God and Devil World

Chapter 19: Wang Shuang Joins

Chapter 19: Wang Shuang Joins

Ji Qing Wu has not responded, but ask Yue: “Yue, why did you want to clear up all the zombies in the apartments?”

In the room, the others gaze turn to Yue.

Yue slowly said: “I believe that these zombies will evolve. Currently they are only level 1, but I think they will not always stay like this. If they continue to evolve, they will become more dangerous.”

If those zombies are only this at this level, so long as humans have a firm footing, they could easily completely destroy the zombies, and once more re-establish order.

Sun Yu looking a bit pale, retorted: “No way! In the TV shows, zombies are not like this? How can they evolve? ”

Sun Yu can see the world it is today. The streets are full of zombies, not even a shadow of the living. If those zombies evolve, then it would be difficult to destroy the zombies, and restore order.

Yue glimpse at Sun Yu, lightly said: “I have only stated my speculation, not necessarily the truth.”

Chen Yao interrupted, worryingly asked: “Yue, do you have to leave?”

The girls looked at Yue. They have seen Yue’s strength, without his protection, their future is bleak.

Even though there are a lot of supplies in the apartment, however, these supplies will one day run out. If Yue left, they will not know what their future will be like.

Yue look at Chen Yao, earnestly said: “I have to find my best friend. After finding my best friend, I want to go home for a bit. We can only stay together for a couple days.”

The girls in Chen Yao’s dorm were quite beautiful, especially Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu, they were the most beautiful at the school. For Yue, however, his best friend and his parents are the most important people, he cannot just stay here and protect these girls.

Hearing what Yue said, beside Ji Qing Wu, the girl’s eyes were dark, fill with a layer of haze.

At the same time, Wang Shuang who has been silent, suddenly said: “Yue, let me come with you! I want to follow you, whether it is to find your best friend or to go to your home. Maybe you need a person to drive! I can also do all kind of heavy physical work, the non-combat heavy physical work you can just give to me.”

Yue stare at Wang Shuang, asked: “Are you sure you want to follow me? My family lives in the southern city Nanning. From here is not close, I do not know what kind of danger we will encounter. As I said, if I guess correctly, those zombies should be evolving, above all do not know what kind of danger lurks.”

Those girls that were going to leave with Yue fell into silence, Nanning city is too far from here. What the world have become, no one know. They are not prepared to go through these danger.

Wang Shuang confidently said: “I decided to go with you.”

“Good!” Yue nodded in agreement, allowing Wang Shuang to join his team.

Yue also need someone to help drive the vehicles, carrying supplies, so that he is freed from the logistics and can concentrate on fighting.

“Wang Shuang and me. Are you going to let both of them follow you too?” Yue pointed at Chen Gang and Sun Yu, while asking Ji Qing Wu.

Ji Qing Wu glanced at the duo Chen Gang and Sun Yu, with that alluring voice emphatically said:

“Chen Gang and Sun Yu, you two are now safe. Would you take your supplies and leave.”

One more person, demands for supplies will be more pressure for others. Also the girls here are beautiful, the world have started to collapse, law and order no long applies, Ji Qing Wu was not sure if these boys are not perverted.

Sun Yu face paled, loudly shouted: “Why are you guys like this? My father is in charge of Jiang Nan district.”

Everyone raised their eyebrows, for this spoiled Sun Yu frown even more.

Wang Fang contemptuously smile, sarcastically said: “What about your father, tell him to sent someone to save you.”

“Come on Sun Yu!” Chen Gang shook his head, pulling Sun Yu, picked up 2 big bags of supplies, and walked outside. He did not want to stay here and be humiliated.

Reading Yue’s intent, White Bones took a step toward Sun Yu.

“Wait for me.” Sun Yu seeing White Bones wielding his axe, was frightened, immediately picked 2 big bags of supplies and ran out.

When Cheng Gang and Sun Yue just left, Cai Xiao step forward and shut the door tightly.

“Where am I sleeping tonight?” Yue ask Chen Yao as the door was tightly shut.

“Follow me.” Chen Yao looked at Yue and smiled sweetly, took him into the master bedroom.

Upon entering this master bedroom, one filled with faint fragrance, 6 or 7 stuff animals on the bed, neat and clean, the room full of femininity appeared before Yue’s eyes.

Chen Yao’s eyes flashed with coyness, looking at Yue said: “This is your bedroom.”

This was Chen Yao’s bedroom, this was the first time that she brought a boy into her room.

“White Bones, stay alert, don’t let anyone enter the room.” Yue issued a command, then lie on the big bed, and immediately fall asleep. Today he was too exhausted.

Chen Yao saw that Yue did not even take off his clothes and lay on her clean white bed, she felt slightly upset, but seeing White Bones coming over with his axe, she immediately left the room.

With the existence of the Special Skeleton, in this room, beside Ji Qing Wu, everyone was afraid.

At 7 o’clock the next morning, Yue lying on the bed opened his eyes, he always wake up everyday at 7 to exercise and to go to class.

“Sleep really is the most effective way to recover.” Yue opened his eyes, and saw that his stamina has been completely restored.

Yue opened the bedroom door, and step into the living room.

Above the couch in the living room, Wang Shuang was lying there fast asleep.

“Get up! I have something to say!” Yue immediately went to the other 2 rooms, knocking at the door while saying out loud.

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