God and Devil World

Chapter 1215: Killing a True Dragon

Chapter 1023: Killing a True Dragon!

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When the green stone was grabbed in Yue Zhong’s hands, an incomparably thick energy gushed into his body. Even with his physique, he felt like his body was stretched to the limit. With a thought, he quickly sent it into his Universe Ring.

Once it was sent in, the energy emitted by the stone began to waft radiate through the ring. It could not dissipate, instead, the energy began to condense into beads of elemental energy, scattering throughout the ring.

The moment the green stone was grabbed by Yue Zhong, the 81 eggs that were full of life energy began to lose their vitality.

At the same time, the Universe Tree seemed to have lost its source of strength and started to wither.

Amidst the horde of Tentacular Beasts, the remaining 8 King-class Beast, as well as the 2 Queen-class Beasts, let out shrieks, before scrambling towards the cave that Yue Zhong was in.   The Universe Tree was not only an energy source for the Fort of Hope but also an irreplaceable energy for the Tentacular Beasts. Once it withered, the reproduction capabilities of the Tentacular Beasts would be affected, and with every additional death meant one less beast. To the Tentacular Beasts, it was a terrible disaster.

The beasts would establish nests around the Tree in order to absorb huge amounts of energies, eroding the source to the Fort of Hope, but not extinguishing the Tree itself.

Inside the cave, one of the eggs suddenly trembled and cracked open. Out crawled a True Dragon-like creature, similar to those of Chinese mythology.

This life form exuded a strong, violent aura, as it swept Yue Zhong a vicious glare, and opened its mouth to absorb the rest of the eggs.

The eggs began to soar towards the True Dragon-like creature.

Since reaching the True God stage, Yue Zhong had the indestructible God Soul, and his perception was much stronger than when he was at the half-step True God stage. He could perceive all sorts of killing intent. He could sense the ill intentions of the creature, and with a frown, he immediately sent a palm in a bid to crush the creature.

In a flash, a golden hand formed out of the energy around, pressing down on the creature.

The True Dragon creature had a vicious glint in its eyes, as it let out a roar of rage. A powerful energy fluctuation that could rival that of a True God was emitted out of it, and a True Dragon claw materialized, clashing against Yue Zhong’s palm.

With the assault of the Draconic laws and principles, everything around the creature seemed to transform, becoming small dragons that pounced towards Yue Zhong.   Qing Ya could sense the dangerous and threatening fluctuations, and her eyes were filled with shock, “True God-level Beast, it is a True Dragon!!”

Dragons and Phoenixes had faded from the worlds outside, being mystical, divine beasts, after they reach maturity, they would possess True God strength. Among powerhouses of the same realm, they were terrifying.   When the True Dragon claw met the golden palm of Yue Zhong, the Dragon Claw immediately crumbled, and the True Dragon was also separated into two, fresh blood pouring out of its body.    “How is that possible? That’s a True Dragon, how could it be that weak?” Qing Ya stared at Yue Zhong and the defeated Dragon, her eyes filled with shock, “Is that to say, he has already evolved to a realm far more terrifying than a True God?”

“That’s True Dragon blood! A rare treasure that cannot be found outside! Qing WU and the rest are in luck!” Yue Zhong laughed lightly as he looked at the dead Dragon, grabbing it. A huge amount of blood flowed out, separated into various glass vials controlled by Yue Zhong’s will.

True Dragon blood was useless to Yue Zhong. However, to the people he cared about, it was an incredible treasure. A single drop could change their entire physique, and boost their potential.

The young Dragon opened its eyes and roared out in rage, “Let me go!! Lowly human!! You dare act against me, courting death!! My parents are characters you cannot afford to offend!! If you kill me, they will not let you off!!”

“Fool, you want to lie to me? If your parents really look upon you favorably, they would not have kept you here and become nourishment for the Universe Crystal. I don’t have time to bicker with you, go and die!!”

Yue Zhong laughed coldly, pointing out with a finger, as the fresh blood of the True Dragon flowed out, entering into the various vials. At the same time, a powerful flame appeared, incinerating the body of the True Dragon. In a few breaths, there was nothing left.   Right as the True Dragon was being incinerated, its indestructible Dragon Soul soared out, trying to escape. As long as a single strand could make away, it could return to being a True Dragon in the future.

However, the moment the soul shuddered, the powerful golden God-Devil Flame burnt brightly, enveloping it, and began to burn away at the soul.

The soul struggled as it pleaded, “Ah!!! Please!!! Let me go!!! Human, I’m pleading you!! Let me off!!”

“It’s too late!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and his hands crushed down. The God-Devil Flames radiated brightly, incinerating the indestructible soul to nothing.

As the soul was eradicated, the soul force was absorbed into Yue Zhong’s flame, causing it to become even more radiant. At the same time, the life force entered his own body.   When Qing Ya saw how easily Yue Zhong dealt with the indestructible soul, her heart was filled with shock, “He could actually kill a True Dragon just like that, that’s too terrifying!”

After killing the True Dragon, Yue Zhong waved his hands, and immediately kept the 80 remaining eggs that had lost all signs of vitality, into his Universe Ring.

These were all True Dragon eggs and were mythical-level creatures. Even if they had lost their life force, they were still rare treasures.

After Yue Zhong kept the 80 eggs, the 2 Tentacular King-class Beasts came shooting in, waving their blades as they slashed out at Yue Zhong.    Eyeing the 2 King-class Beasts, Yue Zhong tapped his feet, and he appeared on top of one of them, his fist blasting out at its head.

With a loud blast, the King-class Beast was instantly obliterated, its body splattering apart in a mess of blood and flesh, as its life force entered Yue Zhong’s body.

After that, Yue Zhong stepped through the air, looking like an unstoppable wargod, and with a finger, the God-Devil Flames burst out, blasting onto the remaining King-class Beast. The beast then turned to ashes within a short 2 seconds.

“That!!! That was a King-class Beast!! That’s too terrifying!! After reaching the True God realm, he is actually this strong!! He’s even above Qi Yang and the rest!! An Oracle is truly something else!”

Qing Ya watched on silently, knowing that she could not participate. It did not matter if it was Yue Zhong or the King-class Beast, either of them could kill her with a single move.

“There are 8 more left!!”    After dealing with 2 King-class Beasts, Yue Zhong charged outside, sensing the incoming Tentacular King-class Beasts from the other nests.   In a few breaths, he had appeared in front of the 6 of them.

There was a savage glint in the eyes of the 6 King-class Beasts. They roared out loud and pounced towards Yue Zhong at lightning speed.

Yue Zhong pointed out and his God-Devil Flame burst forth, enveloping the 6 King-class Beasts, swallowing them.

The King-class Beasts could absorb energy, Daos, spatial laws, but they were unable to absorb the God-Devil Flames that Yue Zhong produced. In 2 seconds, the 6 King-class Beasts turned into ashes amidst their struggling.

Their pure and abundant life force surged through Yue Zhong’s body, allowing him to comprehend the numerous miraculous abilities of the King-class Beasts.

“There are still 2 more!!”

After he was done, he shot through towards the other nests, locking on to the 2 Queen-class Beasts.

There were countless Tentacular Beasts inside the nest, and they poured towards Yue Zhong like a wave. They were not afraid of death, and their numbers could easily overwhelm a Type 10 powerhouse.

Yue Zhong was wrapped in a layer of God-Devil Flames, burning the region of 30m around him, as he blocked the oncoming attacks, and incinerated them all.

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