God and Devil World

Chapter 1206: God-Devil System A.I.!

The beautiful woman smiled charmingly, "How do you do. I'm the spirit of the God-Devil System, or an A.I., so as to speak. Master usually calls me Light. You can exchange Tentacular Beasts nuclei for anything with me, including food, natural treasures, gold-grade treasures, laws and Daos, information, and even cultural knowledge."

Light's eyes then flashed, sending beams of black light into the consciousness of everybody present, imprinting the exchange rates on them, "This is the list of exchange rates, please accept it!"

In a flash, Yue Zhong understood what he could exchange.

There were all sorts of items within the exchange system, with uncountable Gold-Grade treasures. Even the Gold Battle Armor on Yue Zhong could be exchanged. There were even Mechs with strength surpassing Type 10 experts. However, depending on the items, the exchange value was different. A gold-grade treasure would usually cost about 100,000 nuclei and above. As for the Mech that could surpass Type 10 experts, it required a million nuclei or a single King-class nucleus. It was truly precious.

Yue Zhong eyed the God-Devil System A.I., his fists clenched tight as he took in a deep breath, and without hesitation, he stepped up to ask, "Light, why, why did your Master make Earth go through those changes?!"


After the apocalypse, over 1 billion people had died, and the rest had suffered terribly.

Along the way, Yue Zhong had seen many tragedies, broken families, betrayals, cannibals, and all sorts of horrendous things. These were all engraved deeply in his mind. As a result, he had become a hardened tyrant and seemed stone-cold at times, but in truth, in the deepest parts of his heart, he had always been furious about the state of matters. It was anger from his conscience as a human being.

Light chuckled, "Please pay the price of 1 nucleus."


Yue Zhong waved his hand and threw a Tentacular Beast nucleus at her.


When battling those beasts earlier, Yue Zhong had seen Harlem picking up those nuclei, thus, he took the opportunity to pick up a few as well.

When the nucleus touched Light, it disappeared immediately.

Light then smiled and spoke slowly but clearly, "Master had ordered for the Earth to undergo changes in order to allow the life forms on it to evolve. It would create powerful soldiers and warriors, at the same time, he could gain joy from seeing the growth of humans. Mr. Yue Zhong, if those things did not happen, you would not have evolved to this stage."

'Based on your standing at that point in time, your knowledge, character, psychology, and overall health, I can compute your fate. You would have struggled for 20 years, becoming a general manager of a company worth 1.5million in assets, married to Lu Wen. Both of you would have a son, and you will live to the age of 76 and die. Your friends would become ordinary members of society, without the strength, status, nor power they have now."

"Now, you're an expert at the peak of the Type 9 realm. According to the classifications of the Great God World, there is something called the half-step True God stage. You're just one step away from the Type 10 realm. Please continue to strive hard, you're looked upon favorably! Within this batch of survivors of the Tower of Babel, there's only Yue Zhong, Lei Huang, Balthazar, Brendan, and Radford with chances of becoming a Type 10 expert within 10,000 years. As for the rest, without fortuituous encounters, it would be impossible."

"Those who I have called out, please do not be arrogant. These 10,000 estimate refers to the constant battle against the Tentacular Beasts and exchanging the nuclei with all sorts of evolution resources. If you want to cultivate within the Fort of Hope, then even if you cultivate for 100,000 years, there's no chance of breaking through."

Hearing those words from Light, everyone trembled and looked to the 5 of them who were called with gazes of envy and jealousy.

As for the 5 experts, other than Yue Zhong, they revealed expressions of joy. They had fought so hard in order to become a Type 10 expert. Now, there was a ray of hope, they were naturally ecstatic. Within the Great God World, even if they cultivated for 100,000 years, they would not be able to reach the True God realm.


Yue Zhong suddenly asked, "Light, is your Master capable of wiping out all the Tentacular Beasts?"

"1 nucleus!"

He immediately threw one over.

Light replied in a short and precise manner, "Yes!"

