God and Devil World

Chapter 1211: Desperate Situation!

The moment he finished, he had quickly fled towards the exit.


Harlem and the rest also quickly turned around, fleeing frantically.


The Tentacular King-class Beasts all grew under extreme circumstances, each of them possessing capabilities well beyond Qi Yang and the rest. Since this nest was destroyed, the surrounding King-class Beasts would definitely rush over to provide reinforcements. If they all stayed here, everyone would die without a doubt.

Qi Yang and the rest had already suffered some losses against the King-class Beasts, and a few of their True God comrades in the past had fallen under the siege of those beasts. That sort of despair and the hopeless situation was not something they wanted to relive.

The moment the True Gods turned to flee, the rest of the powerhouses quickly followed after.

The rest of the Tentacular Beasts and the King-class Beast did not even bother about them, instead, they turned to charge at Yue Zhong.

"A bunch of bastards!!"

Yue Zhong stared at the incoming horde, his expression turning ugly. His Holy Light Wings flapped once and while wielding his Flame Battle Blade, he quickly soared out.

The beasts all tried to pounce towards him, their sharp blades slashing out, while their tentacles formed dense nets in a bid to impede Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong waved the blade, slashing out at the numerous Tentacular Beasts, turning them into slices while he continued to charge out in a frenzy.

After absorbing the life force of the Queen-class Beast, Yue Zhong's combat strength had already exceeded that of a True God powerhouse. He continued to swing his Flame Battle Blade away, carving out a path through slaughter.

As he flew out of the horde, one of the King-class Beasts, which had been heavily injured, slashed out at him with a flash of its bladed limb.

In response, Yue Zhong swung his blade viciously, attacking the bladed limb, and his strength burst out in a terrifying fashion. The resulting force from the collision forced Yue Zhong backward from the horde.

Within a breath, countless beasts pounced towards Yue Zhong, their sharp blades aiming for his face.

Their blades were sharp and numerous, even the Gold Battle Armor would not be able to resist that sort of damage.

In mid-air, the wings on Yue Zhong's back flapped and he twisted to evade many of the beasts, slashing out with his Flame Battle Blade, taking out many of them.

The King-class Beast continued to chase after Yue Zhong in a frenzy. Each time he tried to escape from the horde, the beast would send out its tentacles to slap Yue Zhong back into the horde.

The other King-class Beast continued to lay on the ground silently, slowly extracting some blue light from the ground, its strength recovering to a terrifying extent.

Each King-class Beast could take on 2 True God experts like Qi Yang at its peak strength. This time, they had been casting their nests, hence the drop in strength. That was how the True Gods could suppress these King-class Beasts. The moment they recovered their strength, it would spell Yue Zhong's doom.

Yue Zhong continued to slaughter the Tentacular Beasts, absorbing the life force. However, he was expending much of his stamina and strength every passing second. If this went on, he would definitely fall.

"Save me!!" Right at this time, there was an urgent plea for help within the horde.

"That is! The gold train!! It was still intact?!" Yue Zhong swept out with his sense and discovered the golden train still struggling inside the horde. With a flicker, he charged towards its position, slicing up any beast standing in his way.

In a few breaths, he had appeared in front of the train, which had been battered to a pathetic state. There were only 3 carriages left, and its length was now reduced to about 50m. Many of the Tentacular Beasts were holding it down with their tentacles, slashing down with their bladed limbs, damaging the train.

Yue Zhong transformed into a beam as he slaughtered the beasts nearby. He then leaped on top of it and roared out, "Charge now!"


The gold train blew steam, and the track appeared once more, as it charged forwards frantically.

Yue Zhong continued to slash out in a frenzy, killing any Tentacular Beasts that got too near.

The King-class beast that had been harassing Yue Zhong arrived in front of him, slicing down with its blades, its tentacles also shooting out to hit him.

At that instant, Yue Zhong's cells transformed once more, his strength bursting out as he charged forward, and slashed out viciously at the Tentacular King-class Beast.

His strength burst out, adding on the intense force of the gold train, both joined together, allowing him to exceed the strength of the Tentacular King-class Beast, forcing the beast to fly away.

Yue Zhong was also knocked back, striking the train hard due to the recoil, causing the gold train to shudder slightly.

The gold train took the chance to push its speed and shot out of the nest.

About 500m away, one King-class Beast rushed over, slashing down viciously at the train.

Forcing down the turmoil within his body, Yue Zhong ignited his cells once more, and the blade in his hands flashed out, slicing out at the blade of the King-class Beast.

With a loud blast, Yue Zhong was sent flying once more due to insufficient strength, as he slammed into the train once more, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The capabilities of the King-class Beast was extremely terrifying, 2 of the tentacles shot forward, directly slamming into the gold train, causing even more damage, while sending it back towards the nest.

At the entrance of the nest, there were countless Tentacular Beasts swarming all over the place, sealing it shut.

Within the gold train, there was a fearful shout, "The reinforcements have arrived! What do we do, Yue Zhong?"

Yue Zhong swept out with his sense, only to see numerous Tentacular Beasts all gathered outside the entrance, only the nest that was spitting the green lights did not have any beasts. He immediately made the decision, "Head towards that other nest, it could be our only chance!"


The owner of the gold train was a decisive fellow as well, quickly urging his treasure towards the new direction.

The Tentacular Beasts within the nest rushed towards them frantically, in a bid to slam into the gold train.

Yue Zhong stood on top of the train, slashing out at the numerous tentacles.

At that instant, the gold train had charged towards the cave that was emitting green light.

That same moment, the King-class Beast that had been absorbing energy let out an earthshaking roar, as 8 tentacles shot out like lightning.

2 of them wrapped around the gold train, forcefully bring it to a halt. The other 6 tentacles slammed towards Yue Zhong with lightning-speed.

Initially, all 8 tentacles had been broken. However, after absorbing enough strength, it released it out into 8 tentacles. The regeneration ability of the Tentacular King-class Beast was extremely terrifying, surpassing even True God experts. However, the True Gods had indestructible souls, as long as their enemies were not these Tentacular Beasts, they could flee with just their nascent souls alone, before resurrecting.

"Abandon the train and flee!"

Yue Zhong roared out in anger, his body transforming once more, as the Flame Battle Blade blasted out, slicing out at the tentacles of the King-class Beast.

Yue Zhong made use of rebound to send himself towards the green cave.

At the same time, a small figure charged out from the gold train, rushing towards the green cave.

Currently, the entire nest was crawling with Tentacular Beasts, and this green cave was their only chance.

Seeing Yue Zhong charge through the green cave, the rest of the Tentacular Beasts quickly surrounded the place, but they just gathered and did not dare to enter, as though afraid of something.

The recovered King-class Beast let out another furious shriek, the horrifying sounds reverberating through the region.

On the other side, Qi Yang and the rest had been slaughtering their way out after abandoning Yue Zhong and the others, arriving outside of the nest.


"Hahaha!!! Universe Tree!! I've been waiting for this day for so many years!!"


At this time, a golden light shot towards the sky, rushing up the Universe Tree like a meteor, aiming for the top.

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