God and Devil World

Chapter 1202: Invincible!

After dealing with that soul imprint, the immense and pure soul force was directly absorbed by Yue Zhong, finally allowing him to break through once more. His understanding of the indestructible realm of the soul increased, and he finally reached the half-step True God realm.

When he stepped into the realm, an intense amount of energy gushed into his body frantically, as though a huge whirlpool was formed, pushing his strength higher and higher.


"The time in the Sacred Temple of Laws has ended, the entrance to the 6th Level is now open."

At this time, a voice resounded within everyone's minds, and the crystal pillars no longer provided any insight into the laws.

A pure-white spatial door opened up, appearing in thin air.

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed open, and he immediately charged through the entrance.

The rest of the experts began to open their eyes as well, their bodies flying towards the entrance to the 6th level.


After a bright flash of light, Yue Zhong appeared in a grand, white hall.

Lights continued to flash, as the numerous Type 9 experts also appeared, looking around warily.

"Kill the Oracle!!"

The moment Jeffery appeared in the hall, he roared out with rage, waving his hands to send numerous Black Devil Silk out at Yue Zhong. This time, the might of his silk had increased by more than 3 times.

There was the chugging of the golden train, that aimed right for Yue Zhong, intending to slam into him viciously.

A 60m-tall Scarlet Mantis Ghost opened its huge mouth, firing a scarlet beam at Yue Zhong.


In just a blink of an eye, over a dozen experts had already channeled their attacks towards Yue Zhong.

"Courting death!!"

There was a killing intent in his eyes, as the Holy Light Wings flapped, and he shot towards Jeffery in a flash, his fist punching towards the Devil mercilessly.

'Black Devil Cocoon!"

Jeffery's face fell, and his body began to break apart into countless lines, reforming into a huge cocoon.

The Black Devil Cocoon was the strongest technique of Jeffery's and it could withstand all sorts of attacks, even if 5 half-step True Gods were to surround him, he could hold out for a few minutes.

Yue Zhong's palm struck the huge Black Devil Cocoon, as the flames blazed all around, burning through and directly striking Jeffery.

With a loud blast, Jeffery's body was blasted into different pieces, his blood spraying everywhere, while his body parts were incinerated by Yue Zhong's God-Devil Flames. Even the indestructible soul was burned away, as the powerful life force entered Yue Zhong's body.

After killing Jeffery in an instant, the golden train struck Yue Zhong viciously.

It was a Gold-Grade treasure, and incredibly resilient. It was able to smash a half-step True God into pieces as well. Once it locked on to a target, unless the owner released it, otherwise, the train would chase all the way till the ends of the world, to strike its enemy.

"Break for me!"

Facing the incoming golden train, there was a cold glint in Yue Zhong's eyes, and the atmospheric energy surged, slamming into the train.

With a loud blast, the golden train that was billowing with steam and shrouded in laws was actually dented in by Yue Zhong's fist, before it was sent flying away.


"That's a golden train! How could it be knocked away by a person?! He's just a half-step True God, how could he do this?!"


Seeing Yue Zhong's fist slamming the train away, there was a look of shock in the eyes of all the experts present.

The golden train had been renowned over a few worlds and had killed a number of half-step True God experts under the control of its owner. Only other Gold-Grade Treasures could withstand it. Yet, Yue Zhong had sent it flying, and it was evident that his strength had already surpassed that of those legendary True God powerhouses.

After sending the golden train away, Yue Zhong's Cosmic Finger came smashing down towards the group of experts.

As the image of the cosmos came down, it contained laws and truths of the universe, suppressing the attacks of many of the half-step True Gods, directly dispersing them, before the Cosmic Finger itself also dissipated.

"Save me!! I don't want to die!!"

At the moment when the cosmos disintegrated, Yue Zhong had appeared in front of a half-step True God who was wielding a Golden Combat Blade, directly punching out at him. Immediately, the powerhouse was blasted apart, and the terrifying God-Devil Flames seared out to incinerate everything, while the expert only had time to let out that one last scream.

With that, Yue Zhong's Holy Light Wings then flapped and he disappeared from the senses of the experts.

The next instant, he had appeared beside a half-step True God, punching out once more, and incinerating the corpse.

Since Yue Zhong reached the half-step True God realm, his God-Devil Physique was incredibly powerful, a single fist was enough to break apart other same-realm powerhouses. With his God-Devil Flames taking care of the aftermath, even the souls were not let off, as everything burned.

Yue Zhong then reappeared behind the Shadow Devil Lord, grabbing out at him, and channeling his God-Devil Flames, which shrouded the entire body of the Shadow Devil Lord, burning him away.

Under the constant flames, the Shadow Devil Lord let out a miserable scream, "No!!! Don't kill me!! I'm willing to submit, and work for you!! I'm willing to give you all the treasures that I've accumulated! Please!! Don't kill me!!! I'm just short of a step from the True God realm!!"


Yue Zhong's eyes flashed coldly, and his God-Devil Flames burst forth mercilessly, "It's useless! Turn to ash!!"

The Shadow Devil Lord was a powerful ruler-class character, and even the Puppet Runes would not be able to do anything to them, thus, Yue Zhong could not control nor subdue them, the only way was to eliminate them.

"Ah!! I'm not willing!! I'm not willing!!"

In the golden flames, the Shadow Devil Lord continued to scream out in agony, before turning into ashes.

After he killed the Shadow Devil Lord, Yue Zhong then flickered through the crowd like a specter, while reaping the lives of the powerhouses as though he was the Death Reaper himself. Each time he punched out, an expert would die, and be incinerated.

Lei Huang stared at the speed Yue Zhong was slaughtering the experts, and his eyes flashed with one-part joy, one-part envy, "Strong!!"

Yan Tian's expression also changed, his heart filled with thankfulness, "His improvement is really too fast!! Fortunately, we did not do anything to him, otherwise, we would have become his targets!!"

Bu Lie was also filled with the same sentiments, "Yes, that's right! Now, once we can return to the outside world, our human race will become the strongest race!"


Holy Lord Yue Hua saw how Yue Zhong slaughtered those foreign experts as easily as killing chickens and was filled with shock, "Terrifying! An Oracle is truly a freakish existence! To think he evolved so quickly. Thankfully I did not offend him, otherwise, he could just slap me to death!"


At this time, there was a roar of rage from the skies, and a terrifying pressure bore down on everybody.

"True God expert?"

Yue Zhong could sense the vastness of that energy fluctuations, and with a flash, he shot out from the group of experts, floating in mid-air as he looked towards the direction where the voice came from.

He immediately caught sight of 3 experts of unknown origins, emitting terrifying auras. From each of them, Yue Zhong could sense that they were all at least even stronger than the absolute peak of the half-step True God realm. The leader had a face full of scars, and a thick beard, emitting the pressure of a True God warrior.


"Die human!!"

One half-step True God expert below, with the head of a dragon and body of a man, with mantis blades for arms, charged towards Yue Zhong with bloodshot eyes, intending to slash at him. He was already beyond rationality and was only focused on killing Yue Zhong.

"Stupid trash!! You dare disobey my orders. Die!"

The human expert frowned and pointed out, as a terrifying beam shot out, blasting the head of the half-step True God half-dragon, half-man. His head burst apart, and the headless corpse fell to the ground with no further signs of life.

Yue Zhong watched the dragon-man die, his pupils narrowing, "Strong!!"


This attack of the newcomer had thoroughly dispersed the soul of the dragon-man, even though his body was still present, his soul had already been extinguished. Such a terrifying method, even Yue Zhong was not capable of it.

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