God and Devil World

Chapter 15: Escape

Chapter 15: Escape

On the 4th floor of the dormitory, a girl watched as Yue guarding the 4 girls, departed. Eyes red, tears falling down, she covered her mouth to suppress herself from making too much noise.

Yue and Ji Qing Wu commotion cause when they entered the dormitory was loud. Seeing Yue bringing along a group of people to escape gave her a glimmer of hope to escape this zombies infested dormitory.

Yue departure, was equivalent to taking her hope to escape away, naturally she couldn’t bear it. If the conditions had allowed, she would have burst into tears.

“Kiki, don’t cry! He said will come back, did he?”

A long hair girl came over next to Lin Qi to comfort her.

Lin Qi said in a low voice:

“Zhang Li, but it’s so dangerous here, I’m afraid he will not come back.”

Zhang Li comfortingly said:

“Don’t worry, that guy name is Yue Zhong, I know him. He is a very trustworthy guy. He said he would come back, most likely will be back. Just need to patiently wait for him.”

Lin Qi curiously asked:

“Really? Zhang Li, you know him?”

Zhang Lie gave a chuckle:

“Of course, his jobs are introduced by me.”*1

“So tell me about him.”

Lin Qi pesteringly asked Zhang Lie. In this dangerous environment, she needed something new to distract her attention.

Zhang Li pulled Lin Qi over and whisper to her things she know about Yue. “Good!”

After departing the girl’s dormitory, Yue and White Bones wasted no time in heading towards the school bus.

The 4 girls following right behind him.

Yue and his party had just headed out, when the zombies immediately staggered towards them.

Looking at those faces, body bitten and torn zombies, the 4 girls were scared, making their legs weak. Reducing their speed.

Not everyone seeing that swarm of zombies can remain calm, if Yue hadn’t killed so many zombies, he definitely would not be so calm.

“Run faster! Don’t Stop!”

Ji Qing Wu shouted.

The zombies in front have been killed by Yue, but the pressure was greater for Ji Qing Wu, Guarding the 4 girls was not a simple task. If a zombie got past and the girls did not have the will to fight would be kill.

Hearing Ji Qing Wu shouted, the 4 girls were afraid to slow down, continue going forward.

When sprinting, all of a sudden Zhang Xuan accidentally stepped on a pebble and slipped, falling to the ground.

Wang Fang quickly stepped over Zhang Xuan, seeing Yue still running, chase after him. Surrounded by zombies, she didn’t want to put herself in a dangerous situation because Zhang Xuan.

“Help me, help me! I hurt my foot.”

Zhang Xuan struggled trying to stand up, while crying loudly, pleaded the women for help.

Chen Yao hesitated, then looked at Cai Xiao, both girls immediately went over to Zhang Xuan and helped her up, the trio move forward with difficulty.

“Thank you! Thank you, Chen Yao, Cai Xiao. ”

Zhang Xuan with a red nose, tears falling down said. Only in moment of crisis, can you see who is your true friend, and who’s fake.

Zhang Xuan weigh nearly 60 kilograms, with Chen Yao and Cai Xiao supporting her, the trio speed didn’t slow much. But after ten meters, they were already tired and out of breath.

“I’m here! You guys follow my skeleton! Quick!”

Yue returned from the front, and took Zhang Xuan from Chen Yao and Cai Xiao, in a deep voice said to them.

“You be careful.”

Chen Yao and Cai Xiao both heaved a sigh of relief, the 2 looked at Yue and said. Then the two of them ran after White Bones.

“Put this on, Then get on my back!”

Yue gave the backpack to Zhang Xuan, then turning his back to her and said.

Zhang Xuan quickly grabbed the backpack and then climb on Yue’s back.

Zhang Xuan just got on Yue’s back, when he felt his body heavily sank down. If his power had not been increased several times, with Zhang Xuan and the backpack full of supplies on his back, it would be very difficult to move.

“Hold on tight. If you fall down, there is nothing I can do.”

Finish saying that, Yue took a deep breath and rush straight towards the direction of the school bus.

Zhang Xuan holding Yue tightly, with the generous and warm back, she felt a sense of security in here heart:

“It would be nice if he was my boyfriend.”.

At this moment White Bones had been promoted to level 7, with his physical fitness 60% higher than an average person. It wielded the axe clearing the road of zombies, scattering the corpses everywhere.

Yue’s body having been strengthened several times, isn’t much slower than the girls, soon rushed inside the school bus.

After getting on the bus, Yue put Zhang Xuan aside, took out the keys and threw it at Chen Yao:

“Quickly drive!”

Zhang Xuan from Yue’s back sat down, suddenly in her heart felt a sense of loss.

“Got it.”

Chen Yao quickly put the car key in, then started the bus.

“The two of you, take care of Zhang Xuan.”

Yue looked at Cai Xiao and Wang Fang said. Then let sat on the school bus, breathing a long sigh of relief. A series of fierce fighting, his stamina is down to 6 points. He must seize every minutes to rest and recover his stamina, so he can cope with any possible battle.

Cai Xiao nodded and went over to Zhang Xuan, while Wang Fang just watched Zhang Xuan awkwardly. Just a moment ago at the moment of crisis, she did not stop to save her friend but rather chose to flee.

Ji Qing Wu sat directly across from Yue, holding out a small white hand, said:


Yue with a wry smile dug out from the backpack a Coke and gave it to Ji Qing WU.

“Where do we go now? Going to my house?”

After starting the car, Chen Yao looked at Yue and said.

“No! Go to the small supermarket ahead. We need to get supplies first, without supplies we cannot survive. Wang Fang, you come over here for a minute and explain the process of driving.”

Yue came near Chen Yao, looked at Wang Fang and said. He had to learn how to drive and operate a vehicle, so even if he was alone, he could drive a car and escape.


Wang Fang immediately was glad to go to went to Yue’s side, started to explained the role and use of of the apparatus.

In fact the hardest part of driving is the rules of the road. How to start the car, stop, accelerate, and braking are not difficult. Wang Fang saying all this, Yue started to understand a lot.

But of course, with Yue driving skills, would only a killer on the road. But he quickly learn how to start, stop, and brake.

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