God and Devil World

Chapter 1210: Killing the King Beast!

Taking the opportunity when the King-class Beast was distracted by the gold train, Yue Zhong's Holy Light Wings burst open, as he turned into a flash of light and charged right beside the beast. He then slashed down with all his might, the Flame Battle Blade burning brightly.

The blade sliced down, as though meeting an incredibly tough wall, and barely got past the first layer.

In a rage, Yue Zhong roared out, his body tensing up, every single cell bursting forth with power. His strength reached a hundred-fold, as he shouted, "Fusion Slash!!"

At that moment, the Flame Battle Blade seemed to burst forth with terrifying might, causing the carapace of the King-class Beast to burst open, fresh blood splattering everywhere.


This particular move that used the potential of the cells within Yue Zhong's body to burst forth with strength was a secret move he comprehended in the 100-year closed-cultivation. It was only possible with his God-Devil Physique.

Had he tried to use this move at the Type 8 realm, his body would have burst apart. Even at the half-step True God realm, this move was extremely consuming, and it could only be utilized once, not in a prolonged state.

The blade sliced through the body of the King-class Beast, however, it did not die, instead, letting out a piercing shriek. A tentacle shot out, aiming to strike Yue Zhong viciously.


The blade flashed once more, as his cells burst forth once more with their potential, and in a brilliant gleam of light, the tentacle was sliced off and dropped to the ground.

After slicing through the tentacle, the Holy Light Wings flapped, and Yue Zhong's speed soared, charging towards the head of the King-class Beast. He then burst forth once more with the Fusion Slash, attacking the head.


Following a miserable scream of agony, the head was torn apart, and the brain inside was incinerated, turning into ash rapidly before the beast died.

With the death of the King-class Beast, there was a thick and abundant mysterious energy that entered Yue Zhong, filled with truths of the universe, not only nourishing him with life force but also a part of the energies, truths, principles and even spatial laws that the King-class Beast had obtained.


After he absorbed the life force, Yue Zhong had a flash of insight, obtaining some conjectures about the Tower of Babel, as well as the Tentacular Planet itself, "So it was like this… the bodies of these Tentacular Beasts are truly amazing. There are some similarities between my God-Devil Physique, God-Devil Imprint, and these beasts. It was likely that the owner of the system had researched on the physiques of these beasts to create the God-Devil Physique. , the ability to absorb everything of the Imprint is similar to these beasts' abilities to consume everything as well. The difference is that the direction of the God-Devil Imprint is for humans to evolve, absorbing the purest life force, while these Tentacular Beasts absorbed all sorts of energies to fight and nourish themselves. From the perspective of an evolution standpoint, the God-Devil Imprint definitely has an advantage, but from a combat perspective, the Tentacular Beasts are stronger. As long as I absorb enough King-class Beasts, I can combine the best of both worlds, and become even stronger."

Qi Yang was still holding off the other Tentacular King-class Beast, and when he saw what happened over at Yue Zhong's end, he was filled with shock, "What?! He actually killed that Tentacular King-class Beast!!! Isn't this Yue Zhong too overpowered?! Even if he is an Oracle, killing a King-class by himself is just too heaven-defying! The past few Oracles that I've seen were also dragons amongst men, but they cannot compare to him!"

Harlem had a similar look of shock, "That's crazy! This fellow is just at the great Circle of the Type 9 realm, and yet, he had already surpassed us Type 10 experts. It's the first time seeing such a terrifying existence!"

The Tentacular King-class Beast was a Type 10 life form, at its peak, a single beast could take on 2 Type 10 experts and not be at a disadvantage. This time, even of the strength within the nest had been affected, it was still incredibly vicious, and could suppress Qi Yang.


With such a powerful beast, even if it were injured, it was difficult for a Type 9 powerhouse to be able to injure it with gold-grade equipment, much less kill one. And yet, Yue Zhong was able to do so, causing everyone to be shocked.

After Yue Zhong killed the Tentacular King-class Beast, the numerous Tentacular Beasts became enraged, roaring out and surging forth with even more fervor, pouncing towards Yue Zhong.

The rest of the beasts at a distance had also discarded their targets, opening their mouths to fire out blue beams at Yue Zhong.


The Holy Light Wings on Yue Zhong's back flashed, and he transformed into a beam of light as he pounced towards the Queen-class Beast.

In a breath, he had appeared on top of it, his cells transforming once more as he slashed down viciously at its head.

That strike was able to cause a deep gash, as large amounts of blood began to pour out.

The head alone of the Tentacular Queen-class Beast was over a few hundred meters in length, thus, Yue Zhong's attack could only cause a deep gash, and not kill it in a single strike.

Even so, the Queen-class Beast let out an agonized shriek.

It was an egg-producing machine, the core, and nucleus of the Tentacular Beasts. However, its combat abilities were not particularly strong, although its defenses were something to behold.


At that instant, the Tentacular Beasts charged towards Yue Zhong frantically.

The King-class Beast engaged in battle with Qi Yang quickly turned and dashed towards Yue Zhong, while holding up its torn off flesh due to those Demonic Dragons.


The other Tentacular King-class Beast that was held by the other 2 True Gods was immobilized.

Yue Zhong knew his time was little, thus his cells continued to transform, his Flame Battle Blade slashing down repeatedly.

As he was slashing out viciously, the head of the Queen-class was torn through, its blood flowing profusely. After barely a second, Yue Zhong had already destroyed the head and retrieved the nucleus within.

After eliminating the Queen-class Beast, a thick life force thrice that of the King-class Beast surged through Yue Zhong. After he fully absorbed that mysterious and powerful energy, his body began to strengthen once more, evolving towards an even more perfect state.

Having cultivated over a hundred years within the Room of Time, Yue Zhong had obtained all sorts of knowledge and understood the techniques to transform his body. He had also truly grasped the miraculous properties of his God-Devil Physique. It was because of this that he could help his body achieve the next step in evolution quickly.

At the moment that Yue Zhong slaughtered the Queen-class Beast, the King-class Beast had arrived in front of Yue Zhong, slashing out savagely.

The same instant, Yue Zhong turned around, his Flame Battle Blade searing as it met the King-class Beast's strike.

With a loud explosion, Yue Zhong was sent flying back a few meters, but he deftly leaped into the Tentacular Beast horde and took out more of them.

"He blocked it!! He actually blocked the attack of a King-class!! That's terrifying!! He's obviously not at the True God realm yet, how could he do it?!"

Seeing Yue Zhong block the strike, many of the experts were all taken aback, their faces filled with disbelief.

The all-out attack of the King-class Beast could even surpass that of Harlem and the other Type 10 experts. To think that Yue Zhong could actually block it, meant that his combat ability had even surpassed that of Harlem and the rest.

At the moment of the Queen-class Beast's death, its abdomen burst apart, as countless fist-sized Tentacular Beasts crawled out, escaping through countless channels. They were not yet matured, but as long as one got out, it was possible for one of them to evolve into another Queen-class Beast.

At the same time, the nest began to break apart, as a bright green energy shot towards the sky, radiating outwards.

When Qi Yang saw this, he shouted, "Flee!!! Once a Queen-class Beast dies, the entire nest will collapse!! The King-class Beasts of the other 2 nests will come over quickly to provide reinforcements!! We have to evacuate now!!"

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