God and Devil World

Chapter 1214: Yue Zhong Steps into the Type 10 Realm!

Amano swallowed an entire human kingdom, and had a dissatisfied expression, "Damn it, these humans are too weak. Even after swallowing a few billions, it isn't comparable to a Type 9 expert at all. Seems like I need to consume something stronger."

He quickly made the choice and tore through space once more, leaving behind a desolate city without a single corpse.

Amano began to massacre countless powerful races, each of their millions and billions of people consumed by him. As the numerous races fell one after another, it caused a huge uproar and fear to spread through the Great God World.

He did not have a camp, nor did he communicate. He just continued to slaughter city after city, consuming living thing after living thing. Amidst that slaughter, his strength was rising steadily.

With such a threat, the countless races of the Great God World had no choice but to band together, sending an entire unit of half-step True Gods to deal with Amano.

However, the entire team was wiped out in a single move, as Amano's strength was already beyond a True God expert.

After that battle, all the races were shocked. Amano could be considered an invincible existence, and the only thing they could do was to utilize their secret techniques to seal their positions and hide.


Amano was also busy consuming the living things of the Great God World and did not bother to chase after those experts. As long as he could become a True God expert, he could easily consume the entire Great God World. No matter what corner the other races were hiding at, they would not be able to escape his attention.

On the other side, Yue Zhong had entered the cave emitting the green light and continued to descend downwards. The energy surged through him, as though intending to blow him up.

"Help!! Help me!!"


The owner of the gold train was already bloated like a huge balloon the moment he entered the cave, as though on the verge of exploding. He began to moan out in pain, pleading with Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong roared out to remind him, "Refine the energy!! Channel it into your Golden Seed!!"

At the same time, Yue Zhong channeled the energy through to his Gold Battle Armor, the Radiant Battleship, the Flame Battle Blade, as well as the treasures he obtained from the Tower of Babel, like the Holy Light Wings and the Golden Battle Bow.


After absorbing that boundless strength, the treasures began to radiate with a dazzling glow, becoming even more resplendent.


As Yue Zhong sent the energy out, his body began to feel better.

The owner of the gold train was also shocked to see his seed sprout into a gold tree when he channeled the inbound energy into it.

When the tree was formed, it began to absorb the green energy frantically, giving the owner some breathing space.

Among the few gold-grade treasures in Yue Zhong's hands, the Holy Light Wings, as well as the Radiant Battleship, had the highest potential for evolution. After absorbing enough energy, they began to evolve once more.

When the Holy Light Wings evolved, there was an additional pair of wings that appeared. At the same time, mysterious runes began to shine and engrave onto the wings. As for the Radiant Battleship, while there were not many changes on the exterior, within, more strange and mystical runes appeared at various corners.


When all the gold-grade treasures were done with their evolution, Yue Zhong felt the energy surge through his body again, turning him bloated.


"No, if this goes on, my body will not be able to handle this. I'm already at the Great Circle of the Type 9 realm, I can make use of the energy to charge through the Type 10 stage. Even if I fail, I can wear down the bottleneck greatly."

There was a sliver of understanding, and with a thought, he began to direct the flow of the energy towards his gold God-Devil Nucleus.

As the energy poured into his nucleus, they were turned into the gold liquid energy that nourished his indestructible Nascent Soul, evolving it towards an indestructible God Soul.

The moment he started condensing his God Soul, it felt like he became a black hole, absorbing the boundless green energy into his body. For a short period of time, it felt like the region around him was a vacuum zone.

When the owner of the gold train saw this, he quickly charged towards Yue Zhong's side and heaved a sigh of relief. Had the energy continued to surge into him, he would have exploded.


The train owner then began to observe Yue Zhong quietly, and was shocked, "This…?! He's charging through the True God realm?! What terrifying energy! Is he intending to consume all these energies?! Impossible right? Based on the records of a True God breakthrough, the energy required should only be 10% of what he is currently doing!"

Breaking through to the True God realm did require a vast amount of energy, but what Yue Zhong was absorbing was easily more than 10 times what the owner of the gold train knew. This was basically due to Yue Zhong's God-Devil Physique, the most perfect body. Since he had absorbed the life force of the King-class Beasts, his body had already evolved, becoming even stronger, thus it was much harder for him to break through.

With such a body, without the God-Devil Imprint and his fortuitous encounters, it would be impossible for him to breakthrough even if he trained for a hundred years.

The green energy was simply boundless. As long as any Tentacular Beasts dropped in, they would explode. However, Yue Zhong's ability to consume the energy was terrifying as well, there was no sign of him exploding.

After they fell through the hole for another 3,000 km, they landed on the ground. Yue Zhong was still absorbing the green energy, metamorphosizing and evolving.

After 3 days, a powerful aura emitted out from Yue Zhong, as he slowly opened his eyes. 2 godly lights shone.

"Succeeded? He actually succeeded?!" The train owner stared with a look of shock, "Yue Zhong, you succeeded?"

In response, he turned to look and laughed incredulously, "That's right!"

Only to discover that the owner was actually a beautiful girl with a whole body covered in green scales, a pair of dragon wings, a long-dragon tail, yet her figure was full and bouncy.

Qing Ya looked at Yue Zhong, her eyes flashing with a hint of fear, as she bowed deeply, "I'm Qing Ya of the Green Tooth Dragon race. I apologize for the offenses I've committed in the Tower of Babel. Sir Yue Zhong, if you want to kill me, please grant me a quick death."

Before he had even broken through, Qing Ya knew she was not his match. Now that he had reached the True God realm, there was no chance at all. Thus, she gave up resisting and was resigned to her fate.

Yue Zhong reached his hand, "Since we've fought together on this damned planet, just forget about it. However, may I have the gold seed please."

It was a treasure that was hard to come by, even if Yue Zhong had reached the True God stage, his gold-grade treasures were lacking. He intended to give the seeds to Ji Qing Wu and the rest, hopefully grooming another batch of experts.

There was a slight reluctance in Qing Ya's eyes, but she took it out respectfully, handing the small gold tree to Yue Zhong, "Yes!"

He then kept the tree in his Universe Ring, before turning around to assess his surroundings.

Right now, they were in a huge cave, and there was still the terrifying green energy threatening to surge towards them.

However, since reaching the True God realm, Yue Zhong's body was no longer the same, reaching even greater heights, and was absorbing the energy entirely.


He had the ability to fly out of the hole now, and nothing would be able to stop him. However, he was extremely curious about the green energy, as he headed deeper within.

After following the hole for a few thousand lis, he finally came to a huge, empty field. At the center, there was a mysterious altar, and surrounding it were 9 x 9, 81 powerful eggs. There was a gigantic green stone floating over the altar, and it was radiating with that unknown and vast power.

Yue Zhong looked at the stone and had a look of delight. He flashed forwards and grabbed out at it, "This is the greatest treasure beneath the ground! With this, my cultivation will soar by leaps and bounds! I can break through and control my own destiny."

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