God and Devil World

Chapter 1212: The Ancient, Strongest Type 10 Powerhouse!

Eyeing the giant Universe Tree, those Type 9 experts that had not reached the half-step True God realm was full of joy, "The Great God World!! We can make use of the tree to return to the Great God World!"

With this thought, many of them could not wait any longer and charged up the tree in a frenzy.

Qi Yang stared at the fleeing Type 9 powerhouses, laughing coldly, "Bunch of fools!! Let's go!"

Harlem and the rest eyed the leaving Type 9 powerhouses with cold looks, as they also turned to flee towards the 5 E-Grade Battleships.

Those who had reached the half-step Great God realm were helpless, and could only follow Harlem and the rest. They had obtained their own information through the exchange system, clarifying that whatever Qi Yang and the rest spoke of, and they were indeed unable to make use of the same passage to return.


Under the cover of the 5 E-Grade Battleships, the rest swiftly soared back into the battleships.


On the other side, after losing the suppressing fire, countless Tentacular Beasts poured out from the 2 nests.

The moment they rushed out, they quickly pounced towards the Type 9 experts.

"Save us!!"


"Help me!!!



A number of screams of despair rang out from within the horde, as the Type 9 experts were all torn apart by the beasts, their gold-grade treasures not helping in the slightest.

Without the True God experts to hold the fort, the Type 9 experts were met with a mishap and quickly perished.

Bu Lie saw the struggling experts, his eyes flashing with unwillingness, "Sir Harlem, why don't we go and save them? If we act now, we should be able to rescue a few."

Harlem replied with a cold look, "Since they want to go, we will not keep them. If they can break through, it is their own capabilities. If not, it's their fate. There's a limit to our strength, and we cannot keep helping them. If you want to, go by yourself then."


Bu Lie noticed that most of the powerhouses present did not share his views, instead, they had a look of schadenfreude. He thus kept silent.

The fact that the Type 9 powerhouses were not willing to stay on to fight caused dissatisfaction among most of the half-step True God experts. They were expressing their unhappiness through this episode. Without the support of the 5 E-Grade Battleships, it was unlikely that many of them could make it past the beast horde.

It was because of this that the number of survivors that return from the Tower of Babel each time was minimal, however, those who did come back had obtained countless treasures and had huge leaps in their strength.

The numbers of the Tentacular Beasts were in the millions, and the dozens of Type 9 experts struggled for barely a while before falling.

Only the golden glint charged close to the peak of the Universe Tree.

Thousands of Tentacular Beasts lunged for that golden beam.


"Trash!! Die!!"

There was a roar of rage, as a number of golden bones shot out, piercing the heads of the beasts and accurately destroyed them.

The golden silhouette continued to run, the golden bones blasting out at the heads of the Tentacular Beasts, tearing them apart, while it continued towards the tree.

On the 5 E-Grade Battleships, everyone watched this with a shocked look.

Qi Yang gazed at that beam, his eyes filled with disbelief, "Strong! That fellow's combat strength should be above the Type 9 realm. However, it's not quite at the Type 10 realm. Strangely, he's only at the peak of the Type 9 realm. What's going on? Harlem? Didn't you receive all those who ascended?"


Harlem also frowned, revealing a pondering expression, "No! That day, I did bring everyone back. Those who did not make it have been confirmed to be corpses, their souls also devoured by the Tentacular Beasts."

All of a sudden, one half-step True God expert shouted out, "That's Amano! He's the Golden Giant God Guardian we came across at the 3rd Level!"

"Amano?! He did not die?! Impossible!! He shouldn't be alive!!"

"Amano, Golden Giant God? That's not right! Amano is an expert from the Bone-consuming Ghost Race! How did it become like this?"




Hearing Amano's name, the 5 True God warriors were taken aback, as they began to discuss, and the atmosphere instantly became tense.

At this point, one Evil Devil expert at the half-step True Devil realm asked curiously, "Sir Qi Yang, who is Amano exactly?"

Qi Yang fell silent, before sighing, "A long time ago, Amano was our leader. He led us against the Tentacular Beasts. At that time, we trusted him a lot and killed many beasts. However, after a thousand years, he suddenly schemed to kill all of us, intending to consume us to break through. The Bone-Consuming Ghost Race has a special ability, the consumption of bones would hasten evolution. If he could digest us, he would reach an even higher state. We discovered his ploy and all the Type 10 experts surrounded to attack him. In the end, 6 of us fell in order to kill him."

At this point, everyone was filled with a chill. The peak strength of Amano was truly shocking. He had taken out 6 other Type 10 experts before he perished. He was truly heaven-defying.

After all, even the peak-strength Tentacular King-class Beast could only suppress 2 True Gods. They were not Amano's match.

Lie Yan stared at the beam and frowned, "If that fellow truly is Amano, what is he intending to do? A True God expert could not pass through the Universe Tree!"


Qi Yang had a look of wisdom as he came up with a conjecture, "Simple, that fellow should be something that was cultivated by the strand of Amano's indestructible soul. He should be suppressing his realm in order to head back to the Great God World to lord over everything. Once he returns to the Great God World, he would invincible, and no one can resist him."

Harlem asked solemnly, "Should we stop him? If we do it now, it's possible to crush his hopes."

Qi Yang spoke, "Why should we? Once he leaves the Tentacular Planet, he will have nothing to do with us. Even if he is invincible in the Great God World, what does that have to do with us? Even if he tries the Tower of Babel again, who knows how far in the future that would be? By that time, we might not even be alive any longer. Forcefully keeping him here would just breed another strong enemy."

As a Devil, Qi Yang's thoughts were usually more self-motivated. In the Fort of Hope, he was nice to Yue Zhong and the rest because there was value in them. Once the value was used up, he would not waste time or energy to bother.

Hearing those words, everyone fell silent.

Lei Huang and the rest wanted to stop Amano, but they had no way of doing so, and could only watch wide-eyed as Amano charged through the peak, making use of the spatial transfer to disappear from this world.

Qi Yang spoke, "Let's go!! Once the first nest is destroyed, the energy will be at an imbalance. The rest of the nests would crumble after. We can return to the Fort of Hope."

Under his orders, the 5 E-Grade Battleships immediately turned around, heading towards the Fort.

With the numerous Tentacular Beasts, even the proclaimed-strongest Type 10 powerhouse Amano had not been able to stop them at that time. Qi Yang and the rest were definitely not a match as well. Their aim was to destroy the nests and obtain room for a breather.

Soon, in the void space of the Great God World, a huge hole appeared, as the golden giant frame of Amano stepped through, descending upon the plane.

"I'm back, I'm back from the Tower of Babel. Haha, from today on, I'll be unstoppable on the path to being a True God! I'll be invincible throughout the heavens and earth!!"


After descending, Amano laughed out loud, however, he swept his right hand a gaze, and noticed a map.

"This is…?" Amano stared at the map with no recollection. However, after a moment's of hesitation, he tore through space and stepped in the spatial hole.


He arrived at a mysterious group of caves, and within them, there was a strange altar. On top of it, there was a black rock.

The moment he stepped into the caves, the black rock shot up and into his sea of consciousness. In an instant, countless memories flowed through his brain.

This was his memory capsule, carrying all of his memories, and was one of his backup plans.

At his peak, he had been capable of countless techniques and was incredibly strong. When the rest had joined forces to take him down, he had set aside countless backup plans, and this was one of them.

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