God and Devil World

Chapter 22: Shadow Steps Skill

Chapter 22: Shadow Steps Skill

“Okay!” Ji Qing Wu glance at the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, with no objection. The main effort to kill the L1 zombie was Yue and White Bones, also Ji Qing Wu did not want to clash with Yue over the 2nd Degree Protective Garment.

Yue opened a white treasure box, a white light flashed, the white treasure box soon disappear leaving nothing behind.

“This treasure box actually have nothing?” Yue frowned, and quietly thought.

Yue did not hesitate to open another white treasure box, a light flashing, an Imitation Tang Sword appeared in front of him.

Ji Qing Wu saw the Imitation Tang Sword, her eyes flashed with a hint of desire, took the sword in hand, loving the sword and not letting it go: This Imitation Tang Sword, I want it!”

Ji Qing Wu has long envy the Imitation Tang Sword in Yue’s hand, if she had the right weapon, she would not have been that helpless against the L1 zombie.

“Good!”! Yue had no objection. Ji Qing Wu with that exquisite swordsmanship, and Imitation Tang Sword in hand, will increase her battle potential at least doubled.

Ji Qing Wu caress the hand of the sword, sees the Life Coins but did not look at the survival skills book one:

“I just ant this Imitation Tang Sword, others are owned by You.

– “Okay!

Yue put his items into the backpack, and promptly switch to the 2nd Degree Protective Garment.

“We are here!” The school bus stopped at the girl’s dormitory, Chen Yao shouted.

“Lets go!” Yue without any hesitation, and with White Bones rushed out of the open door.

Yue just got off, in front of the dormitory was over 20 zombies heading their way.

White Bones led the way, holding the axe like a whirlwind rushed into the group of zombies, axe flying, a zombie head flew high, none of the zombies were a match for White Bones.

After Yue put on the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, his stats are comparable to White Bones, he also immediately rushed into the fray of zombies.

Joining the fray, Yue was sprinting like a ghost in the midst of zombie swarm, with a wave of his hand, cut off a zombie head.

“So amazing! He is so much stronger than yesterday.” Inside the school bus, Chen Yao watched Yue, full of surprised thoughts.

“When will I be able to become as strong as him?”

Wang Shuang see one man one skeleton fighting amidst the group of zombies, seeing Yue beheaded a zombie, his eyes full of envy.

Ji Qing Wu soon joined the fray, the more than 20 zombies that occupied the front of the girl’s dormitory was soon annihilated by the trio.

“Chi Yang, where are you, I am Yue Zhong!” Slaying all the zombies in front of the girl’s dormitory, Yue loudly shouted.

Inside dorm 206 of the girl’s dormitory, a tall and very handsome looking guy heard Yue’s word, his eyes lit up, briskly rushed towards the window and loudly shouted: “Yue, I am in dorm 206.”

“Ji Qing Wu, I leave this place to you.” Yue saying the sentence, then rushed into the girl’s dormitory with White Bones.

The sound from the school bus was very loud, the surrounding zombies were attracted to it. If no one stay to protect the bus, it would soon be surrounded by zombies.

After leaving Ji Qing Wu, Yue and White Bones quickly rushed towards the stairs.

Killing 6 zombies that blocked their way, Yue and White Bones rushed up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Just at this moment, a diminutive, blue-gray skin zombie like a ghost rushed toward Yue, a claw aiming for his body.

Yue use all his power to jump back, then rolling down the stairs.

“So fast!” Yue quickly stood up, filled with horror. The zombie speed was much faster compare to him before he put on the 2nd Degree Protective Garment. The zombie speed is too fast, if he did not wear the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, he wouldn’t be able to react in time.

“Power Evolved Infected Being S1 Level 10. It has frightening speed. Skill Viral Infection, the infection can turn life forms into infected being.

A strike that force Yue to retreat, the ghost like S1 zombie soon entangled with White Bones.

The S1 zombie is very fast, a claw gripping White Bones body, removed a piece of bone from White Bones body.

The body of White Bones is made from bones, with no armor covering the body, the bones can be easily remove.

White Bones left hand swinging the axe, but it did not cut that extremely fast S1 zombie.

Yue quickly shot toward the zombie like a fast arrow.

After several steps Yue was standing in front of the S1 zombie, a sword with a cold light slashing toward the zombie.

The S1 moved it body slightly to the right, evaded Yue killing strike, then swung a vicious claw toward Yue.

A light flashing in Yue eyes, ruthlessly kick the zombie in the body, sending the zombie flying a few yard away.

White Bones took the opportunity and stepped forward, an axe swinging toward the zombie.

The S1 zombie as if a monkey, quickly twisted its body, evading the strike from White Bones.

Yue took the opportunity to cut the S1 zombie.

The zombie was in mid-air, unable to dodge, Yue’s sword cut off the zombie’s head, foul blood splattering everywhere.

After decapitating the zombie, Yue was out of breath. if he did not have the protection from the 2nd Degree Protective Garment, when fighting the S1 zombie he would have gotten infected.

After killing the S1 zombie, a white ball of light flew from the zombie body into Yue’s body.

While on the ground a skill book and 2 treasure chest dropped.

“You have been promoted to level 9, please assign the 2 stats points.”

After the while ball of light went into his body, that sweet message sounded in his head.

“Distribute 1 point to Agility, 1 point to Stamina.” Yue quickly distributed.

“Level 2 Skill Book, Shadow Steps! After activating Shadow Steps, within 30 seconds, Agility +30. Using this skill will consume 15 Stamina points. Cool down time, none.

Yue without any hesitation, “This skill is very suitable for me!”, with this thought in his mind, the skill book soon turned into black light and enter his body. The black light condensed in his body becoming like lingering smoke that resemble a rune.

Yue put the remaining 2 white treasure box into his backpack, continue to rushed up to the 2nd floor.

Zhong Hai University is a first rate university, the students dorms are the standard 4 rooms. Each floor with 10 dorms. The number of zombies on each floor is not many, and soon was cleared up by Yue and White Bones.

“Chi Yang, I’m here, open the door!” Yue after killing the zombies, went to the dorm 206 and shouted inside.

1: The Chinese character say power when describing the zombie, maybe a typo from the author. I’m not sure since it’s an agility base zombie lol

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