God and Devil World

Chapter 1204: Fort of Hope!

With Yin He's death, Yue Hua's small group only had herself, Tian Dou, and Bing Feng. Holy Lord Wu Yin had already fallen at the 3rd level, while Yue Zhong had begun to move on his own, thus, the overall strength of this group had diminished greatly.

"Damn beast!!" Bing Feng stared at the Tentacular Beasts and cursed through gritted teeth.

Without any law-based attacks, many of the Type 9 powerhouses were not comfortable. After all, they had lived for thousands of years, and to kill their enemies, they just had to point out and use the atmospheric energy to crush them into minced meat. They had neglected their close-combat skills for a long time.

"I'll kill you!!"

Bing Feng flashed out, wielding a 10m-long Ice Blade, slashing down at one of the Tentacular Beast. When the blade came slicing down on the armor, it caused a loud 'dang', and a 13cm-deep gash was seen. His Ice blade also broke apart.

The body of the Tentacular Beast shuddered, its eight tentacles slapping towards Bing Feng Holy Lord.

As for Bing Feng, the moment his strike failed, he had immediately retreated backward, dodging that dangerous strike.

After dodging that attack, Bing Feng had a look of shock as he stared at it, "That defense is too freaking strong!! I can't kill it in a single strike! Damn it, it's supposed to be an ordinary monster!!"

Bing Feng was also after all a powerful character and had killed his fair share of monsters. It was the first time he had seen something with such an obscene defense as the Tentacular Beasts. He finally understood why the True God Harlem would be so cautious of them. It was because they were simply too tough to deal with.

"Be careful!!"

While Bing Feng was collecting his thoughts, there was a sudden burst of blue light from the horde, striking Bing Feng cleanly on the forehead, blasting his head off.

Yue Hua, who had just shouted out, could only stare wide-eyed as Bing Feng was then pounced on and devoured cleanly.

Yue Hua used moon-related abilities, augmenting her attacks, and was well-known for her techniques. However, now that she was restricted, her abilities were lacking, and could only wave her silver Moon Whip to hit the Tentacular Beasts.

As her weapon continued to strike the Tentacular Beasts, they only served to cause loud sound, but not dealing any true damage.

Suddenly, 3 Tentacular Beasts burst forth, charging right at her, as 18 tentacles struck towards her.


Her face fell, and there was a look of despair on her face. She waved her jade-like hands, causing shields to appear, in a bid to defend against those attacks.

When the tentacles struck Yue Hua's shield, they easily tore the shields apart, continuing towards her body.

During her despair, a silhouette flashed past, grabbing out and blocking the 18 tentacles.

Yue Hua opened her eyes to look closely, and exclaimed with joy, "Yue Zhong!"

"Get up!"

Yue Zhong grabbed onto the 18 tentacles, roaring with rage as he tugged forcefully, causing all 3 to fly off the ground and towards him.

The Holy Light Wings flapped, and he shot towards them, his fists punching out at one. Instantly, that Tentacular Beast was blasted into many parts, blue blood flowing everywhere.

After that, he could sense a powerful amount of life force being absorbed into his body, increasing his strength once more.

Feeling energized, Yue Zhong shot into the group of Tentacular Beasts fearlessly, as he punched out one by one, directly killing those beasts.

Yue Hua watched in amazement as Yue Zhong tore through the Tentacular Beasts like it was nothing, her heart full of shock, "Strong!! He's too strong!!"

Those Tentacular Beasts were not easy to kill even with the Type 9 powerhouses giving their all, and yet, they could not withstand a single fist from Yue Zhong. His might was apparent.

Other than him, many other half-step True God experts had also pulled out their Gold-Grade weapons, attacking the Tentacular Beasts.

Under the circumstances where laws and domains could not be used, only Gold-Grade weapons could be used to kill these Tentacular Beasts.

As Harlem fought, he laughed out, "Heh! Not bad!! Really decent! Seems like there are a few good seedlings here, we should be able to hold out for even longer."

Since he was a True God expert, even if he did not turn around to see, he could still assess the surroundings while he fought. He could discern the situation of each small skirmish clearly.

With the threat of death looming over them, the experts of the various races began to unleash their potential, forcefully slaughtering hundreds of those beasts that tried to block their way.

When they broke out of the encirclement, the group followed Harlem and fled, finally escaping from this region of death.

The group continued to flee madly, after running for over 10,000 kilometers, they finally came to a fort.

Harlem gazed at the pure white fort, his eyes filled with a complicated gaze as he spoke, "This is the only safe point of gathering for us, and the only safe point in this world."

The group stared at the tower, noticing that it was as high as about a hundred meters, and encompassed a region of over 1,000 sqm. Each space had a cannon.

One Ice Demoness asked Harlem, "Sir, didn't you say that laws and energy-based attacks were ineffective against those Tentacular Beasts? What's the use of so many curtains?"

Everyone turned to look at Harlem.

He explained, "True, our energy-based attacks have no way of hurting those Tentacular Beasts, only serving to strengthen them. However, those Gold-Grade weapons could release devastating blows and can kill those beasts. However, the reason why our powers cannot hurt them is that the concentration of our powers is not enough. As for gold-grade Treasures, they are different. They are a condensation of the strength, thus, those beasts cannot suck anything from the weapons."

They all nodded and swiftly came to the bottom of the fort.

A number of beams shot out, falling upon them, and directly transporting them into the fort.

Inside, there were flora and fauna, with lush green trees, and an artificial sun, radiating brightly upon the land, giving life.

A few young men and woman from various races gazed at Yue Zhong and the rest curiously.

Yue Zhong swept his divine sense out and was shocked. These young people were all at the Type 7 realm above, with no shortage of Type 8 and Type 9 experts.

At this time, a goat-head True Devil-expert with a pair of Devil wings walked over, "Harlem, you're back. How's the result this time?"

Harlem chuckled, "Qi Yang, just so-so, there are 80 half-step True God-experts, 43 Type 9 experts. There are also 56 gold-grade treasures and no Type 10 powerhouses."

The total number of experts that had entered the Tower of Babel at the start was over 8 billion, yet, those who truly reached the 6th Level were only a total of 123. The rest had fallen along the way.

Of the 43 alive Type 9 experts, 8 of them had been at the edge of the Type 7 and Type 8 realm. Having gone through the baptism of the Tower, they had swiftly broken through to the Type 9 realm and did not take part in most of the conflicts, thus surviving till now.

Qi Yang frowned slightly, "No Type 10? That's going to be a problem. The Tentacular Beasts have begun to surround the Universe Tree. If we don't take care of those nests, then the Fort of Hope would lose its final energy source. We only have about 50 Type 10 experts left, how are we going to tide through this?"


Yue Hua suddenly asked out, "May I ask if you guys can shed some light, where is this place?"

Although everyone had followed Harlem to the Fort, they were still filled with doubt and uncertainty towards the 6th Level and wanted to know what the situation was.

Qi Yang and Harlem exchanged a look and discussed through their divine senses.


Qi Yang then opened his mouth, "This is the 6th Level of the Tower of Babel, and it happens to be a world beyond the Great God World and the 800 worlds. This planet is called the Tentacular Planet, the mother planet of those beasts. Our current location is somewhere an unknown galaxy of the West Wood Constellation."

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