God and Devil World

Chapter 12: Imitation Tang Sword

Chapter 12: Imitation Tang Sword

“Driving the school bus is not a problem right?” Yue asked, what he needs is a person who drive the school bus.

Chen Yao confidently said: “There is no problem!”

“The key to the school bus, do you know where it is?” Yue continued to ask. Without the key, even if they found the bus, it would be useless.

Chen Yao quickly said:

“The school bus driver Zhang Xiao room is between the General Office and Academic Affairs office. If nothing else, at those two places we should be able to find him.

Chen Yao was the president of the student council so she regularly had to deal with the leaders of the school. She often take the school bus to other places, so that is why she knows the room where the driver is staying.

Yue open the the white treasure box that was inside his backpack, a light flashing, a sharp Tang sword appears in front of his eyes.

“Imitation Tang Sword Level 1. Attack 5-8. This fine sword is very sharp, can easily cut through the head of a man. A great weapon against those that are infected.”

“Great sword, with this fine sword, dealing with zombies will be even easier.”

Yue caress the sharp Tang sword, an icy touch came from the metal of the Tang sword.

Yue was often using the novice staff to smash the zombies, doing that will feel the recoil. With this Imitation Tang Sword in hand, Yue will be able to kill zombies easily.

Yue took out the Small Fireball skill and gave it to Chen Yao and solemnly said:

“You guys should have hear the sound. I’ll tell you some information, if you kill enough zombies, you will level up and will be strengthen. That Special Skull is one of my skill, this is a skill book level 1, Small Fireball, on it is how to use the skill. Chen Yao, I can give this skill book to you, but I want you to promise me, that you we are safe, help me save one of my buddies.”

This Small Fireball skill to Yue was a second rate skill, but if he can use it to enhance their own side strength, Yue would be stingy. Yue’s only desire was to escape from here at this time and find his best friend.

Though Chen Yao is very weak, fighting is not strong, but she was very capable, and knew a lot. Yue would like to have such companion survive.

Chen Yao is very decisive, in the eyes of the 3 other girls, were jealousy and envy toward the person that took the skill book: “Yes! I promise you that once safe, will certainly help you to find your bes friend.”

A light flashing, the skill book turned into a beam of light and enter Chen Yao’s body.

“It’s magic!” The side of Zhang Xuan envious eyes watching Chen Yao, this was the first time that she saw someone receive such a skill.

“Really! Why does she get all the good stuff. Even god is blessing her!”

Wang Fang watched Chen Yao absorb the skill book, eyes filled with jealousy and hate.

Chen Yao was not only very beautiful, and family is wealthy, in the university was the object of many boy’s desire. Even though Wang Fang was a desirable girl, but in comparison to Chen Yao was far worse. She has been in envy and jealous of Chen Yao luck. Now that the world has begun to collapse, Chen Yao is also given a skill book by Yue, increasing her chances of survival, made Wang Fang even more jealous.

“How is it? Chen Yao! Release the magic for us to see!” Zhang Xuan right next to Chen Yao curiously, and pestering said.

Chen Yao had an eager look, she just got that kind of power, also wanted to know how strong her skill is.

Yue quickly stopped them and said: “No! In your current state, only be able to launch a fireball a day. Must only use it in a critical time.

A fireball may be able to save their life in critical moment, Yue would never allow Chen Yao to indiscriminately use it.

Chen Yao quickly calm down, nodded and said: “I know.”

Yue looked at Ji Qing Wu and said: “Qing Wu, how is your stamina recovery?”

Ji Qing Wu without the slightest concealment, toward Yue said: “6 points, my max stamina is 12 points. It is difficult to recover, it seems that my body is very tired.”

“You guys stay here and watch. I will take a break, and promptly go out looking for the keys. Ji Qing Wu, call me in 5 minutes.” Yue finished talking then took out an Apple of Vitality, eating it in a few bit, then lay on the bed closing his eyes. Doing that will make him recover better.

Seeing Yue lay on the the bed, baby-face Zhang Xuan, quickly blush and muttered in a low voice: “That is my bed!”

Yue was too tired, head touching the pillow, fell asleep.

Outside those zombies were constantly hitting the dormitory door, besides Ji Qing Wu outside, the rest of the girls were huddled next to Yue, scared, not knowing when the door will break.

5 minutes later, Ji Qing Wu nudged Yue and said: “Get up! 5 minutes passed.”

“5 minutes already? Way too fast.” Yue opened his eyes, look ate Ji Qing Wu, with a slightly wry smile said. He has been in intense battles since early afternoon, in spite of the nourishment from the Apple of Vitality, his stamina was back to 11 points.

Yue quickly stood up from the bed, removing the climbing rope from the backpack and tied to a secure pole, then release it out the window.

“If you guys cannot stand it any more, can escape from this place.” Yue said to the girls, then quickly climbed down the rope.

White Bones quickly follow suit and climb down the rope after Yue.

Yue just landed, nearby 4 zombies staggered towards him.

Yue with his Tang sword in hand quickly rushed forward, and swing the swords against the zombie head, instantly cutting off its head, foul blood splattering everywhere.

“Great sword!”

A sword cutting a zombie head, praising himself inside.

The Imitation Tang Sword was much sharper than the staff, Yue using the Imitation Tang Sword to cut a zombie head required 50% less force than before. Which means that he can use less power to kill more zombies.

Yue with the Imitation Tang Sword and White Bones combined power quickly slay the 4 zombies, immediately heading toward the direction of the General Office and Academic Affairs.

Seeing Yue emerge, the group of zombies began to move toward his direction, chasing after him.

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