God and Devil World

Chapter 14: Fleeing The Campus

Chapter 14: Fleeing The Campus

Listening to the word of Zhao Zhen, the heart of the five people were move, but the thought of a melee battle with zombie, everyone became silent. Close fighting was too dangerous, as long as the zombies scratched them, they would be infected and die. Real life and online games are different, people only have 1 life, if dead there is no more chance. There is no resurrection.

“Go back!”

Zhao Zhen hesitated for a long time, finally slowly said to the four others, and went into the Financial Office. Even though knowing the way to get stronger, but to gamble with his life, Zhao Zhen was not mentally prepared to do that.

The remaining 5 hesitated and then went into the Financial Office. If not cornered, few people would be willing to risk their lives to choose the path to become stronger.

Leaving the Financial Office, Yue began to fully speed towards the direction of the girl’s dormitory.

Group of zombies staggering around over toward the side.

Yue grasped the Imitation Tang Sword and broke through the zombie group, Even though he had no training in martial arts, but his agility, , no zombie could block him for a moment.

With the help of White Bones, Yue beheaded 7 zombies, broke through the surrounding zombies, and came back to the girl’s dormitory.

Yue climb up the rope and got back into the girl’s dorm.

“Yue, you’re back!”

Seeing Yue return, the cute baby face Zhang Xuan immediately stood up, with a delighted smile on her face.

In addition to Ji Qing Wu, the rest of the girls all smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Yue was not gone for too long, but under the threat of the zombies that surrounded them, there was no sense of security.

Ji Qing Wu also looked at Yue and then walked over, using those big gorgeous eyes to stared at him:

“Did you get the keys?”

“In my hand.”

Yue sat on one of the girl’s bed, took out a bottle of water and drank it.

Although Yue left for just a short time, but it was full of intense fighting and also rushed back. His stamina consumption was great..

“Lets go!”

When his stamina recovered to 9 points, Yue stood up and said to the 5 girls in the dorm.

Yue looked at the 4 girls, and said:

“When you guys get down on the ground, you need to stay behind me and Ji Qing Wu. Do not run around, and do not push or shove each other. I have to say this advance, if you run around, I will not be able to save you.”

Outside there was a large amount of zombies, if these girls ran into a group of zombies, Yue can not save them.

“Got it!”

The 4 girls nodded politely, at this time, if they did not listen, then they will die.

With his statement finish, Yue quickly climbed down the rope, in a short time reached the ground.

Zhang Xuan came close to the rope, looked down, and hesitated for a moment. She was not a sporty girl, even if there is a rope, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to climb down smoothly from the 3rd floor.

“If you aren’t going, then let me go first. Don’t waste time, Zhang Xuan!:

Wang Fang pushed Xuan to the side, quickly climbed down the rope.

Although a bit wobbly, Wang Fang grit her teeth and climbed down.

Next Chen Yao skillfully climbed down the rope, more smoothly compared to Wang Fang.

“Not bad!”

Yue praised her, there are few girls that can neatly climb down the rope like that. Chen Yao gives the impression that she is kind of fragile, delicate and charming beauty, did not think she could have been so dexterous.

Chen Yao looked at Yue and confidently said:

“Don’t look at me like that, in fact, I’m a fitness beauty that exercise regularly. But of not as great as Qing Wu.

Yue smiled, and didn’t say anything.

The short hair Cai Xiao soon climb down from the rope.

Finally once again it was Zhang Xuan turn, she gritted her teeth and grabbed the rope, wobbly climb down.

Below, Wang Fang urged:

“Hurry up! Zhang Xuan, you’re the only one left.”

Although there aren’t many zombies left near the girl’s dorm, but if they left the dormitory, there are a lot of zombies. If careless, would be surrounded and kill.

Urge by Wang Fang, Zhang Xuan in a hurry, quickened her pace, suddenly slipped, and her body fell down.


Feeling the wind howl, Zhang Xuan felt despair, in this world, with a fracture, the survival rate would greatly plummet.

At this point, Yue shot forward like an arrow, very quickly embraced Zhang Xuan that was falling.

A couple of hundreds pound of body falling from the 2nd floor of the building. Even though Yue was strengthened, the collision made his chest felt tight.

Zhang Xuan got out from Yue embrace, with a hint of blush on her face, thank Yue:

“Thank you for saving me, Yue!”

At this time Wang Fang felt some jealously watching this scene.

“This small girl is really crafty.”

After the 4 were girls were down, Ji Qing Wu very quickly climb down the rope.

Just when the 5 was ready to leave, a girl on the 3rd floor suddenly stick her head out the window, hands holding a piece of white paper, on the white paper was: “SOS, Please help us!”

“What now? Go save them?”

Zhang Xuan asked Yue.

The other girls looked at Yue. Their heart is also very tangled, if they choose not to save them, they will have an uneasy conscience. But they if they save them, they themselves will be in danger.

Yue shook his head, bluntly said:

“No, it is already difficult to protect ourself, must find a secure place. After that, if we have the spare capacity then we can save them.”

Yue and Ji Qing Wu have to protect the 4 girls while rushing to the school bus, which is already very difficult, a few more girls is too much.

“You guys there, if I have spare energy left, will save you. In the meantine, you will have to defend yourselves.”

Yue said loudly to the give above, then looked at the 5 girls and said:

“Go! Ji Qing Wu, me and White Bones will charge ahead, I will leave these 4 fishes in the net to you.”*1

After saying this, Yue and White Bones led the way toward the school bus.


Ji Qing Wu urged the 4 girls.

Everyone knows that now is a critical moment, the 4 girls followed tightly behind Yue, rushing forward.

Ji Qing Wu is circling around the 4 girls, protecting them.

*1: Basically what he is saying is that with him and White Bones in the front, and Ji Qing Wu circling around, the 4 girls are the small fishes and they are the net.

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