God and Devil World

Chapter 1203: Tentacular Beast!

At this place where all the peak experts of the various worlds were gathered, when they all saw the methods of that human expert, their faces fell and were filled with fear and wariness.

A True God expert was practically invincible, with an indestructible soul, and compared to ordinary half-step True God warriors, it was like a moon compared to fireflies. There was simply too wide a gap. One True God was enough to wipe out all the people within.


The human True God expert swept them all a cold gaze, "I'm Harlem, a Type 10 powerhouse. All you crows, from now on, you are my troops. If you don't want to die, pick up your weapons and prepare for battle. Come with me."


Hearing those words, everyone had a terrible expression, as they felt a bad premonition.


One of the half-step True Gods, a being with a dino-head, covered in black scales and sharp blades on his limbs, asked with respect, "Sir Harlem, may I ask where is this place?"

"A bunch of fools that are trying to escape the cage, this is the 6th Level of the Tower of Babel and it is the last level. It can be said that you guys can go out now. However, this is not some saint land or heaven. In fact, it is a huge battlefield, in order to live, you have to fight on, and kill your enemies!"


Harlem stared at the powerhouses with a look of ridicule. He had also been someone who had believed in the Tower of Babel, thus killing his way over. Who would have thought, that by the time he passed through, he had arrived at a hell-like, cruel world?


Suddenly, his brows furrowed as he turned around and spoke, "They're coming, make your preparations now! Fight to live!! Don't die!"

On the huge field, all of the powerhouses swept out their divine senses, and immediately discovered a bunch of monsters charging towards them, emitting a terrifying aura.

Some of them soared to the skies and looked out at the distance. All around them, there were many strange monsters of about 5m in length, their bodies covered in a black husk, with 8 tentacles around, moving like they were spiders. At various places on their bodies, there were spikes, and their numbers were terrifying.


Harlem, who had gotten to the ground, looked up at the experts who had flown to the sky, and shook his head as he sighed, "Bunch of idiots!"

At that instant, those strange monsters opened their mandibles, filled with countless sharp blades, and fired out blue beams at the skies.

Immediately, 6 of the half-step True God experts were struck, 2 of them losing their heads instantly, 1 had his heart burst, and the remaining 3 were struck someplace else.

The 2 experts who had their heads blasted apart directly fell to the ground, devoid of signs of life. As for the one who was struck in the heart, he fell as well, his countenance pale as he spat out blood.


As for the remaining 3 who had been struck elsewhere, they shouted out in shock, "What's going on?! How come my body isn't healing?! What's going on?!"

The body of a half-step True God was powerful, capable of regenerating even when they had their heads removed. This was the basis of their confidence and unbridled behavior. However, they had suddenly lost 2 powerhouses instantly, while the rest were unable to heal. It caused the rest to feel a tinge of fear.

"These monsters are called Tentacular Beasts, they are the monsters produced by this planet. They are capable of firing out light that could destroy laws, called God-Slaying Beams. Those who are struck by those God-Slaying Beams, even if they were True Gods, would require at least 2 or 3 days to recover fully. You guys are just half-step True God experts. The moment you're struck, there's no way to recover. Follow me, we'll break out and when we reach the base, we will find some way to heal you guys. Follow close, I won't stay to wait for any of you."

Harlem swept a gaze, before turning around, and immediately began to leap and move like an agile monkey, not daring to fly into the sky.

The other 2 experts who had come with Harlem also followed, swiftly fleeing towards the distance.

The experts on the field all exchanged looks and quickly followed.

An expert who had a round body and 6 limbs, who hailed from the Taga Race, laughed coldly in his heart, "Hmph, fools, our Taga Race can communicate with any being, and turn them into our friends. Even plants can be made into our friends!"

With a thought, the Taga Race expert radiated brightly, and sent out his will towards those Tentacular Beasts, "How do you do. I'm Ta Xi from the Taga Race, I have no ill intentions. I would like to become friends!"

Feeling the will of the Taga Race expert, the Tentacular Beasts increased their speed, turning into flashes of light as they pounced towards him.

"No!! I'm a friend!!"


The Taga Race expert could feel the killing intent radiating from those Tentacular Beasts, and sent out his own tentacles to slap out at the Tentacular Beasts, trying to retract his will and sever the connections.

The eyes of the Tentacular Beasts shone viciously, as they pounced and opened their jaws, biting on the Taga Race expert, immediately tearing him apart.

A few more also pounced over and began to devour him.

"Ta Xi is finished!!"


"Damn it, looks like those beasts cannot be communicated with."



Many experts had some bonds with the expert from the Taga Race and knew how strong their ability to converse with other species was. Now that Ta Xi was killed, this meant that those beasts could not be reasoned with, and if they went over, they would definitely die.

All of a sudden, Harlem cussed, "Damn it, we're surrounded. This time's mission of receiving these newcomers is truly not nice to deal with. You guys prepare, we're going to break through."

Yue Zhong swept out with his perception and instantly saw a huge horde of those Tentacular Beasts crawling towards them, already encircling the group.

"I'll bust a route out for everyone!" At this time, the expert who was seated in the Golden Train, spoke out.

In an instant, the Golden Train charged out with billowing speed, smashing into those Tentacular Beasts.

The resilient Gold-Grade treasure was able to cause the Tentacular Beast that it crashed into to be blasted into pieces, as fresh blue blood flowed.

Harlem roared out at that time, charging towards the Tentacular Beasts, "Decent treasure! Everyone, attack! Otherwise, we will die!!"

Harlem wielded a huge Golden Combat Blade that had a 20m-long blade radiance. Each time he slashed out, a Tentacular Beast would be sliced in two.

"Why so troublesome, watch me!" One icy demoness spoke softly, her eyes gleaming with an iciness, as she blew out at those Tentacular Beasts.

Her breath carried laws and principles of ice, assailing the Tentacular Beasts.

Harlem's face fell as he roared out, "Do not use any law-based attacks!! These beasts can devour all energy, principle, and laws. Do not even activate your domains!! They can continue to feed and grow off your domains. They can also consume spatial laws, so spatial attacks are useless!"

At this moment, the incoming Tentacular Beasts opened their sharp mandibles and sucked in, immediately taking in the ice-powered attacks.


When they absorbed the attacks, 3 of them immediately grew large and spat back out the icy powers at a Type 9 powerhouse, who was instantly turned into chunks of ice and broke apart.

Seeing this, everyone felt their hearts turn cold.


When at the Type 9 realm, half-step True God characters could rely on their spatial powers and wills to attack. In terms of close combat, they were also much stronger than Type 8 experts.

However, against these cruel and vicious Tentacular Beasts, they could not help but enter the fray and engaged in close combat.

The Tentacular Beasts were vicious, that most of the Type 9 powerhouses were feeling fear. Some of them were almost taken out immediately when they charged close enough.

Each expert that came in contact with those tentacles would burst apart, before being absorbed by those beasts, consumed in front of everyone else.


Holy Lord Yin He, who had teamed up with Yue Hua, had an expression of despair as he screamed out.

3 Tentacular Beasts pounced towards him, their tentacles smashing into his body, and directly blasting his body apart, before consuming his flesh.

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