God and Devil World

Chapter 1208: Tentacular King Beast!

In the face of the horde of Tentacular Beasts, the experts were definitely not a match for them. The best strategy was to focus all their strength on destroying a nest, only then they would have a chance for success.

Lie Yan, who was over 4m-tall, his whole body forged from crystal fire jade, nodded, "Alright, leave it to me."

Quickly, all the Type 9 experts equipped their Gold-Grade armor and weapons and followed the 4 True God experts out of the battleship.

Over the countless years, the Fort of Hope had accumulated many Gold-Grade weapons and equipment. Although in the course of battles, many of them were damaged, they were still of the Gold-Grade, thus, they were naturally stronger than most of the other equipment that the Type 9 experts had.

At that moment, the 5 E-Grade Battleships focused their fire and shot out at one nest.

Those cannons were capable of injuring a True God expert seriously, or even killing one, thus the Tentacular Beasts could not withstand those beams.

Under the assault of those 5 beams, everywhere the beam touched was vaporized, and over a million Tentacular Beasts were wiped out in an instant.

When the 5 beams slammed into the nest, it blasted apart, as countless flesh and blood splattered out of it.

A clear tunnel was carved out from that beam, as though a huge trench had been dug out, revealing the massive nest within.

The dense horde of aerial Tentacular Beasts in the air was also vaporized during the beam, revealing a patch of sky.

Yue Zhong looked at the devastation caused, and was filled with shock, "Those cannons are truly powerful. If it was used on Earth, I'm afraid there would be nothing left of Earth."


The density of this Tentacular Planet was easily more than a hundred times that of Earth, thus its gravity was also more than a hundred times. The cannons of the 5 Battleships had been focused and was enough to cause a 100m-deep tear in the ground. The beam had even pierced through the 1st nest, causing a deep hole. If it was used on Earth, it would likely penetrate through.


Qi Yang hollered once, and turned into a flash towards the nest, "Charge!"


Currently, it was the best to storm the first nest, as those Tentacular Beasts in the way had been eliminated. Otherwise, even a True God expert would find it tough to trudge through the horde.

All the experts flashed and headed towards the first nest. They were clear that time was not on their side.

The might of the 5 E-Grade Battleships was powerful, able to blast through an ordinary planet, however, the cooldown time period was long, requiring at least 24 hours before they could fire again.

The Tentacular Beasts could feel the threat and quickly charged towards Qi Yang and the rest.

As they scrambled over towards the first nest, many of them opened their mandibles and fired out blue beams of light at the experts.

The number of Tentacular Beasts was simply too high, their blue beams almost like rain, leaving them no room to dodge or evade. Many of them were struck in their bodies, but under the protection of their gold-grade armor, they were forced one side.

The stronger experts immediately stood up and continued to charge towards the nest.

The weaker ones or those who were unfortunate were bombarded by the numerous blue beams, and their defensive equipment was torn through, before finally collapsing and the owners ripped apart, dying in a miserable fashion.

Seeing the weaker experts being torn apart by the blue beams, many of the rest felt their hearts turn cold, and their expressions of despair. Most of them were equipped with rare and powerful defensive equipment, but it was still hard to withstand those blue beams. They were talented experts out there as well, however, under the circumstances, they were reminded of their weaker days where they had to struggle and fight for survival.

After paying the price of a dozen experts, Qi Yang managed to lead the rest into the first nest.


Inside, there were many Tentacular Beasts corpses, their blood and dismembered limbs splattered all over the nest.

"Oh right, the nuclei inside the brains are all treasures."

Yue Zhong looked at the corpse and with a thought, he waved his hands, causing their coprses to fly into his Universe Ring.

The heads of these Tentacular Beasts were incredibly tough, if Yue Zhong wanted to break through them, it would take some strength and time. Under the current circumstances, he could not afford to waste either.

Seeing Yue Zhong keep the heads, the rest also quickly scrambled to collect the heads as well.

Since all Type 9 powerhouses had some comprehension into spatial laws, they could make use of spatial crystals to form spatial treasures. Unfortunately, their treasures could not compare to Yue Zhong's Universe Ring.

"Make your preparations!" As they charged in for some distance, Qi Yang gazed deep into the first nests, and he just uttered that sentence when his face changed and he barked, "Careful!! It's a King-class Beast!!"

At this time, there was a powerful energy fluctuation, as 2 thick and coarse blue beams shot out from below, slamming into the group. In an instant, 13 of the experts were vaporized, together with their equipment.

The defense of the Gold-Grade armors was shocking, however, they also had an upper limit. Obviously, the power of those beams had exceeded the threshold.

Seeing this, the rest of the experts felt their scalps go numb, they had finally seen the terror of a King-class Beast. It was something not weaker than a True God expert.

Qi Yang's eyes lit up as he roared out and charged, while the rest of the True Gods soared deeper in, "2 beams, good chance!! One of them is injured, this is the best opportunity we have. Everyone attack with all your might!"

Everyone was already forced against the wall, hence, they could only grit their teeth and charged further on.

They were all peak experts, and in a breath, they had already reached deeper.

Deep inside the nest, there was a Queen-class Beast, with a pair of sharp claws, its body length over 10km, while 3 other King-class Beasts stood in front of it, each of them 50m in size, with a blue-crystal armor. They had dragon-like wings, 6 powerful legs, and 8 tentacles, their entire bodies covered in sharp spikes.

Currently, one of the King-class Beast had its lower body blasted apart, and it was struggling frantically. The numerous tentacles of the Queen-class Beast were stuck in the body of the King-class Beast, nourishing it and hastening its recovery.

With the nourishment, the wounds of the King-class Beast was healing at a rapid rate, visible to the naked eye.

Inside the nest, other than these 4 great beasts, there were over tens of thousands of Tentacular Beasts. They were larger than ordinary Tentacular Beasts, and the moment they saw the experts arriving, they began to attack.

"Quick!! We have to act quickly to wipe them out. Otherwise, when that King-class Beast recovers, we will be in trouble!"

Qi Yang pulled out a pitch-black statue that was exuding a thick, dark energy. It had 9 Demonic Dragons engraved on it, and he slashed out on his own body, causing some blood to flow into the Gold-Grade Treasure.

Immediately, it lit up, and 9 Demonic Dragons, containing the strength of the Type 10 realm, flapped their wings and soared out of the statue, pouncing towards one of the King-class Beast.

The Tentacular King-Class Beast was vicious, evading and charging towards one of the Demonic Dragons, retaliating with its blades and managed to tear through its body.

The moment the Demonic Dragon was torn apart, it could not reform.

Instead, the remnant energy flowed into the bodies of the 8 other Dragons, causing them to evolve into stronger beings.


At the same time, the tentacles of the King-class Beast shot out like projectiles towards the remaining 8 Demonic Dragons.

The 8 dragons opened their jaws and pounced onto the Tentacular King-class Beast, biting out chunks of bloody flesh, even tearing through a few tentacles in the process.


Both sides went all out in a savage and vicious manner.

The other King-Beast flashed and charged through the group, its blades slashing out, and directly tore through 2 experts and their Gold-Grade Armor, before tearing them apart and swallowing them.

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