God and Devil World

Chapter 1209: Intense Battle in the Nest!

The True God expert of the Man-Eater Race, Gui Li, who was 4m-tall, possessing a single green horn, his entire body covered in green fur, and his visage ferocious and terrifying, had a vicious glint in his eyes before he suddenly transformed. His physique ballooned to a size of over 10m, similar to the Green Tooth Ghosts that Yue Zhong had come across before.

After he transformed, a terrifying aura emitted from him, and in a flash, he had appeared in front of the Tentacular King-class Beast, grabbing one of the tentacles and slammed the beast viciously onto the ground.


The Beast True God Zu Hua, who had a True Dragon head, his entire body covered in gold dragon scales, his height of about 3m and his physique powerful, charged right ahead. He appeared in front of that Tentacular Beast and grabbed out, ripping one tentacle away.

Harlem wielded a might gold battleax, looking like a heavenly god as he slashed out at the Tentacular King-class Beast, his strike seemingly capable of ripping space apart.

The Tentacular King-class Beast raised one of its blades, slashing back at the gold battleax, forcefully parrying that slash. At the same time, the rest of its tentacles shot out towards Gui Li, Zu Hua, and Harlem.

The strength of the Tentacular King-class Beast was not to be underestimated. Its tentacles could even injure a True God expert heavily, to the point of death.

Gui Li and Zu Hua channeled their strength, slamming out at the tentacles, blasting them apart.

Under the frenzied assault of 3 True Gods, the Tentacular King-class Beast continued to shudder and tremble, fresh blood flowing, and it lost all energy to retaliate.

Seeing that, everyone's faces fell, their fear towards the King-class Beast increasing. They had finally understood how terrifying a King-class Beast was.

After all, Harlem and the other 2 were True God warriors. They simply had to lift a finger and they could wipe out a Type 9 expert. No one present could hope to take on the combined attacks of these 3 experts. And yet, even when assaulting the weakened King-class Beast, they had no way of killing it at one go. One could only imagine the true terror of the beast when it was at its peak.


4 True God experts joining hands to take down 2 Tentacular King-class Beasts, while the rest of the experts had to deal with the 10,000-over Tentacular Beasts in the nest.


Harlem slashed out at the King-class Beast and yelled, "Zu Hua, you go help those fledglings carve out a path. Quickly eliminate that injured King-class Beast!"


Currently, the 3 experts had launched into a flurry of attacks at the Tentacular King-class Beast, causing it grievous injuries. Zu Hua could pry himself away from the battle to assist the Type 9 powerhouses.


Those Type 9 experts were not a match for the 10,000-odd Tentacular Beasts. Even if they were equipped with gold-grade treasures, they could not hope to withstand the multitude of attacks. The difference in strength was too great.


Zu Hua did not waste any breath, immediately charging towards the Tentacular Beasts. He channeled his energy, and his claws slashed out with 20m-beams, slicing through the horde of monsters.

Within the space, many Tentacular Beasts fell under the merciless attacks of Zu Hua, their bodies sliced apart and fresh blood flowed.

Many of the experts quickly followed after, charging at those Tentacular Beasts.

A number of them had ranged weapons, firing out at the Tentacular Beasts, tearing them apart.

The Tentacular Beasts were a powerful alien species of the universe, capable of devouring almost anything, including Domains, Laws, Energies, atmospheric Qi, spatial energies, etc. Hence, the comprehension that these powerhouses obtained through the Tower of Babel was basically obsolete in the face of these monsters. However, the Exchange System had its fair share of powerful equipment that could be effective.

The only regret was that their defenses were tough and their regeneration terrifying. It took many hits from those gold-grade treasures just to take one down.

The majority of the rest had close-combat gold-grade weapons. They could only charge in frantically at the horde, displaying their strongest attacks to kill the beasts.

A long, gold-grade train of over 100m appeared, smashing through the horde, slamming into one particular Tentacular Beast viciously, causing its body to burst apart.

After that, the train continued to surge forward, crushing everything in its path, directly turning 20-odd Tentacular Beasts into meat paste.

However, just as it killed about 29 of the beasts, hundreds of tentacles bored down on it, wrapping around that invincible and indestructible item, forcefully holding it in place.


The next moment, a dozen Tentacular Beasts slammed into the gold train, causing it to shudder intensely. At the same, many of the beasts began to slash out viciously.

Under those attacks, the gold train that had been invincible and indestructible throughout the 800 worlds finally had a number of dangerous cracks.

The owner was shocked, and hastily channeled his treasure, causing it to billow with more steam, as it tried to shake off the Tentacular Beasts. However, the tentacles were too numerous, and regardless of how the gold train struggled, it had no way of extracting itself.

The gold train needed time to accelerate for its speed and destructive power to be most effective. Once it was impeded by the tentacles, its strength would be reduced greatly. Furthermore, these Tentacular Beasts were much more powerful than those outside. Even True God experts would find it hard to escape from these beasts.

As it was on the verge of breaking apart, Yue Zhong appeared like a specter among the horde, punching out at one of the beasts, instantly turning it into meat paste.

Before the rest of the beasts could react, Yue Zhong punched out continuously, slamming more of them into the ground, before jumping on the train.

He roared out, "Head towards the injured King-class Beast!! Go!! I will protect all of you!!"

Before this, as they all gone through the Tower of Babel, Yue Zhong had great enmity with the owner of this gold train. However, under the current circumstances, they could only join forces.

A clear voice sounded from within, "Alright!"

At the same time, the owner pulled out a gold seed that he had obtained from the Tower of Babel, throwing it at the damaged gold train.


The seed emitted a powerful radiance, enveloping the train, and the damages began to repair at a visible rate.


At the same time, the speed of the train picked up, and it smashed into the injured Tentacular King-class Beast.

Along the way, hundreds of tentacles continued to writhe around, trying to constrict the train.

Yue Zhong stood on the train, wielding a gold-grade Flame Battle Blade slashing out at the tentacles, slicing them up.

More Tentacular Beasts lunged towards the train viciously.

Yue Zhong ran along the train, slashing out continuously without a break, easily killing the numerous Tentacular Beasts.


The other beasts far away felt the threat to their King, and quickly opened up their mandibles, firing out blue beams at the train.

The train radiated brightly, activating its gold-grade shield, forcefully blocking the beams. The train was a gold-grade treasure after all, and its defenses were astonishing. Its shield had negated most of the beams. Only the bladed limbs of the beasts could damage the shield and its body.

The train continued to chug and smash forward mercilessly, bashing through numerous beasts, while Yue Zhong stood on top, wielding his Flame Battle Blade to take care of those that got too close.

In a few breaths, the gold train continued on its track, smashing into the Tentacular King-class Beast that only had its upper body intact.

With a loud blast, the heavily injured beast was slammed to one side, the connections and tentacles filled with nourishment ripped apart. The body of the King-class Beast bled out a little, but other than that, there were no other visible injuries.

At that moment, the beast had finally regained a slight amount of its strength. It let out a weak roar of rage, one tentacle smashing towards the gold train.

With a loud blast, the gold train was smashed and destroyed, half of its carriage entirely devastated. The rest of it was sent soaring back towards the horde of Tentacular Beasts.

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