have to be matched by items that are suitable and to my liking, otherwise, no deal.”

Peng Mingde immediately laughed and responded graciously: “Since this is the case, then let me gift to you the Rolls Royce and the beauty Xiao Shishi as a sign of our friendship as well. I hope we can always be friends.”

Yue Zhong looked at Peng Mingde and laughed lightly: “Mm! I hope we’ll always be friends!”

Peng Mingde was indeed extremely capable. Yue Zhong could not help but have a good impression of him. However even if the father was a hero, the son was a bastard. Just based on the aspect of his upbringing of his kid, it cost him some points with Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong brought the Rolls Royce and Xiao Shishi that Peng Mingde presented him and headed towards Wen Baoguo’s villa, before leaving with his entire party.

At a nearby river, there was a group of survivors gathered together, looking towards the river with a look of greed. Right beside the river, the water was full of nutrients. There were countless thick Mutated Vegetables growing, even abundant aquatic life was showing in the waters.

Although the river seemed to be flourishing with food, few people were willing to go there and gather food. Only when they were starved beyond belief and had no options, would some pale and weak women brave the danger to pluck some of the vegetation at the outskirts. There were some who were under the control of SY County, and if they didn’t go look for food, those who were waiting for them would definitely be killed.

TN: These 2 paragraphs don’t seem to make sense.

Dedition: He’s trying to say that the river looks beautiful and bountiful (1st paragraph), but it is in fact misleading and dangerous and that some of the people there are, in reality, forced to be there (2nd paragraph).

Zhang He carefully climbed out from the water, in his hands, he had a few river prawns that were the size of his fingers, as well as a heap of shellfish and mussels. He knew there was a shoal nearby, and the Mutant Beasts inside the water seldom appeared there. However, nothing was for certain, he had witnessed his partner being torn apart by a Mutant Beast just 3 days ago, and fresh blood had dyed the shoal. He could vividly recall the despair and fear of his friend when he was torn in two. His friend was only 11, Zhang He himself, 12.

Zhang He looked at the few river prawns and heaved a sigh of relief, these river prawns could be exchanged for one or 2 jin of cornmeal, which could feed him, his brother and sister for one or two full meals.

Zhang He looked towards his left and right, before keeping the river prawns inside a plastic bag, and hid it in his clothes. He took the mussels and shellfish and placed them in another plastic bag, before digging up some wild vegetation that could be eaten, before walking towards the exit.

“You, come over here and pay your taxes!!” A middle aged man in uniform saw Zhang He approaching from the riverside and called out to him with a wooden expression.

Right beside the man in uniform, there were 7 burly men. All those who tried to make a living from the riverside had to pay them taxes, otherwise they would receive a beating, and if they were beaten to death, they would be thrown into the river to be fed to those monsters.

6 extremely frail looking women helplessly presented their spoils to these tax officials. Even after being skimmed by them once, they would still be skimmed another time by the other underground societies as protection fees.

Zhang He walked towards them frigidly, as he handed them the plastic bag filled with the mussels, shellfish and wild vegetation.

“These are yours! You can go!” After taking over half of the items in the plastic bag and throwing them into a basket, he threw the plastic bag with the remaining items back to Zhang He.

Zhang He received the bag that was reduced one, and wanted to turn around to leave.

“Wait a minute!!” The tax officer seemed to have suddenly thought of something, as he grabbed onto Zhang He, and ordered the 7 burly men: “Hold him down!”

Dedition: You need 7 big guys to hold down a 12 year old?

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