God and Devil World

Chapter 25: News of Gathering

Chapter 25: News of Gathering

After a while things moved and a voice sounded inside, and then room 604 door opened wide. A girl with a pony tail, tiny chest, and full of youthful vitality was a cute girl about 15 years old.

Lu Wen saw Yue, and threw herself into his arms and cried out: “Big brother Yue! I knew you would save me!”

Yue patted Lu Wen’s shoulders and asked, “Aunt and uncle Lu?”

Lu Wen is Yue tutoring student. Although usually Lu Wen is very mischievous, but the two get along well overall. Lu Wen’s parents also look after Yue, and never owed wages. Thanks to a good salary of a home tutor, Yue can live a quiet college life, and do not need to look for other jobs.

Lu Wen raised her teary face, and said: “I called their phones, but nobody answered.”

Lu Wen was so adorable, compared with the usual naughty little witch is completely different.

When the world changed, most people have been turned into zombies. Lu Wen was hiding inside looking out the window at people being bitten by zombies. The phone calls couldn’t get through, and no one picked up the calls, so she was very afraid and helpless. Now seeing Yue, her heart calm down slightly.

Yue quickly said: “You should come with me immediately. This is not a place to stay for long term.”

“Big brother Yue, wait for me. I will come immediately.” Lu Wen quickly went to her room to get her backpack, put on a baseball cap, and wore her sneakers. Then ran to Yue’s side.

“Let’s go!” Yue did not say much, then with Lu Wen rushed downstairs.

After rushing downstairs, the two got on the school bus, then Yue said to Chen Yao: “Now get out of here. Go back to your apartment!”

At this point Chi Yang and Ji Qing Wu have cleared the surrounding area and returned to the bus. Chen Yao started the school bus without saying anything, then sped away, running over countless zombies to head home.

Yue after getting on the bus, took a look inside, did not find the girl bitten by the S1 zombie. He did not know if she had already become a zombie and was killed by Chi Yang or Ji Qing Wu.

The ride back was without incident, this time they smoothly returned to Chen Yao’s home.

“Good news! Long Hai city has established an enclave of survivors. The survivors nearby have gone there.” Back home, immediately Wang Fang excitedly said to Yue and his party.

“Very good!”

“Very good!”

“Now, we are saved!”

Listening to Wang Fang’s words, the dark clouds that hung over everyone’s hearts have dispersed, and their hearts are filled with joy, Yue was no exception.

After the world changed, everyone’s hearts was filled with confusion. Fear and anxiety lingers in all their hearts.

Despite the usual complaints about the Government, in such despair, hearing the official news is undoubtedly an invigoration to them. A strong institution capable of maintaining order and allowing them live a quiet and orderly life, they would not have to lead such a precarious existence.

After the great news, Yue immediately asked Wang Fang: “How do you know this news?”

Wang proudly took out a radio to show off: “I heard the broadcasting on the radio.”

“The end of the occurred 2 days ago, Long Hai City, which was able to make that kind of response, this Mayor actually has some capability.” Yue quietly thought.

The Chinese Government efficiency is obvious, within two days they are able to reassure the public, and prepare the enclave for survivors. Long Hai City Mayor’s capability was far beyond Yue’s imagination.

Wang Fang said to Yue, while looking forward to his reaction: “Yue, how about we go to Long Hai City now?”

Listening to Wang Fang’s words, all eyes in the room fell on Yue. Without the help of Yue, their probability of reaching Long Hai City was very small. In the room most of them wanted to immediately leave to Long Hai City.

Yue frowned, in a deep voice said: “No! Going to Long Hai City is no problem, but I want to be prepared. Weapons, supplies, and vehicles are necessary. Without them, I’m not going to Long Hai City. Anyone that want to go, can go, I will not stop.”

Ji Qing Wu looked at everyone, and lightly said: “Yue is right, before we are prepared, reaching Long Hai City will be difficult.”

The school bus after several collisions, is banged up, and does not know when it would break down.

With one S1 zombie Yue can handle. If at the same time they encountered several S1 zombies, L1 zombies, or even other special zombies, the team simply can not resist.

Wang Fang with an embarrassed laugh: “I just suggested, since you feel that it is inappropriate, then forget it.”

Yue took out the Minor Injury Healing skill book and handed it to Lu Wen: “Lu Wen, immediately learn this skill book.”

“Okay!” Lu Wen nodded and took the skill book, with a thought, the skill book turned into a white light and entered her body.

Yue asked: “How is it?”

“Good!” Lu Wen nodded.

Yue brought Lu Wen over to Zhang Xuan and said: “You go help Zhang Xuan treats her injuries.”

Zhang Xuan rolled up her pant leg, revealing a swollen calf.

Lu Wen reached out and touched Zhang Xuan then swollen calf, a white flash of light from her hands flew out into the calf of Zhang Xuan.

Under that white light’s effect, Zhang Xuan swollen calf returned back to normal even the naked eye can see.

When the light disappeared, Lu Wen quickly went over to Yue, gave me a sweet smile and said: “Good. But I’m so tired.”

Yue took out a lollipop and handed it to Lu Wen: “Candy.”

Lu Wen took the lollipop and with a mischievous smile said: “Big brother Yue, you are like a strange uncle.” (Translator Note: She is basically saying he resembles a pedophile lol)

In a safe place, Lu Wen had also recovered some of her personality.

Yue shook his head and looked at the lively Lu Wen, the worries eased from his mind a bit. Since the end of the world, he has been under enormous pressure. Fearing the unknown, he can only choose to get stronger. Just so he can get a little sense of security.

Yue walked to the front of Zhang Xuan and asked: “How is the result?”

Zhang Xuan felt her feet, then stood up, her eyes filled with joy: “Great! My injury is completely healed.”

Yue seeing Zhang Xuan joyful look, a glimmer appeared in his eyes, this ability to cure minor injuries was far beyond his expectations.

The battles will be more severe in the future, what will happen nobody knows. With this skill to treat minor injuries, in the future his team will be able to get stronger.

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