God and Devil World

Chapter 17: Stand Strong

Chapter 17: Stand Strong

Chen Gang: “So amazing, he is even stronger.”

Chen Gang eyesight is good, with a look he could tell that Yue was different than he was a couple hours ago, he was stronger.

Yue: “The Apple of Vitality!”

Yue killed 5 zombies, suddenly in front of him, from a zombie the Apple of Vitality dropped. He was overjoyed and quickly pick up the apple and put it in his pocket.

After killing 2 more zombies, Yue and White Bones retreated back.

The numbers of zombies was too great, the killing was endless. Even though they are strong, in reality there are only 2 of them, they cannot not stop the group of zombies for too long.

Yue: “Are you good?”

Yue quickly ran back to the school bus, toward Ji Qing Wu asked.

Ji Qing Wu pointed to the trio and looked at Yue said:

Ji Qing Wu: “Good! I let them 3 help move the supplies, in exchange, we will take them to a safe place.”

Yue took a look at the trio, seeing them carry a bunch of packages and putting them in the corner of the bus.

Seeing Yue get on the bus, the trio just looked at him not daring to say anything.

At this time on the school bus was filled with packages of various supplies.

Wang Fang and Cai Xiao were panting sitting in their seats, they have never done such heavy labor before.

Yue loudly said:

Yue: “Quickly, drive!”

Chen Yao stepped on the gas, the bus accelerated forward, running over all the zombies in front.

The school bus rushed out of the school, everyone seeing the scene on the street.

On the streets, everywhere was the rustling sound of the zombies, the cars that was not parked on the roadside, have crashed into the side of the shops.

Even some of the restaurant were on fire, the whole store lit, smokes rising toward the sky.

The school bus just got out of the school, soon there was a hordes of zombies staggering towards them. They were attracted by the sound of the school bus engine.

There was a strange glint in Chen Yao eyes, she fiercely drove the school bus towards the zombies and running them over. Sending the zombies flying everywhere.

Yue watching the hordes of zombies on the street and thought:

Yue: “Fortunately, we got the school bus, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get through.”

The wandering hordes of zombies are everywhere on the streets, even Yue and White Bones would not be able to get through the streets.

Chen Gang trio looked at the packed streets of zombies, in their hearts was filled with fear, as if the whole world was filled with zombies and no longer any people.

Before the people walking through the streets were like ants walking through, now besides the zombies were just more zombies.

Chen Yao drove the school bus sped all the way through, running over countless zombies heading into the Garden District.

Alteration of the world took place in the afternoon, at that time most of the people were not home in the Garden District.

Even at home, they were in their room, and few people would be outside.

Chen Yao after driving into the Garden District community ran over a bunch of zombies, then stopped at a block of apartments.

Opening the door, White Bones got out of the car, swinging his axe sent a zombie head flying.

Yue also got off, swinging his Tang sword, beheaded a zombie.

Ji Qing Wu: “Get off!”

Ji Qing Wu looking at the students on the bus and said.

The 4 girls and the trio very quickly got out of the bus.

Outside in this community there was not many zombies, only a few, and soon was killed by Yue, White Bones, and Ji Qing Wu.

The 7 students saw the trio easily getting rid of the zombies.

Yue: “Give me the keys!”

After getting rid of the zombies, Yue went over to Chen Yao, holding out his hand and said.

Chen Yao very quickly fished out the handful of keys and gave it to Yue.

After Yue got the keys, quickly opened the locked steel door of the apartments.

Right after the steel door opened, 4 zombies stagger toward them from inside the steel door.

The 7 students seeing the torn and bitten zombies, were too scared and took a step back. Almost no one does not know about Resident Evil, as long as they are bitten by a zombie, they would become one. They didn’t want to become a zombie.

White Bones wielding his axe like a whirlwind, charged towards the zombies, in a short moment beheaded 3 zombies and sending their head flying.

Yue body slightly bent, sword from the bottom up, directly beheading a zombie head and sent it flying.

Yue looked at everyone, said something, immediately rushed into the building with White Bones:

Yue: “Carry in the supplies, then go upstairs! I will go cleared out all the zombies. Quick, don’t dawdle. Ji Qing Wu, I leave their safety to you. Take the stairs.”

Ji Qing Wu: “Okay!”

Ji Qing Wu nodded in reply.

Chen Yao’s apartment was on the 5th floor. Yue and White Bones followed the stairs up, on each floor they quickly clean up the stairway of zombies.

After killing 12 zombies did they cleared the zombies from the stairway up to that floor.

Yue opened the door to Chen Yao’s apartment, then ordered White Bones:

Yue: “White Bones, immediately go upstairs, clear up the zombies you meet on each floor.”

Receiving Yue’s order, White Bones dragging his large axe, quickly ran upstairs, started clearing the zombies inside the building.

Yue then walked into the room, sat down on the sofa, breathing a big sigh, began to have a rest.

Today, fighting all the way, his body was very exhausted. If he was not strong-willed, he wouldn’t have been able to hold on. At this time his stamina has been reduced to 4 points, having sat down, he did not want to get up.

One after another, Chen Yao group quickly moved the supplies from the bus into the room.

After Chen Yao group entered, Yue just looked at them, without any movement, he was too exhausted, and couldn’t care about being a gentleman.

Soon under the effort of the group of 6 people carrying, the apartment quickly filled with a variety of supplies.

They continue moving the supplies till dark, soon the 7 finish moving all the supplies to the apartment.

After closing the door, all of them were really relieved.

Yue: “I will go search the building.”

With his stamina back up to 7 points, Yue stood up from the sofa, looked at Ji Qing Wu and said.

Ji Qing Wu: “You be careful!”

Ji Qing Wu said to Yue, she was also very tired, in need of a good rest.

Wang Fang: “Be careful!”

Wang Fang also said.

Yue nodded, quickly walked out.

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