God and Devil World

Chapter 1213: Catastrophe of the Great God World!

When Amano was done absorbing the memories, he came to a complete understanding, "So this was the case!! I had already reached the True God stage. It was only because I was killed once, and my memories tempered with by the system, that I forgot everything! However, once I've absorbed enough strength, I will be able to break through once more, reaching the True God realm!"

The current Amano was formed from a strand of his indestructible soul, which would not be easily extinguished. As long as a single strand still exists, there would be a chance for a revival.

However, even if there was a strand of soul left, in order to reach the peak of prowess once more, it would take a long time of accumulation of strength and energy. As long as the remnant soul of a True God has enough time, it would not be a problem to reach the half-step True God stage once more. However, the bottleneck to cross the True God realm, even for someone who had reached it before.

Amano was one of the most terrifying characters among the True Gods, far surpassing the rest of his peers. When he was taken down, he had already left so many backdoors for himself, just so he could reach the peak once more.


"Now, let's break the half-step True God bottleneck."

There was a glint in his eyes, as he suddenly let out a huge roar, and a terrifying surge of strength blasted outwards. His aura then rose rapidly, swiftly breaking through to the half-step True God realm, and continued to strengthen. It only came to a stop when he was right at the peak of the half-step True God realm.

A savage look appeared on his face, as he muttered ferociously, "Seems like this is the maximum right now. I need more flesh and bones to help my breakthrough. As long as I have not reached the True God stage, even if I massacre all 800 worlds, I would not be forced out by the God-Devil System. This time, I must wipe the whole place clean, turning them all into my nourishment. At the point when I break through, I will leap beyond the True God realm and truly escape the grasp of the system!!"

In ancient times, Amano had been the top expert among those at the True God realm. He had also come in contact with the absolute threshold of the True God realm. That year, as long as he took that one step, he had the possibility of breaking through, exceeding a True God powerhouse. It was because of that higher realm that enticed him so much, pushing him beyond the edge, causing him to betray his comrades and was forcibly killed by them.

"There seems to be delicious food over there!!" His divine sense swept out, and a savage look appeared. He tore through space and stepped right into the void.

About 3,000 li to the east, there was a huge mountain range, and a half-step True God Wyrm-Dragon was currently sleeping.


All of a sudden, there was a spatial fluctuation in front of it, as Amano stepped through.

The black Wyrm-Dragon took a look at Amano, with a hint of viciousness, as it growled, "Scram. Get out of here now, the great Dohzireh is in a good mood, and will not take offense. Otherwise, I will definitely tear you apart."

"My mood is good today, seeing you, such a delicious prey, my appetite is truly aroused. After eating you and all of the Mutant Beasts in this mountain range, my power is sure to rise once more."

Amano gazed at Dohzireh condescendingly, before laughing and grabbed out at him.

A powerful hand appeared out of mid-air and reached for the black Wyrm-Dragon.

"Audacious! You dare offend the great Dohzireh!! You shall pay with your life!!"

The black Wyrm-Dragon roared out, and transformed into a True Dragon, soaring into the sky, congealing its own dragon claw to slam into the hand in the skies.

This particular black Wyrm-Dragon was already capable of transforming its entire body into that of a True Dragon, leaving only its eyes. Once its eyes also completed the transformation, it could step through and reach the Type 10 stage. Among the numerous experts of the Great God World, it was already considered a peak existence.


When both hands came in contact, Amano's hand that was capable of blotting out the sky directly crushed the dragon claw, before grabbing the black dragon in one swift motion.

Dohzireh struggled within the energy palm, its face full of shock as it roared, "How is this possible?! How could you defeat me so easily?! Who the hell are you?!"

"Haha!! Remember this, the one who consumes you is me, Amano!"

Amano roared with savage laughter, as his mouth opened wide, and clamped down viciously on the body of Dohzireh, directly crushing his head. In a few breaths, he had devoured the whole of Dohzireh cleanly.

After that, he swept out with his divine sense and got the entire situation of the mountain range within his perception.

"So much delicious food… seems like I can eat my fill."

Amano laughed out savagely and flew above the mountain range. He then opened his mouth and started to suck, becoming a huge, 100m-wide black hole.

In a flash, the thousands of Mutant Beasts and Mutant Bugs were all sucked into the huge whirlpool that was Amano's mouth.

Many of them were not capable of resisting the suction force and were dragged into his mouth. At that moment, they were then crushed by his sharp teeth.

"Not good!! There's a huge freak slaughtering everybody!!"

"Flee!! Dohzireh had also been killed by him!!"


The numerous Type 8 and Type 9 powerhouses could feel the terror of Amano, as they fled with their lives.


In their bid to escape, they formed a huge beast horde.

"Want to escape?! This is the Great God World, not the Tentacular Planet. Come back and become my food!"

With a grim laugh, the atmospheric energy consolidated behind him, pushing his strength higher. His whirlpool of a mouth became even stronger as it continued to exert a terrifying suction force, as though capable of swallowing the entire planet. The countless life forms fleeing could not get far before they were all dragged into his mouth.

The entire mountain range was consumed by Amano, exhibiting his terrifying might. This was a True God.

On Tentacular Planet, the powers of law, Dao, principles and mostly everything was restricted, thus, most of the powerhouses could not utilize their strength. If they were allowed to return to the Great God World, if they were to go all out, the devastation was sure to be even more terrifying than Amano.

Amano could sense the accumulated strength within him, and nodded in satisfaction, "Not bad, it's already at 30%. After another 70%, I will have the strength that surpasses True Gods."

"I remember the Devil Race to be over at this direction. Let's head over then."

With a thought, Amano tore through space once more, and appeared in a dark and insidious corner of the universe, filled with violent, and powerful Devil Qi.

At the moment he appeared, there was a cold voice that rang out, "Who's that? How dare you barge into my 10,000-Devil Altar! Do you want to be kept here, never to see the sunlight again?"

"Hahaha!! The presence of so many experts, such delicious food!! You are all my, Amano's, food!! Offer your flesh and blood!"

With a vicious laugh, Amano opened his mouth once more, executing his suction ability, and started to suck in the entire place.


There was a loud roar, as the planet began to shudder, and the laws broke down, causing many Devil cultivators to fly into Amano's mouth, before being crushed.

The current Devil Lord, Sky-Suppressing Devil Lord, had a look of shock as he roared out madly, "Activate the final defense!!!"


Within the deepest recess of the planet, there were countless cultivators urging on something with their strength. The Devil Qi gathered and congealed into a terrifying monstrosity with a pair of huge Devil Wings.

This manifestation slammed viciously into the black hole that was Amano.

There was a loud explosion, as the black hole collapsed, while Amano himself was sent flying a few hundred meters. All the Type 5 and Type 6 experts within the 10,000 Devil Altar were also crushed by the recoil.


"Shit, it's still a little too early. I need to go absorb more lives and strengthen myself. When I reach the True God stage, I will devour this place!"

Amano was sent flying a few meters, but he was not injured, instead, choosing to leave and find some other prey.

Not too long after, Amano appeared in front of a human kingdom, as he opened his mouth to suck, and chewed numerous humans in his mouth.

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