God and Devil World

Chapter 1216: The Owner of the God-Devil System!

Chapter 1216: The Owner of the God-Devil System!

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Yue Zhong continued to dash about, as though the God of Fire had descended upon the world, and everywhere he touched would be set ablaze. Only ashes remained behind him as he quickly soared out the nest of the Queen-class Beast.

When he exited, all he saw around him was the dense horde of Tentacular Beasts. Based on what he estimated, it was easily over a billion, and it was not something even Amano at his peak would have dared to take on.

The beasts all sensed the arrival of Yue Zhong and opened their mandibles, and over a billion blue beams fired at him.

Facing that, Yue Zhong transformed into a gold beam of light, braving the attacks and soared towards another nest.

In a few breaths, Yue Zhong arrived at the deep part of the nest, blasting the Queen-class Beast into a few pieces with a single slap.

After that, he quickly exited and made his way towards the remaining Queen-class Beast, also turning it into minced meat with a single slap, absorbing the life force.

“So it was like this, there’s still potential for evolution between the Tentacular Beasts and God-Devil Physique. With the life force from those beasts, my strength can improve once again.”

When he finished absorbing the life force of the last Queen-class Beast, he had a flash of inspiration, understanding that the life force he had absorbed from the powerful Tentacular Beasts had surged into the various corners of his physique, turning it even more perfect.

At this time, there was a gold beam that descended upon the ground, forming the figure of Light.   Light giggled and asked, “Congratulations, Yue Zhong, on killing all the King-class and Queen-class Beasts, as well as pushing your physique to the most perfect state. Now, you have the qualifications to meet my Master. Do you want to do so?”

Yue Zhong pondered, and spoke, “Yes!!”    Light waved her hands in response, and a beam of gold light shone upon Yue Zhong, causing him to disappear.

In an instant, he had appeared in a strange world that looked like it was composed out of countless cosmic stars, with views into the various galaxies and universes.

Yue Zhong took in the sights with a chill down his back, “Strong… this God-Devil System is too frightening. It can transfer me before I even know it, and its strength is truly far above mine.”

Currently, he was already a True God expert, it would be difficult to kill him. However, if the system decided to send him to far ends of the galaxies, it would take him goodness knew how long to reach Earth. It was also not impossible for him to be lost for more than hundreds and thousands of years.

“Yue Zhong, didn’t you want to meet me? Come on up!”   Right at this moment, there was the voice that he could not forget since the 1st day when it all happened, as a golden staircase materialized in front of him.

He looked at the stairs, his scalp turning slightly number and he did not hesitate to walk up.

Following the staircase, he found himself in a palace that was made entirely out of red crystals, and he saw something that shook him to his very core.

In the numerous clear crystal pillars laid throughout the palace, there were True Dragons, Qilins, Phoenixes as well as other mythical life forms. Each of them if allowed to mature, would become True God-level experts.

At the center of the palace, there was a floating head of a handsome man with purple hair. The right eye was pierced with 3 black needles, as a black spear was pierced through the mouth, nailing the head to the throne.

The A.I. of the God-Devil System, Light, stood quietly, watching the head smile at Yue Zhong.

The head used its remaining eye to stare at Yue Zhong, his expression one of appreciation. Even though his mouth did not move, a voice rang out in his head, “Hi, Yue Zhong, it’s the first time we meet. I’m Red Crystal King. The one who had toyed with your life, caused the changes on Earth, throwing the lives of over 6 billion humans on Earth into Hell.”

Yue Zhong frowned, asking slowly, “Red Crystal King, why did you do that?”

The answer caused Yue Zhong to be bewildered, “It’s simple. It was all in order to create the strongest weapon that can kill me, as well as my enemy.”

Red Crystal King stared at Yue Zhong, his single eye filled with a heated look, “Yue Zhong, you are the strongest and most perfect weapon that I’ve created. You possess the potential to kill me, as well as my enemy!”

“I am the master of the Aizhouma universe. Earth, the Great God World, as well as the other 800 worlds of the God-Devil System, are all under the Aizhouma universe, thus, my own property. However, compared to the universe itself, this place is a barren one, and no one knows of the wormhole coordinates of this location. It could be considered a hidden and rural corner of the galaxy.”

