God and Devil World

Chapter 1205: Qi Yang!

Qi Yang had a solemn expression, "The world we were in was a huge cage. Everything within, including you and me, are just considered lab tests for the entity called God. Us Type 10 experts might call ourselves True Gods, with our indestructible godly souls, however, compared to the real God, we are weak, nothing in fact."

He continued, "That entity called God has the strongest gold-grade treasure, basically, the number one godly weapon, the God-Devil System. Nothing within the 800 worlds could escape his attention. He could make use of it to create an entire race and help that race to become an intelligent species within a year. He could also wipe out an entire race in the blink of an eye."

When Yue Zhong heard this, his heart sank and he thought about all that had happened on Earth. In this short year, Earth had truly undergone shocking changes. Zombies, Mutant Beasts, the Sea Clan, these had all evolved within a year and had gone against the natural laws of evolution. It was truly heaven-defying.


He had come across a record of an Ancient True God from the books of the Holy Heavens. In the past, there were many True God experts in Holy Heavens, and they were all invincible, possessing power that could flip entire worlds. However, none of them could possibly grow or nurture an entire species of intelligent beings within a year.

Furthermore, when he thought back to the point when it all changed, his body had been plucked out of time, and everything felt like it was silent. That sort of terrifying strength supported the theory that God even had control over time.

Time was a mysterious and terrifying force. It was a law that even the ancient True God experts had no way of comprehending. In a battle between God-class experts, it could take a second for the victor to be clear. That was how terrifying the power of time was.

The God-Devil System could actually pause everyone on Earth. That sort of strength was simply too terrifying. Even when Yue Zhong reached the True God level, he would not be remotely close to that level of strength.

"The Tower of Babel is also another powerful Treasure by that entity called God. Through it, many could evolve quickly, reaching the Type 9 realm, and transported to this Tentacular Planet. At the same time, the moment we walk out of the Tower of Babel, we have truly escaped from the 800 worlds. Other than an Oracle, the God-Devil System has no hold over us. This place might be true freedom, but it could also be said as another cage that we've landed in."

"On this Tentacular Planet, there are too many Tentacular Beasts to count. What you guys have seen were just the lower-level ones. Among them, there are even the King-class Tentacular Beasts. There might not be many of them, but every single one of them surpasses a True God expert, and when coupled with the endless horde, we are incapable of taking them on."

Qi Yang continued, "We have lived for over 100,000 years here, and at the peak of our strength, we had 13 Type 10 experts, over 8,000 Type 9 powerhouses. However, after fighting for so long, we are down to 5 Type 10 experts, and barely 500 Type 9 powerhouses."

Hearing Qi Yang's words, the faces of everyone who had just arrived turned ashen.

If a true God expert were to appear in the Great God World or the rest of the 800 worlds, he or she could become the overlord and would be immortal. However, to think that 8 of such existences had fallen here in this Tentacular Planet. They were just Type 9 experts, at the most, they were equivalent to high-quality cannon fodder.

Many of them were filled with regret at this point. In the 800 worlds, they were considered lords and had numerous subordinates. Yet, in order to break through, they had risked their lives to barge through the Tower of Babel. In the end, after paying such high prices, they had actually come to an even more dangerous region, it was no wonder that they were filled with endless regret.

Yue Hua's brows arched as she asked, "Sir Qi Yang, I see that this Fort of Hope is full of energy and resources. Sir Harlem had also mentioned that this is the absolute safest place. Why do we still need to head out and clash with those Tentacular Beasts? If we stay inside here and train to the Type 10 stage, then head out to slaughter those beasts outside, wouldn't that work?"

The Fort of Hope was formed from some technology, filled with abundant Qi, which Earth could not even compare to. The only other comparable place was the Tower of Babel itself.

Since the party had just gone through the baptism of the Tower, they had understood many things and obtained great rewards. If they were to hole up in this Fort of Hope for a few tens of thousands of years, they might break through to the Type 10 realm.


A half-step True God expert already had an indestructible soul, and even if they were to cultivate for hundreds and thousands of years, they would not die. Their lifespans were generally over a million years.

It was because of this, that among the numerous worlds, there were a few half-steps True Gods who did not enter the Tower of Babel, because they could still afford to wait, and did not want to risk their lives.

Qi Yang shook his head, "Not possible! The energy source of this Fort of Hope comes from the single Universe Tree on this planet. Every once in a while, the Tentacular Beasts would gather and nest around the tree. Once they are successful, they would suck and absorb the energy from the tree, becoming stronger and evolving constantly. If we were to lose the Universe Tree, then this Fort of Hope would lose its strength, and lose the ability to protect us. At that time, we would have to fight the Tentacular Beasts with no safe base. On this treacherous planet, that's basically a death sentence.

One Ghost Race cultivator, who had a ghostly visage and his entire body covered in scales, asked, "Sir Qi Yang, then, is there any way that will allow us to return to the Great God World?"

The moment these words came out, everyone looked to Qi Yang. Having seen the cruelty and harshness of the environment here, many had started to harbor thoughts of returning to the 800 worlds.

Once they return, they would become peak experts in their own worlds.

Qi Yang smirked, "Yes, according to the rumors, at the peak of the Universe Tree, there's an entrance to the other side of the Tower of Babel. If you pass through that, you should be able to transcend space and head back to the Great God World. However, here's a word of reminder. Half-step True Gods, as well as True Gods, would not be able to use that tunnel. Furthermore, those that use the tunnel would have their memories controlled by the God-Devil System, and would forget everything that transpired here."

Everyone exchanged looks and finally understood why in the past, each time the Tower of Babel opened, there would be a few fortunate survivors, with huge leaps in strength. However, there were no half-step True Gods or True Gods that returned.

Qi Yang laughed mildly, and continued, "There's an additional bad news. Once the Tentacular Beasts destroy the Universe tree, there would be a wormhole straight to the Great God World, and they can make use of it to enter the Great God World as well as the rest of the 800 worlds. At that time, everything will be destroyed by them. Even if you guys escape back now, it is just prolonging the inevitable. There are about 1.1 billion Tentacular Beasts on this planet,because they lack flesh and blood, thus they can only maintain such a number. If they could consume more, they would multiply quickly, reaching 5 billion within a year."

Hearing this, everyone felt their scalps turn numb. Those Tentacular Beasts were truly terrifying, if they were to reach 5 billion, then nothing in the Great God World or the 800 worlds would be their match.

Yue Hua asked curiously, "Sir Qi Yang, may I ask where does your information come from?"

Qi Yang did not reply, instead, turning around to walk, and said, "Come with me!"

The rest could only follow him towards a palace.

Inside the vast palace, there was a gold pillar with spirals going all around, and it was embedded with many palm-sized white stones, emitting a sacred and powerful aura.


Qi Yang looked at it with a complicated gaze, "This is a branch of the God-Devil System, the Exchange System. We gain our knowledge from here."

Qi Yang turned to it and spoke indifferently, "Come out, it's me, Qi Yang!"

From within the pillar, there was a flash of golden, sacred light, turning to form a beautiful woman, with long, black hair reaching her waist, her features exquisite, and her proportions following the golden ratio.

She smiled gently, "Mr. Qi Yang, how do you do, what do you want to exchange this time?"

Qi Yang pointed to the beauty and spoke indifferently, "This is the sentient program of the God-Devil System, you can think of it as a Treasure spirit. With the nuclei obtained from the Tentacular Beasts, you can exchange all sorts of gold-grade treasures, information, and knowledge. Our information was gained through her."

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