God and Devil World

Chapter 21: 2nd Degree Protective Garment

Chapter 21: 2nd Degree Protective Garment

Yue glanced at the girl with short hair said: ” What’s your name?”

“My name is Chen Qing!” The short hair girl quickly replied.

Yue told her: “Okay! I will take you with me. Where is Chi Yang?”

Chen Qing then said: “He is at the girls dormitory. When the world changed, he protected Wang Qian and Zhang Xin to retreat to the dormitory.

“Good, you will go with me.” Yue hearing the information quickly walked out the door.

Chen Qing quickly followed behind Yue.

Hesitating for a bit, the guy with glasses and the rest did not follow Yue.

Yue have made it clear that he cannot always protect them, they also did not want to leave the small supermarket.

Yue and Chen Qing just left the small supermarket immediately frowned, he saw Ji Qing Wu fighting with 8 zombies. Among the 8 zombies there was one that was 2 meter tall and massive, with speed comparable to the average person, did not feel like the slow zombies.

“Power Evolved Infected Being L1 Level 10. With greater power and steel-like skin. Skill Viral Infection, the infection can turn life forms into infected being.

Yue frowned, “Not good.” shouted loudly to Ji Qing Wu: “Ji Qing Wu, be careful. That guy is a level 10 power-type monster!”

Ji Qing Wu with the novice staff strike at the zombies head like the quick strike of a snake, causing those zombies head to be twisted to the side. Then quickly rushed toward the L1 zombie, striking at the L1 zombie neck.

This strike normally would break the neck of the average zombie, but when it striked the neck of the L1 zombie, its head just shook a bit.

That massive L1 zombie opened his giant hand and chopped at Ji Qing Wu.

The distance between the L1 zombie and Ji Qing Wu was too close, even with Ji Qing Wu agility and speed would be unable to avoid.

Seeing Chi Qing Wu certain death, when she suddenly between the short distance, explode twice as fast and leapt backward, evading the zombie killing blow.

“I reckon this is Ji Qing Wu skill.” Yue thought, then rushed toward the L1 zombie.

After evading that killing blow by the zombie, Ji Qing Wu maintain her crazy speed while continuing to strike the zombie in the head.

The L1 zombie defence is far beyond Ji Qing Wu imagination, its head have been smashed dozens of by Ji Qing Wu but still without any damage. But waving its claw around, it still could not catch Ji Qing Wu.

White Bones like an arrow shot towards the zombie, holding the axe it strike the L1 zombie like a cyclone.

The zombie hold up its right arm to block.

White Bones power is far greater than Ji Qing Wu, and his axe was extremely sharp. The L1 zombie right arm was cut off by White Bones strike. White Bones then swing at the zombie’s neck, embedding his axe in it, but could not cut it off.

The L1 zombie vital point has been damage, and immediately began to rage, taking a step forward, threw a punch at the right arm of White Bones. The fist knocked the axe wielding right arm of White Bones.

“Such great power!” Seeing the scene made Yue tremble. After passing through the continuous strengthening, White Bones is physically very strong. The zombie with just one punch broke off White Bones arm, which is extremely terrifying. If the punch was thrown at a human body, it would immediately kill them.

“Wrap him up!” Yue order White Bones.

White Bones rushed forward, with its left hand grabbing the axe. Without a weapon, even White Bones is no match for the L1 zombie.

The zombie punched White Bones left arm.

At this time, Ji Qing Wu from the side rushed forward, striking the head of the L1 zombie. The blow causing the zombie body to be slightly crooked, causing the punch to miss.

Yue took the opportunity to charge forward, holding his sword high, severely slashing the top of the zombie neck.

Accompanied by a sound like 2 metal striking each other, under that Tang Sword slash, the L1 zombie was beheaded.

The L1 head fell to the ground, and immediately a big ball of light from the zombie’s body flew into Yue.

“You have been promoted to Level 8, please assign the 2 stats points.” The light entering Yue’s body, when the message sounded in his head.

“Assign 1 point to Stamina, 1 point to Agility!” Yue ordered.

Stamina allow Yue to be able to fight longer, while Agility can improve his reaction time, and overall speed.

If there are power-type zombies then there must be speed-type zombies. Yue need to be faster in order to cope with the evolved zombies in the future.

After being promoted to the next level, Yue looked at the L1 zombie’s body.

Close to the L1 zombie’s body was a skill book and a bronze treasure box, 2 white treasure boxes, and a black Life Coin with a value of 100.

Yue quickly picked up the skill book near the body.

“Level 1 Skill, Overwhelming Power! After using this ability, within 30 seconds, +10 Power. Using this skill will consume 5 Stamina points. Cool down time, none!”

Yue quickly grabbed all the items into his abdomen, then quickly rushed to the school bus.

Ji Qing Wu, White Bones, and Chen Qing also immediately follow behind him, onto the school bus.

Yue looked at Chen Qing and said: “Chen Qing, go to the passenger seat and show Chen Yao the way.”

Chen Qing went to the passenger seat and showed Chen Yao the way.

At this time Ji Qing Wu walked to Yue’s side and ask: “What kind of skill book is it?”

Yue throw the skill book to Ji Qing Wu and then ask: “Overwhelming Power. Do you need it?”

In the earlier battle, Ji Qing Wu also helped to fight the L1 zombie, Yue didn’t want to be greedy and not distribute the loots.

Ji Qing Wu looked at the skill book then threw it back to Yue: “I need a good sword. This skill is not suitable for me.”

The skill Overwhelming Power consume too much stamina, for Ji Qing Wu is too much of a burden. Using this skill, she might as well get a good sword. Earlier Ji Qing Wu could not damage the L1 zombie cause her weapon was too crappy.

Yue did not demur, immediately open the bronze treasure box. This is the first time he had seen a bronze treasure box.

Opening the bronze treasure box, a bronze color light flashed, a white protective garment appeared in front of Yue.

“2nd Degree Protective Garment, all stats +5. Able to withstand small caliber bullets and infections under level 20, 20 times. Durability 20/20.”

Yue seeing the 2nd Degree Protective Garment attributes, eyes lit up, immediately said: “I want this piece of equipment!”

1: The skill is actually Power Enhancement, but that sound so boring so I changed it to Overwhelming Power instead.

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