“A long time ago, I was backstabbed by a despicable person, causing my state to be as you see. I made use of the God-Devil System to flee here. However, my body has been destroyed by that despicable person, and my soul had already been largely destroyed by him. My head is nailed to the throne by the Spear of Destruction, every day, I’m condemned to suffer pain on a scale you can’t possibly imagine. I’ve had enough of this endless torment. I want someone to kill me, and seek revenge for me. Thus, I made use of the God-Devil System to spur the evolution of the human race in all 800 worlds, forcing you guys.”

“Through the ages, I’ve experimented and failed, watching the chosen warriors of mine die to the various powerful monsters and existences of the universe. It has caused me disappointment and despair, time after time. However, you, Yue Zhong, have passed all my tests and reached the perfect Type 10 realm. Your potential and talent are boundless. Once you gain control of my strongest item, the God-Devil System, you will be able to kill me, and gain the power to deal with my hated enemy.”

“Come on, Yue Zhong, as long as you’re willing to kill me, and promise to seek revenge for me, I will hand the God-Devil System to you, and allow you to become the master of the Great God World, as well as the 800 worlds, with unbelievable authority and strength. The system gives you control over time and creation, and even in the multiple universes, it is an incredibly rare and precious treasure. I’ve never seen something else like it in all my years. Once you have obtained it, you’ll become a powerful existence!!” Red Crystal King stared at Yue Zhong with a heated gaze, every word he spoke filled with fervor.

Yue Zhong’s heart leaped slightly, but he still asked in wariness, “Who is your enemy? How strong is he exactly?”

The Red Crystal King was only left with a head, and covered with injuries. Even when nailed to the throne, Yue Zhong still felt like that was an immense pressure and danger emitting from this figure in front of him. It was as though he was not weaker than Yue Zhong at all. How strong would the enemy of such a powerhouse be?

Red Crystal King spoke solemnly, “My enemy is called the Serene Sea King, a powerful existence of the Serene Sea in the galaxy. That year, when he attacked me by surprise, he was a peak-Type 12 Galaxy Lord-level powerhouse. His talent, coupled with the vast amount of resources in the Aizhouma universe, with the countless years of cultivation, he should have reached the Type 13 Universe Lord stage.

He continued, “In the universe, a Type 10 powerhouse is termed as a Star-Lord expert. A Type 10 powerhouse would be able to reign over a rich planet. A Type 11 powerhouse would be called a Great Star-Lord expert, controlling 10 rich planets. A Type 12 powerhouse is termed as a Galaxy Lord and can control an entire galaxy. A Type 13 powerhouse would be a Universe Lord, controlling a universe. Initially, I was the owner of the Aizhouma Universe, a peak-Type 13 powerhouse.”

Red Crystal King then said, “With your current strength, it is enough to contend with a Type 11 Star-Lord expert. If you gain my God-Devil System, even if a Type 12 Great Star-Lord were to attack you, you can still escape. As long as you are given enough time to evolve, you can definitely kill the Serene Sea King. How about it? It should be considered a decent deal right.”   Yue Zhong pondered, before replying solemnly, “Fine!! I promise you!!”

There was a passionate look in the eyes of the Red Crystal King, “Very good, let’s swear a heavenly oath. As long as we do it, the God-Devil System is yours. Light!”   Light waved her hands, and a golden sacred light entered Yue Zhong’s consciousness, turning into mysterious runes. On them, there was the closure of the deal between the Red Crystal King and Yue Zhong. If Yue Zhong were to go against his oath and disregard the issue about the revenge, the God-Devil System would leave Yue Zhong, finding a new Master.   At the same time, there were other enemies of the Red Crystal King, but the Serene Sea King was the one that had to be killed. The rest of them could be ignored by Yue Zhong, but the Serene Sea King could not be let off.    Yue Zhong saw that there were no problems with the oath and after checking through, imprinting them on his mind.

The moment the runes were formed, the A.I. Light flew towards Yue Zhong, swiftly forming an unassuming black battle blade.

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