God and Devil World

Chapter 24: Infected

Chapter 24: Infected

The 2 other S1 zombies also enter through the broken windows, one zombie lunging towards Chen Yao, while the other zombie heading directly towards the group of girls.

Ji Qian Wu, who had been sitting beside Chen Yao when the S1 zombies broke through the windows, had activated her skill High Speed. Then, a sword slash with a mysterious trajectory cut into the S1 zombie’s body, completely cutting it into 2, causing foul blood to be splattered.

The last S1 zombie jumped into the group of girls, immediately causing a huge panic. The 6 girls were wailing and trying to escape to the surrounding area.

The S1 zombie opened it’s hand and caught a petite girl, then opened it’s mouth and bit the girl in the neck.

“Ah! ! ! Save me! Help me!”

The girl’s eyes were filled with fear, sending out a shrill, screaming sound.

The rest of the girls, upon seeing the S1 zombie, all fled and hid and had now let out screams of fear.

The S1 zombie, after biting the girl it caught, moved like lightning, pouncing towards a cute, small girl with a round face.

“Help me! Help me!” The round-faced girl now screaming in fear, frantically tried to escape the cramped bus.

All the other girls retreated away from the round-faced girl; only Chi Yang with a calm face holding the novice staff was ready to take on the S1 zombie.

The S1 zombie, seeing Chi Yang charging forward, released the round-faced girl. The zombie pounced at Chi Yang as if it were a cheetah, with a claw swiping at Chi Yang’s head.

The S1 zombie’s speed was too fast; Chi Yang’s level was too low, it was impossible to avoid the attack of the S1 zombie. His eyes flashed with a cold light; he swung the novice staff, smashing it against the zombie’s body.

Seeing that Chi Yang would be caught, a shadow flashed by, a sword filled with a cold light slashed at the zombie’s head. One slash, decapitating the head and sending it flying with blood, splattering.

Yue Zhong with a kick, sent the zombie’s body flying a few meters away, smashing against the bus wall.

Just after killing the 3 S1 zombies, the school bus had crashed into a nearby clothing shop.

Along with the numerous sounds of shattered glass, the entire school bus rocked and then came to a stop.

When the S1 zombie rushed towards Chen Yao, she was frightened and panicked, so she could not control the school bus.

Everyone on the school bus lost their balance because of the collision, with 3 girls hitting the seats and knocking out.

Yue Zhong with a roar, shouted: “Quickly drive. Chen Yao!”

Countless zombies were surrounding the school bus. If they were completely surrounded then they all would die without a grave.

Chen Yao was also aware of the danger, suppressing the discomfort after the impact, immediately reversed out from the clothing store and accelerated towards the Garden District.

Yue Zhong then quickly pulls out a rope from his backpack, then ties up the girl that was bitten by the S1 zombie.

The girl cried out in fear: “Yue Zhong, what are you doing? Why did you tie me up? I am hurt, you need to save me.”

The people that were not knocked out were looking at the girl’s neck with pity in their eyes.

Yue Zhong watched the girl and slowly said: “All those bitten by the zombies will be infected and becomes zombies. You only have 20 minutes left.”

Those infected cannot be cured, this is the most brutal fact when fighting against zombies. If caught by a zombie, even just a scratch can turn you into a zombie. This was why people feared fighting against zombies.

Immediately executing an infected person, this is the most sensible approach. But the world just changed, Yue Zhong could not immediately kill a person who did not turned into a zombie yet.

The girl hearing what Yue Zhong said, pleaded with a loud cry: “Help me! Please, help me! I don’t want to die!”

Seeing the girl cried out in a loud voice, the rest of the girl were fearful and sympathetic, but no one dared to go near her.

Yue slowly said to the girl: “I’m sorry, I’m not able to help you!”

“I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!” Know that that she will die 20 minutes later cause her to have a mental breakdown. She loudly wailed, her mouth just muttering the phrase.

Yue Zhong turned and walked towards the bodies of the 3 S1 zombies.

The 3 S1 zombies only dropped a skill book, 7 treasure boxes and 3 Survival Coins worth 50.

“Level 1 Skill Book, Minor Injury Healing. Using this skill can cure the patients who suffered minor injuries. Each usage will consume 4 MP.”

Yue Zhong took the “Minor Injury Healing” skill book, then hesitated a bit. This skill book is a healing skill. Currently the hospitals are deserted, even a minor injuries can claim a person’s life. Having this healing skill, he can deal with more emergencies. But then he will be missing a powerful fighting skill.

Yue Zhong with a slight smile tossed the skill book to Ji Qing Wu: “Ji Qing Wu, do you want this skill book?”

Ji Qing Wu took a look at the skill book, then tossed it back to Yue: “Don’t need it!”

The other people are watching Yue Zhong with hope in their eyes. They already know that a skill book represent a kind of ability. The world has changed, but one thing has not changed, the people with abilities can live better, while those without abilities cannot even afford to protect their own lives.

Under the stares of the others, Yue Zhong put the skill book in his backpack. Each skill book is extremely rare, he will only give the skill books to people who he believes can become his teammate.

Yue Zhong then began to open the white treasure boxes.

White lights flashing, 5 of the treasure boxes were empty, the last 2 treasure boxes dropped 2 pairs of 1st Degree Enhanced Footwear, Agility +3. The 2 pairs of Enhanced Footwear were given to Chi Yang and Ji Qing Wu.

The school bus soon arrived at the Garden District.

Even though there were many people in the building, the majority of them were in their office, there were not many zombies outside.

“Chi Yang, Ji Qing Wu. I’ll leave these zombies to you guys.” After saying this, Yue quickly rushed towards the stairs.

Chi Yang and Ji Qing Wu, the duo escorted the girl that was bitten off the school bus, and started killing the zombies roaming around the building.

Yue Zhong and White Bones arrived at a floor in the building, then killed 7 zombies blocking their way while heading towards room 604 in the building.

Yue Zhong constantly knocked on the door of room 604 and loudly yelled: “Lu Wen! Are you alive? It’s Yue Zhong!”

“I’m alive! Big brother Yue, don’t leave!” Soon from inside room 604 came the surprise cry of a girl.

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