God and Devil World

Chapter 23: Chi Yang

Chapter 23: Chi Yang

Soon, the dormitory’s door opened wide, Chi Yang holding the novice staff quickly walked out.

“Yue, you’re still alive!”

Yue watched Chi Yang, a slight smile on his face, took a step forward and punch Chi Yang in the shoulder.

Chi Yang, with a handsome face and trace of a smile, looked at Yue:

“Yue buddy, thank you very much!”

“It’s Yue Zhong? Long time no see, I’m Zhang Xin, do you remember me? Just then from inside the dormitory, a pretty girl with long black hair and oval face walked out. With laughter towards Yue.

Yue looked at Zhang Xin, softly said: “Zhang Xin, hello!”

Chi Yang is handsome, very studious, is also very athletic, was pursuit by many girls in high school. According to Yue’s knowledge, Chi Yang once had 10 girls confessed to him, and 2 girls pursuing him went from Lei Jiang city to the university. Zhang Xin was one of those 2 girls.

Even after entering college, Chi Yang popularity with girls did not decrease. But being friends with Chi Yang, Yue knows that Chi Yang did not like any girls at his side.

Soon from the dormitory 5 girls came out.

“Let’s go! This is no place to talk!” Yue said this, then immediately rushed downstairs.

Chi Yang took up the rear guard to protect the 6 girls.

Yue and White Bones quickly rushed downstairs and saw in front of the school bus, was Ji Qing Wu struggling to kill all the zombies that attempted to get close to the school bus. More than 10 zombies was killed by her Imitation Tang Sword.

But more zombies were coming over, giving people a sense of hopelessness.

With the advancing zombies, under pressure, Ji Qing Wu killed the zombies while constantly retreating, trying to buy time.

Yue seeing this, together with White Bones, rushed forward to kill the zombies that were approaching, temporarily stopping the advancing zombies.

Chi Yang along with the 6 girls quickly rushed into the school bus.

“We are good! Yue!” After everyone got on the school bus, Chi Yang immediately shouted toward Yue.

“Retreat!” Yue looked over at Ji Qing Wu and said. Then along with White Bones quickly rushed toward the school bus.

Ji Qing Wu conveniently decapitate another zombie, then immediately rushed to the school bus.

Chen Yao quickly start the school bus and accelerated out the campus.

On the street, the school bus continuously running over the zombies, sending some of them flying, causing the school bus to constantly shakes.

“Where are we going?” Sitting in the driver seat, Chen Yao stared ahead and asked Yue.

Yue quickly replied: “Go to the Lake District’s gas station.”

Yue looked over at Chi Yang and asked: “Chi Yang, what level are you?”

The Eyes of Perception can discern information of monsters up to 5 levels higher, but can not see human information.

Chi Yang immediately replied: “Level 4!”

Yue took out the level 1 skill book Overwhelming Power and threw it to Chi Yang: “Take a look at the skill book and see if you can use it or not.”

Chi took the skill book and glance at it, then threw it back to Yue: “Not suitable for me!”

Yue took the 1st Degree Protective Garment and threw it to Chi Yang: “Put on this Protective Garment.”

Items that dropped from the zombies are adaptable, it can automatically transform to suit the wearer’s body.

Chi Yang quickly put on the 1st Degree Protective Garment that previously worn by Yue, his increase in power was not small.

At the time that Chi Yang was putting on the protective garment, Yue quickly open up the 2 white treasure box. One of the box released a white light and then disappeared. Out of the other box came a silver shield.

“1st Degree White Shield, able to withstand the attack of monsters level 15 and below. Power +1. Durability 20/20.”

Yue grabbed the shield and waved it around a couple times, finding that it was not heavy, weighing only a few pounds, is a defensive weapon.

“Chi Yang, take this shield.”

Yue threw the shield to Chi Yang. Yue have the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, so he did not need the shield.

Chi Yang accepted the shield, did not say anything. He is not a man of many words, but he is Yue most trusted best friend. When they were young, Chi Yang and Yue holding iron bars once fought with 8 well known hoodlums. That experience is the most dangerous fighting of their life. If the cops did not arrived quickly, they would have been dead.

Yue took a look at the 6 girls, and asked Chi Yang in a low voice: “Is one of them your girlfriend?”

Yue asked Chi Yang softly, but the 6 girls that accompany Chi Yang, pricked up their ear to listen.

Of the 6 girls, the face of Zhang Xin and Wang Qian were most pretty and graceful. The 2 of them were the ones pursuing Chi Yang.

Chi Yang firmly said: “No!”

If he didn’t like then he didn’t like, he was never ambiguous .

Hearing what Chi Yang said, the 6 girl’s eyes were gloomy.

The school bus speeding forward, hitting countless zombies, soon arrived at the Lake District gas station.

At this moment in the gas station, there were no other vehicles, only a few zombies wandering around.

Yue and his party quickly got off the school bus, and cleared the zombies around the gas station.

After putting on the protective garment. Chi Yang holding his novice staff on one hand, and the shield on the other hand, very calm and careful, started killing the zombies.

After filling up, Yue and his party quickly got back on the bus.

“Where are we going next? Chen Yao after starting the school bus, running over some zombies, asked Yue.

Yue quickly replied:

“Jin Hu road! Garden District.

The school bus ran over countless zombies finally arrived at Jin Hu road.

Jin Hu road is an extremely busy road, with a lot of zombies now occupying it. The school bus just entered Jin Hu road, when countless zombies quickly poured over.

Whenever there was a collision, the zombies were sent flying, but in that group of zombies, there were 3 zombies that suddenly leapt on top of the school bus.

“S1 zombie, this place have 3 S1 zombies.”

Yue was shaken up, and loudly shouted: “Everyone be careful!”

Yue just having said this, with a huge bang, in an instant 3 school bus windows were shatter, 3 cyan figure leapt in the window.

“Shadow Steps, activate!” In that moment that the windows shattered, Yue eyes flashed with a light, activated the Shadow Steps skill, press down on his feet, a ghost like zombie head appeared before Yue, with one slash cut off the head of the S1 zombie.

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