God and Devil World

Chapter 13: Searching For The Keys

Chapter 13: Searching For The Keys

Following his assault, more and more zombies were gathering behind him.

So dense that it looked extremely scary. Yue did not dare to stay in one place for a even a moment, he and White Bones continue to charge forward, quickly killing the zombies that was in their way. Not even having the time to pick up the Life Coins that were drop by the zombies.

“You have been promoted to level 6, please assign the 2 stats points.”

When Yue sword cut off a zombie head, a clear voice sounded in his minds.

“Assign 2 points to Stamina.”

Yue without hesitating, said it. At this time, his speed was far superior to those zombies, what he lacks the most is his stamina and the ability to fight the zombies for an extended time.

A small stream flowing in Yue’s body, he once again have strengthen his body.

After obtaining the enhancement Yue let out a sigh of relief, continue to rushed towards the direction of the school building.

On the way there, with White Bones leading, wildly killing, any of the scattered zombies that got in there way. A person, and a skeleton quickly cleared a path to the school building.

The main members of the university were mostly students. In the vicinity of the General Office, the zombies has now became few.

Yue just entered the building, when 3 zombies staggered towards him.

Yue wielding his long sword in hand, brilliantly beheaded the zombie sending the head flying.

White Bones fast like an arrow shot forward, with an axe easily cut off the zombie head.

After the last zombie head fell to the ground, a white pair of shoes came out, falling next to the zombie body.

Yue quickly stepped forward to pick up those white shoes.

“Level 1 Enhanced Footwear, Agility +3. Wearing this Enhanced Footwear will make your actions more agile. Durability 20/20.”

Yue receive the information from his sense, quickly put on the pair of Enhanced Footwear.

After putting on the white pair of shoes, felt as if his body was somewhat lighter. Yue’s Agility has reached 14 points at this time, 40% more than an average person.

Yue putting on the enhanced shoes along with White Bones head forward.

“Help! Save us!”

Right after Yue pass the school business offices, from the Financial Office, came the sound of a cry for help.

Yue quickly head toward the Financial Office to take a look, he saw that 4 men and 1 woman standing in that office, a total of 5 people.

“If you trust me, then follow behind me.”

Yue took a look and said to the people inside the Financial Office, continues to run in the direction of the General Office. On this level the only zombies left were the school staff, following behind him basically is not dangerous.

“What Now? Zhao Zhen!”

A guy wear glasses said to the handsome young man beside him, dressed in brand names clothes, with an elegant and fashionable look, holding a wooden staff.

Zhao Zhen looking at Yue direction, blinked a few times immediately after made the decision:

“Follow him! Staying, if no one rescue us, will only die.

Zhao Zhen is a very decisive person, after making the decision, quickly opened the Financial Office door, stepped out the door and look out.


Outside the door Zhao Zhen saw Yue with the Tang sword in hand, between a couple breaths, beheaded 2 zombies .

The remaining people also followed behind Zhao Zhen and rushed out the door, immediately follow Yue.

“Too strong! When was such a fierce man hidden in our school?”

Zhao Zhen seeing Yue beheading the zombies so smoothly, was filled with shock.

Zhao Zhen was the President of the university student union, he had met all the influential men in the university, but he had never seen Yue before.

“So amazing!”

The people who rushed out of the Financial Office looked at Yue easily killing the zombies, they were filled with joy, as long as they follow this fierce guy, their chance of survival will increase a lot.

Yue rushed into the General Office, allow White Bones to continue to kill the zombies ahead, while he entered the General Office.

Upon entering General Office, a plump figure, face and body bitten in many places staggered towards Yue.

“Found it!”

Yue was filled with joy, he recognized that this fat man was the school bus driver, named Zhang Xiao. He took a step forward, a sword with a hint of chill directly cut off the head of Zhang Xiao.

After killing Zhang Xiao, Yue put on a pair of rubber glovers and searched the corpse, finally pulled a set of 3 keys.

With keys in hand, Yue then quickly rushed out of the room, fled outside.

At this time White Bones wielding his bone ax killed all the zombies.

Zhao Zhen group were huddled on the side quietly watching all this.

Yue looked at Zhao Zhen, in a deep voice said:

“I’m heading to the girl’s dorm, do you have any plans?

The girl’s dormitory from this office was only a few hundred meters away, but the rood has many zombies.

Yue by himself was fine, but with so many people cannot rush to the girl’s dorm.

Zhao Zhen with a very look towards Yue said: “Fellow classmate, I am Zhao Zhen, is the student president at Yun Hua University. What’s your name, please?

Yue said: “My name is Yue Zhong!”

Zhao Zhen speculated:

“Why do you want to head to the girl’s dorm? Your friends are there?”

Yue eye Zhao Zhen, slowly said:

“That’s right! There are many zombies on the road leading to the girl’s dormitory, alone, unable to ensure the safety of all of you.”

There were five members in Zhao Zhen group, basically no combat ability, if sprinting toward the girl’s dormitory, about half will die by the bite of the zombies.

Zhao Zhen quickly said:

“I know that we will be stuck here in need of assistance. Yue, I believe you are going to leave this school. Before you leave this school, I hope you can come and take us with you. As long as you are able to do this for me, in the future I will kindly repay you.”

Yue nodded:

“If I have spare capacity, will come back.”

Finally, I will tell you this information, killing enough zombies, you will be able to level and get stronger. After levelling, you can strengthen yourself. If you have the courage to fight the zombies, you can become stronger, and evolve. I’ll go first.”

Yue left after finishing the sentence, rushed out quickly.

“Zhao Zhen, you believe his words?”

After Yue left, the guy wearing glasses asked Zhao Zhen.

Zhao Zhen stared at the hands holding the novice staff slowly said:

“Should be credible. Otherwise he wouldn’t be so strong.”

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