God and Devil World

Chapter 1207: Universe Tree!

After the banquet was over, Yue Zhong came up to the exchange system once more.

When he arrived, there was a flash of light, as Light materialized, and revealed a brilliant smile, "How do you do, Yue Zhong, or should I say, Oracle? May I ask, what do you intend to exchange for?"


Yue Zhong waved his hands, throwing 24 nuclei to her, "I want to exchange for 24 years' worth of time to cultivate, one hour for a year."

The God-Devil System was beyond any Gold-grade treasure, and one of the most important reason was that it controlled time. In the exchange system, there was the option of exchanging for cultivation time. The exchange rates were as follows, 1 hour: 1 year, or 1 hour: 10 years, and even more. Of course, the stronger the rate, the more nuclei required.

Yue Zhong only had a few Tentacular nuclei, thus, he only had enough to exchange for 24 years.

His speed of improvement had been fast, purely because of his God-Devil Imprint. However, because of his speed, he needed time to consolidate and comprehend his laws and Daos.

Along the way, Yue Zhong had made use of the God-Devil Imprint to evolve, and he could use it to reach the Type 10 realm. However, there are differences even among those in the same realm. Only by going through refining, consolidation of knowledge and information, cultivating diligently, would one become strong.

When he was weak, he had always chased after strength. Now, at the peak, what he needed was knowledge and absorbing of information, truly building a solid foundation, to become a terrifying God-like being.

Light pointed to a number of rooms packed neatly within the palace, and said, "Understood, that is the Room of Time. Once you enter, it will begin, after 24 hours, it will automatically send you out."


Yue Zhong walked in immediately and began to sift through all the knowledge he obtained in the Tower of Babel.

As he cultivated, he sank in deep and lost track of himself. In a flash, 24 years had gone past.

Outside, it had only been a day, and the Room of Time automatically opened up to send Yue Zhong.


When Yue Zhong was sent out, he opened up his eyes slowly, revealing a glint of wisdom.

As he came to clarity, he exchanged for a device that could search for Tentacular Beasts and chose to leave the Fort of Hope, hunting those beasts.

He did not head for the nests immediately, instead, choosing to hunt outside the nests. He would conduct sneak attacks and retreat quickly from time to time.

On this planet, there were countless beasts roaming about. Only a horde or the King Beasts had the ability to kill Yue Zhong. Other than that, the rest of the weaker beasts and smaller groups served to become his prey.

After hunting enough beasts, he would return to the Fort of Hope and enter the Room of Time to cultivate.


7 days passed quickly. The Room of Time that Yue Zhong was in opened up, and he walked out slowly, his gaze filled with a deep and profound look. His current understanding was more than a hundred times deeper than 7 days before. At the same time, his strength had increased exponentially.

"Yue Zhong, are you out?" Qi Yang looked at Yue Zhong before his brows arched, and there was a sharp look, "Ah? You look somewhat different."

Qi Yang could tell that Yue Zhong had undergone some changes. Before his closed-door cultivation, Yue Zhong had looked like a sharp, unsheathed blade, full of killing intent and strength. However, after the hundred years within the Room of Time, Yue Zhong had become unfathomable even to Qi Yang.

Harlem swept Yue Zhong a look as well, before urging, "Come on, our target are the nests, we don't have time to waste!"

Everyone was looking to destroy the nests, and every single minute and second was precious. Harlem could not bother about Yue Zhong's training progress.

Breaking through to the Type 10 realm from the Great Circle of the Type 9 realm was not easy, even if one cultivated for 10,000 years. Even if Yue Zhong had improved by a small step, it would likely not affect the battle much.

Soon, 5 battleships of over 10,000m, their frames entirely in white, equipped countless E-Grade cannons flew out, heading towards the nests.

These 5 E-Grade Battleships were the true treasures left behind in this Fort of Hope from the numerous generations before.

Their speed was terrifying, the moment they opened their throttles, the distance crossed was over a million kilometers. They soon appeared about 150km away from the Universe Tree.

Qi Yang spoke solemnly, "We've reached!"

At that instant, the hull contorted and disappeared entirely, allowing the people within to look at the huge Universe Tree. It stood over a thousand kilometers tall, reaching past the clouds, as though poking straight into the galaxy. It was filled with lush green leaves.

Countless green light beams shot out from the ground, flowing along with the Universe Tree towards the sky. It was extremely beautiful and captivating.

Harlem eyed the Universe Tree and spoke, "This is the Universe Tree, the divine tree supporting the Fort of Hope. Normally, there are strong self-defense mechanisms, and no living beings can get near. However, every 100 years, there would be a period of weakness. During this period, it is unable to prevent the Tentacular Beasts from absorbing its strength and energy. This is also your only way of heading back to the Great God World."

Hearing those words, many Type 9 experts became excited, eyeing the Universe Tree with passion.

Those experts who could exit from the Tower of Babel, all of them had attained some incredible benefits. If they could return to the Great God World or any of the 800 worlds, they would become peak experts, wielding incredible authority and power. If they remained here, they would just be cannon fodder.

Around the Universe Tree, there were 3 huge holes with unknown depths, and countless Tentacular Beasts crawling all around.

Their perception was terrifying, immediately catching the scent of the 5 E-Grade Battleships a 100 kilometer away. Numerous Tentacular Beasts began to pour out of the 3 nests, pouncing towards the direction of the 5 E-Grade Battleships.

Outside the nests, the ground rumbled as countless Tentacular Beasts poured, charging towards their directions.

Other than them, there were even some flying-types that had dragon-like wings, soaring through the skies.


The terrifying horde was heading over.

Seeing the numbers coming at them both from land and air, everyone felt a chill in their heart. Lei Huang and the rest finally understood why there would be so many True God experts that had fallen.

These Tentacular Beasts were not ants that could be squashed to death. Even a Type 10 expert would not be able to utilize the atmospheric energy or Qi to squash them. Instead, it had to be done through melee combat.

If it were in the Great God World, a True God expert could wipe out everything in a thousand kilometers radius, other than Type 9 experts. That was truly terrifying.

From afar, those Tentacular Beasts opened their mandibles, firing blue beams towards the 5 E-Grade Battleships.


The 5 E-Grade Battleships flashed and opened up their energy shields, withstanding the blue beams.

At the same time, the cannons on the ships also began to fire back at the Tentacular Beasts.

Under the barrage of attacks, many Tentacular Beasts were punched full of holes, and fresh blood dyed the ground.

At the same time, a number of silver balls were fired out towards the horde.

The moment these silver mechanical balls soared out, they extended to form silver Mech Beasts with 2 blades at their sides, wings on their backs, and their 4 limbs powerful.

The moment those silver Mech Beasts landed on the ground, they charged straight right for the Tentacular Beasts, and both sides began to engage in a vicious clash.

Soon, the battlefield was filled with broken parts and flesh.

These silver Mech Beasts were all composed of the most advanced nano cells, as long as their smart chips were intact, they could fight on indefinitely. On the ground, it seemed as though the Mech Beasts had the advantage. However, in terms of numbers, the Tentacular Beasts held the advantage. From time to time, more beasts would pour out from the nests, tearing the Mech Beasts apart.

The Tentacular Beasts were truly savage, consuming everything and anything. They could even digest rocks, turning them into energy to survive. It was because of this that they could survive on this cruel and harsh planet.

Qi Yang was solemn, "They had already built 3 nests. The 9 King-class Beasts and 3 Queen Beasts are inside. This time, we have to focus our forces on one particular nest and destroy it first. Lie Yan, I'll leave the command here to you. This is our only chance to focus on the nest."

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