God and Devil World

Chapter 26: Thugs

Chapter 26: Thugs

Yue looking at Ji Qing Wu asked: “Ji Qing Wu, I want to go to the police station to get some weapons, are you coming?”

It is a collaborative relationship between Yue and Ji Qing Wu. The 2 have already worked to together to save Chi Yang. Ji Qing Wu no longer owed him anything.

Although Yue has gotten a lot stronger, however, firearms are necessary weapons for him. Regardless if the enemies are zombies or people, firearms are very effective.

“I’m going!” Ji Qing Wu said, then turned and looked at Chen Yao, said: “Yao Yao, you should also go.”

Chen Yao inconsistent with her weak appearance, imposingly nodded “Yes!”

Yue quickly said: “Wang Shuang, Wen Wen, and Chi Yang, we are going!”

At the same time, Zhang Xuan plucked up the courage to say: “I want to go!”

Yue glanced at Zhang Xuan, thinking for a moment, then said: “You should stay here. For this operation, we can not take you.”

The operation this time is to get firearms and equipments, so it be must be brief. Zhang Xuan has no skill, so she would only be a burden.

Listening to Yue’s words, Zhang Xuan’s felt a pang of disappointment, silently returned to her seat.

Yue’s party quickly got on the school bus, and sped towards the police station.

When the school bus travelled on the road for a while, Yue saw over a dozen weirdly dress individuals, riding modified motorcycles, machete, and a baseball bat in hand. Their hair dyed yellow screaming in the street.

When the world changed in the late afternoon was when traffic flow at this road was little, so there aren’t many zombies. On this road, Yue did not see any zombies.

Those dozens men saw the bus, immediately drove their motorcycles after the bus.

Several modified motorcycles soon rushed ahead in front of the school bus, blocking the way.

“Stop! I said to stop!” A motorcycle rode along the side of the bus with a baseball bat and machete, while constantly banging and swearing at the sides of school bus.

Yue seeing Chen Dao slowing the school bus down, frowned and shouted: “Don’t stop, hit them. Hit them!”

Chen Yao loudly retorted: “No!” Someone will die! They are still alive, not zombies! I do not want to become a murderer!” Saying this, Chen Yao stepped on the brakes and stopped the bus.

It has only been 2 days since the end of the world, Chen Yao’s ideology has not changed. She has yet to experience the cruelty of this world, nor understand, the old order has collapsed. She did not hesitate to run over the zombies, but can not run over real live humans.

Seeing Chen Yao stopping the bus, Yue frowned. With an idea, he covered White Bones up with a large canvas.

When the school bus had stopped, those motorcycles also stopped and parked next to the school bus. Then 7 young men armed with machetes came over.

“Boss! These 3 chicks are fine.” A guy with dyed yellow hair, wearing nose rings, about 10 years old, and very rebellious looking teenager saw Lu Wen, Ji Qing Wu, and Chen Yao. In his eyes flashed a hint of lewdness. He said and licked his lips next to a man, 1.8 meter tall, fat, and armed with machetes.

The guy that appeared to be the leader looked at everyone, in a deep voice said: “I am the eldest of bikers, Wang Zhiguang! Put away your weapons and get out immediately, I have something to tell you.”

Chi yang and Yue, looked at each other, then looked at Chen Yao, both quietly put their weapons in their backpack.

Yue and Chi Yang both protecting Lu Wen, got off the bus.

Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu also walked out.

Getting off the school bus, over 10 gang members on motorcycles surrounded Yue’s group of 6.

At this moment came the roaring sound of the motorcycles. Those bikers only looked at Yue’s group, while laughing.

“That girl is good!”

“Looks like we will be able to have a good and pleasurable time. Damn, the office worker was no fun at all yesterday, I didn’t have enough fun before she jumped.”

“The three girls, which one do you prefer?”

“That little one! Delicate skin and soft flesh are most satisfying to play with!”


The bikers continues to check out the 3 girls without restrain. Bringing chills to Chen Yao and Lu Wen. Lu Wen can sense the malice in the eyes of these bikers. She was afraid and hid behind Yue. Although she is mischievous, but she know the severity of a dozen thugs armed with machetes. Fighting thugs with weapons is not easy.

Yue Zhong and Chi Yang eye each other, and just stood there quietly looking at the situation.

“What do you want?” Yue and Chi Yang did not say anything. This kind of quiet pressure made it hard for Chen Yao to breathe, so she could not help but said out loud.

A biker lewdly laugh and said: “Want you to lick big brother!”

“HA HA! ”

“HA HA! ”

That biker’s words had hardly faded, following came a sound of unbridled laughter.

Chen Yao with a flushed face loudly scold: “Scoundrel!”

“We are scoundrels! Wait a bit, big brother will let you know the benefits of big brother!! You will see if it is or isn’t!” One biker laughed out loud.

“Yes! Brothers will take turns to let you taste the benefits!! Or with 4 people together. HA HA HA!”

Those bikers continue to say obscenities to Chen Yao. Order have collapse, there are no police to arrest them, and they can indulged in their inner darkness.

Yue coldly stared at Chen Yao: “See, those are the people you want to protect.”

Chen Yao guilt by Yue, heart full of grieves, her eyes red, tears fell to the ground like Pearl.

Wang Zhiguang with lewdness flashing in his eyes, cried out in a loud voice: “You 3 girls! Now take off your clothes!”

“Take it off!”

“Take it off!”

Those biker gangs of thugs one by one, their eyes were covered in a layer of madness, cried out in a loud voice.

Under the roar of the biker mob that surrounded them, Lu Wen and Chen Yao hearts are filled with fear. Lu Wen tightly gripped Yue’s clothes. Since childhood, she have never seen such crazed people.

“Are you going to take it off or not! If we are not happy, when we are tired of you, we will chopped off your hands and feet to feed the zombies!” A young guy with crimson eyes, face twisted, oppressively said.

These biker gangs of thugs has taken a few lives, and in the collapse of order in the world, they have started to go wild and cruel.

“Big brother Yue!” Lu Wen was afraid and pulled on Yue’s clothes. The thugs were violent and frightened her.

Yue patted Lu Wen in comfort and said: “Don’t worry about it. I am here, they won’t be able to lay a finger on your hair.”

1: Wen Wen is just a nickname for Lu Wen

2: Yes, it said the kid look like a 10 years old.

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