After a moment, Yue Zhong discovered that Light was not as fluent as earlier, and had a strange feeling.


Yue Zhong then spoke solemnly, "I want to meet your Master, what are the requirements?"

"1 nucleus!"

Again, he threw one over.

There was a strange glint in her eyes, as she smiled, "On this planet, there are 9 Tentacular King Beasts, and 3 Tentacular Queen Beasts. As long as you can take them out, I can take you to meet Master."

After that, she sent out a beam of black light to everyone, "This is the map containing information on the positions of those powerful beasts that I mentioned."

Light laughed, "If there're no further questions, I'll be making a move. When you have enough Tentacular Nuclei, you can summon me once more to conduct exchanges." She then disappeared into motes of light.

When she left, there was a hint of fury in Yue Zhong's eyes, "To create powerful soldiers, he could easily sacrifice a billion lives?! Damn it, I'm still too weak. When I've evolved enough, I will make sure to teach that fucker a lesson!!"

Yue Zhong might be at the half-step True God stage, but in front of the expert who had the God-Devil System, he was still too weak. He did not know how strong the other part was, but he knew that even a Type 10 expert was nothing to that fellow.

After all, there were plenty of Type 10 Mechs, Type 10 Mutant Beasts and monsters in the exchange system. It was obvious that the owner of the God-Devil System could create such powerful beings. Yue Zhong was still a weakling.


Yue Zhong also only dared to show his temper after the A.I. left.

Qi Yang smiled warmly at everyone, "Come, let's all go celebrate, the arrival of our new members. Everyone can get to know one another. Haha!"

The Devil Race might be selfish and had their own motivations, but Qi Yang had already become a Type 10 expert and protected the Fort of Hope for so many years, thus, he had grown past all schemes and selfish ambitions.

To him right now, surviving, evolving, and becoming stronger, was the only goal to chase after. With powerful allies, they could all survive better.

Inside the Fort, the Type 9 experts numbered less than 500, but those below that realm were over a million.

In a vast square, there were many crystal tables, as the hundreds of Type 9 experts sat to enjoy delicious food.

Beautiful women of each race were dancing on the stage, to the sound of melodious music, as though it was heaven on earth.

At the head of each table, there were 10 seats, of which, the 5 great Type 10 experts, as well as the 5 half-step True Gods that Light had announced to have the greatest hope of breaking through.

The 5 great heads of the Fort were Harlem of the Human Race, Qi Yang of the Evil Devil Race, Gui Li of the Man-Eater Race, Zu Hua of the Beast Race, and Lie Yan of the Stone Race.

Yue Zhong and Lei Huang were humans, thus, they were closer to Harlem, and sat near him.

Yue Zhong suddenly asked, "Sir Harlem, why is that the people here are so little?"

The Fort had stood for millions of years, and under such circumstances, it had produced all sorts of life forms, and yet, there were only a million-odd people. It was mysterious.

Harlem put down his wine glass and sighed deeply, a sunken look in his eyes, "The people here are restricted by the Fort. It can only accommodate 1,110,000 people. If the inhabitants exceed this amount, us Type 10 experts would not be able to absorb the energy and would become weaker. Hence, we can only control the population. There's a rule here, that if one does not become a Type 9 expert in 500 years, and is not needed by any Type 9 powerhouse, they would be abandoned."

When Yue Zhong heard this, his heart shuddered. Abandoned, naturally meant given up on and left for dead. After all, the heads of the Fort would not allow anyone to leave the Fort to become food for the Tentacular Beasts.

It seemed that the Fort of Hope was also a cruel place.


Lei Huang downed the contents of his glass, and asked, "Sir Harlem, when are we moving out to deal with the nesting problem?"

Harlem replied, "7 days! The nesting requires 10 days at least, and the 7th day is usually the most critical period. Most of the strength would be concentrated within the nests, and it is the moment that they were weakest. That's the only chance we have to deal with their nest."

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