God and Devil World

Chapter 16: Dispute

Chapter 16: Dispute

The school bus sped forward, running over countless number of zombies that got in the way.

Yue: “I’m not levelling. I cannot level when using a vehicle? Seems like it’s necessary to understand the rules on how to level up.”

Yue looked at the zombies that was knocked flying, there was even a zombie with its head smashed open from being run over. There was no ball of white light coming from the zombie’s corpses. Yue frowned and thought.

Originally, Yue was looking for strong heavy vehicles, such as Hummers, road rollers and other heavy duty vehicles that can can easily kill the zombies. But it now appears that the plan was wide off the mark.

The school bus quickly arrived at the small supermarket.

Yue: “Chen Yao you wait here, ready to start the car. Wang Fang, Cai Xiao you two come carry the supplies. Ji Qing Wu and I are responsible for being on guard.”

Yue quickly made the arrangement, then immediately jumped out of the bus.

Ji Qing Wu also very elegantly jumped down from the bus.

Wang Fang, Cai Xiao the two eye one another, rans down the bus toward the small supermarket.

Wang Fang: “Yue! The supermarket is blocked.”

Wang Fang and Cai Xiao prior to entering the small supermarket, found that the small supermarket was blocked with all kinds of debris.

Yue: “White Bones, break it here!” Y

Yue, just looked at the small supermarket then pointed his finger towards a pole in the corner.

White Bones swung his axe, the axe smashed the pole in the corner.

SOUND: “Bang! Bang!”

A very loud sound rang out, countless broken glass and dust fell down, revealing a big hole.

This small supermarket is surrounded by glass, could not withstand the force of destruction. Therefore, it was why Yue did not choose it as a stronghold until help come.

White Bones wielding his axe severely cut down a couple times, then around the small supermarket, the glass shattered all over the floor. The supermarket within was completely exposed to everyone eyes.

Chen Gang: “Yue, is it you?”

At the same time, there was a sound of surprise coming from Chen Gang in the supermarket. Chen Gang, Sun Yu, and Wang Shuang soon all three of them came out.

Sun Yu: “Ji Qing Wu! Hello, my name is Sun Yu, I am a 3rd year student.”

Seeing Ji Qing Wu, Sun Yu eyes lit up brightly, quickly stepped forward to introduce himself.

Ji Qing Wu look over Sun Yu, then lightly said:

Ji Qing Wu: “Hello!”

Chen Gang at this time come over to Yue’s side, looked at the school bus, very passionately sigh:

Chen Gang: “Yue, you really are amazing, actually brought the school bus here. With this, we can be sure to escape from the school.”

Yue ignored Chen Gang, but walked toward Cai Xiao and Wang Fang, with a deep voice ordered:

Yue: “Go get the supplies, giving priorities to water and food.”

Cai Xiao and Wang Fang, swiftly went into the supermarket and started to carry supplies.

Sun Yu seeing Yue ordered the two, took a step forward, accusing him:

Sun Yu: “Yue, you’re are not a gentleman! How can you allow the girls to do this kind of heavy labor. You are a man, shouldn’t you be more proactive to move the supplies? Now you get the girls to do this heavy labor, while resting here, don’t you know that is a disgrace?”

Wang Fang, Cai Xiao the 2 people immediately stopped, and looked at Yue.

Yue glanced at Wang Fang and Cai Xiao, dismissively said:

Yue: “This is our group’s business, you are an outsider and should shut up immediately. If they think what I’m doing is inappropriate, they can leave now, I will not stop them. Wang Fang, Cai Xiao, if you guys think that I was not right, then you can stay here and get along with the 3 of them. I definitely will not stop you.”

Cai Xiao with a contemptuous look at Sun Yu said:

Cai Xiao: “Sun Yu, you should shut up. Yue, in order to get us out, not know how many zombies he had to kill. He is also a person, and will get tired. We can’t fight against the zombie directly, but we can still do menial labor. If you have the skill, then go kill the zombies.”

Finish speaking, Cai Xiao strode into the supermarket and continues carrying supplies.

Wang Fang ridiculely look at Sun Yu, marched into the supermarket. In her view, Sun Yu in this world, if he did not changed from a spoiled child, would not survive for very long.

Chen Gang face paled, stared at Yue:

Chen Gang: “Yue, you do not mean to take us out of here with you?”

Yue looked at Chen Gang, coldly said:

Yue: “Of course, when I ask you if you are willing to help me get the school bus or stay here and wait for help. You do not want to wait here and wait for the military to rescue you? Then you can slowly wait for it. I think that the government should be able to send someone to rescue you, the survivors. This vehicle of mine is too small, not for too many people.”

Not wanting to contributes, not wanting to take risks but want to share the fruits of labor, those are the kind of people Yue hates the most. Especially Sun Yu, a spoiled child, did not understand this.

Sun Yu face was completely paled, shouted in a loud voice:

Sun Yu: “How can there be someone so selfish. Shouldn’t we be helping each other? If I want to get on, what are you going do? The school bus is not your, it is the school property.”

After finishing, Sun Yu ran toward the bus.

Yue immediately came forward, and slapped him in the face. Sun Yu fell to the ground with a swollen face.

Yue look at Sun Yu with disgust, with a deep voice shouted:

Yue: “There isn’t just one school bus, if you want a school bus, go get it from the mouth of those zombies. I took this school bus from the mouth of the zombies, you did not contributes anything. I’m not going to let you get on this bus, disappear!”

Along with Yue’s words, White Bones stepped forward with an axe like a thunder bolt cut down in front of Sun Yu, the strong wind from the axe scared Sun Yu, making his face white with fear.

Seeing White Bones beside Yue, Chen Gang, Wang Shuang, and Sun Yu are all afraid to say anything.

The current world have changed, calling the police no longer work, they will not be able to gain additional help.

Yue: “Ji Qing Wu, you watch them. I will go fight a fierce battle. Tell them to move quickly, we do not have much time.”

Yue eyed the trio, look over at Ji Qing Wu and said.

Already a group of zombies were heading over from the front of the school, drawn by the sound of the school bus engine, they staggered over.

Ji Qing Wu waved the novice staff in front of the trio, then said to Yue:

Ji Qing Wu: “Leave this place to me. You be careful.”

Afterwards, Yue and White Bones immediately rushed out from the school bus.

After charging in the group of zombies, Yue was like a tiger, with the Imitation Tang Sword in hand cut down the zombies head, beheading them one by one.

White Bones swinging his axe, killing zombies like he was harvesting vegetables, as if unhindered.

Balls of white light flow into White Bones and Yue body non-stop.

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