God and Devil World

Chapter 20: Searching For Chi Yang

Chapter 20: Searching For Chi Yang

Under the urging of Yue, beside Ji Qing Wu, the 4 girls took about 10 minutes before coming out, gathering together in the living room.

Yue staring at Ji Qing Wu with a deep voice said: “Ji Qing Wu, we are safe here for the time being. In accordance with the agreement between us, could you come with me to find my best friend today.”

Ji Qing Wu lightly said: “Yes!”

Yue also said: “How about you guys? Are you going to stay here or go and fight with me. We must make it clear in advance, today’s fighting will be more intense than yesterday.”

Other than Wang Shuang, the other girls were silent.

Fighting zombies with just a scratch will be infected and becomes one. Even men are don’t have the courage to fight, not to mention girls.

At the same time, Chen Yao eyes flashed with a firm decision: “I will fight with you. I also want to get stronger.”

Chen Yao, like ordinary girls is also afraid to fight zombies, but it was very clear to her, in this world the most capable person is relying on oneself. Even is there is a strong desire to depend on someone, must still show their worth.

Wang Fang blinking several time then said: “I will stay here to take care of Zhang Xuan. She is still not well, still need someone to look after her. Even if I went, I would just be a nuisance.”

Hesitating a bit, Cai Xiao also said: “I will also stay here and take care of Zhang Xuan.”

Yue then said: “Good! You have to shut the door, except us, absolutely cannot let anyone in.”

Finish talking Yue then strode out of the room.

Ji Qing Wu, Chen Yao, and Wang Shuang followed behind Yue and went out.

Accompanied by a loud sound of the engine, Chen Yao drove the school bus outside.

On the streets, the zombies is wandering everywhere, as a school bus is rushing through. Those zombies immediately staggered toward the school bus. As the zombies got near, af if like a tank, the school bus hit the zombies and sent them flying

Chen Yao while driving, to Yue said: “Yue, there is only half a tank of gas left.”

Yue asked: “Is enough left to reach Zhong Hai University then to the gas station in Jiang Nan?

Chen Yao confidently estimate: “There is no problem!”

Yue quickly said: “Then go to Zhong Hai University first.”

Chen Yao nodded and then drove the school bus toward Zhong Hai University.

Unlike Yun Hua University, Zhong Hai University is a first rate school in the nation, has turn out quite a few celebrities, is among the most famous universities.

Zhong Hai University is also extremely bustling, no matter what time it is, there are people coming and going in. So the number of zombies is several times as much than in other regions.

Chen Yao drove to this area, seeing numerous zombie swarm, the school bus is soon surrounded.

Upon hear the school bus engine, the zombies staggered over.

Chen Yao gritted her teeth, and drove through the zombies.

Those zombies one after another was run over. With a continuous stream of impacts. If it was an ordinary car, at this time it would have been blocked by the zombies and swallowed by the swarm.

Hitting countless number of zombies, the school bus finally arrived at Zhong Hai University.

Ji Qing Wu looked up at Yue asked: “Where is your best friend? The campus is so huge, do you know where he is?”

Yue quickly replied: “The library, swimming pool, the boy’s dormitory, the gym, and supermarket. If he is still alive, it should be in those 5 places.”

Wang Shuang curiously asked: “Yue, what is your best friend’s name?”

This is Zhong Hai University, compared to Yun Hua University has a lot more zombies. This place, even if it is Yue, entering it is a great deal of risk. Wang Shuang is envious of Yue’s best friend, having a friend like Yue that would risk his life to save him.

Yue with a chuckle: “His name is Chi Yang, is one of my best buddies.”

Between the conversation, Chen Yao have driven to the small supermarket in Zhong Hai University.

“You guys stay here. I will go take a look.” Yue said then quickly with White Bones rushed off.

Around the small supermarket was more than 10 zombies. They quickly head over and surround the duo.

Yue looked at the 10 plus zombies, then together with White Bones charged towards them.

At this time Yue was no longer like an ordinary boy that was full of fear when faced with the zombies in the dormitory. After continuous fighting and strengthening, Yue’s strength has greatly increased.

Yue and White Bones rushed into the group of zombies, immediately decapitates the zombies like they were blades of grass, easily clearing the zombies that got in their way.

At this moment elegant black hair flash by Yue’s side, it was Ji Qing Wu rushing into the group of zombies and began fighting.

The trio working together, quickly finished off the group of zombies.

Yue looking at Ji Qing Wu said: “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. Leave this place to me, you go take a look.”

Ji Qing Wu said, then rushed towards the zombies on the side.

Chen Yao driving the school bus have ran over a large number of zombies, but still a large number of zombies were heading towards the school bus. Ji Qing Wu must cleared up the zombies around the school bus, otherwise they will be surrounded.

Yue came to the small supermarket and loudly yelled: “Is somebody in there? Someone say something!”

From the supermarket, there came a surprise sound: “There are, there are people here. You are here to save us?”

Yue yelled in a loud voice: “Chi Yang, are you there? I am Yue Zhong.” Yue shouted twice in succession, but inside the supermarket there was no reply.

The supermarket’s door soon open, 4 men and 3 women came out from inside.

One guy wearing glasses, who appeared to be gentle asked Yue: “You are here to save us right?

Yue glanced at the 4 men and 3 women, said: “Sorry to disappoint you, I’m here to find my friend Chi Yang. If you want to get out of her, I can take you. But after getting out of here, you all have to depends on yourself in the future. There are zombies outside, you stay here and there are water and supplies to support you. But get out of here, just a question of food will make you crazy.”

Yue in order to live in this apocalyptic world have encounter many difficulty, if he brought these people with him, just worrying about their food issues will make it difficult for him already, don’t even mention trying to get stronger.

After listening to Yue’s cruel words, the seven people were dazed and confused.

But suddenly a girl with short hair said: “I know where Chi Yang is. I can tell you, but you have to take me with you.”

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