Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 132 - Was Right In Front of Him, And Danger Was Approaching

Chapter 132: Was Right In Front of Him, And Danger Was Approaching

Li Yao looked at Su Fei, who was emitting light, and he was also very excited. He thought to himself, ‘I must thank this god properly after I get out!’

Then, a light wave condensed and was thrown to the side by Su Fei.

The light wave rushed out and swept the surroundings. Li Yao instantly felt his body temperature rise, and a warm current entered his heart.

Li Yao knew that this was an Angel-triggered ability, which was healing!

At this moment, Su Fei was preparing Li Yao to heal him. Perhaps she was worried that the explosion that was about to happen would cause him harm!

“Li Yao, you have to be careful. The light wave will explode soon!” Su Fei reminded him. “Remember, you have to rush out of the lake together with the impact!”

“I don’t have much spiritual power left. The power of frost has consumed too much of my spiritual power. If this plan fails, we will stay here forever.”

Hearing what Su Fei said, Li Yao nodded heavily.

As the light on Su Fei’s body disappeared, the light wave shattered with a loud bang. A powerful impact force instantly swept the surroundings!

“Now!” Su Fei shouted. “We only have one chance. We must seize the opportunity!”

Li Yao swallowed his saliva and looked at Su Fei blankly. Then, he activated his spiritual power.

He had to activate his spiritual power to protect himself when he was under the impact. Otherwise, he would be seriously injured by the impact before he could reach the surface of the lake!

The impact disappeared in an instant. Li Yao moved his body and flew backward along with the force of the impact.

The whole process was relatively smooth. Seeing this, Su Fei also activated her spiritual power and continuously exerted force on her body. She had to seize the opportunity, or else the impact would bring her to the bottom of the lake.


Boom! Boom!

The lake surface, which was originally frozen, cracked under the repeated impact.

“As long as we stabilize our bodies, the force of the impact will allow us to break through the lake surface!” said Su Fei. With a strong push, the lake surface was right in front of them!

The bottom of the lake was less than 30 meters away from the surface of the lake. Although the place Su Fei and Li Yao came to was at the center of the lake, it was still at the edge, so the impact of the frost force was not too strong.

Therefore, they could be broken through, and they could use the force of the impact to bring them further away. Perhaps, if they were lucky, they could be sent to the shore directly!

It was precisely because of the things at the edge that they had a chance to escape.

After all, the distance between the lake and them was only less than 30 meters.

The area that was covered by the power of frost would be frozen continuously. Moreover, the power of frost also carried a strong spiritual influence.

It was to the extent that Su Fei and Li Yao had used up too much spiritual power and gradually lost the ability to resist. If it was an ordinary person, they would have been completely frozen at the bottom of the lake.

However, Su Fei was indeed worthy of being an Angel symbiote. Whether it was her reaction ability or her thinking ability, she was slightly better than Li Yao.

The area at the center of the lake was indeed dangerous enough, but Su Fei was still a little unwilling. They had originally planned to explore the treasure trove and come here to meet an opportunity. They had not expected to encounter such a bad start.

They had actually encountered such a strange cold current!

If Su Fei and Li Yao knew that this cold current was released by the sub-Dragon, they would have fainted from fear. However, it was precisely this ignorance of fear that allowed them to think of a way to escape safely.

However, in reality, they did not know that danger was quietly approaching!

“We’re almost there! Hold on! When you break through the surface of the lake, remember to remove the spiritual power protection immediately. Otherwise, the huge pressure brought by the powerful impact will instantly tear you apart, Li Yao!” Su Fei reminded him loudly. Under the huge impact, if the spiritual force released by the segments in the body was combined with the impact force, spiritual force, and pressure. The resulting force would instantly tear them apart.

Su Fei also realized this and quickly reminded Li Yao.

Seeing Li Yao nod his head, Su Fei heaved a sigh of relief. They would be able to leave immediately!

If she were to return home after the freshmen assessment and flaunt what had happened today to her family, she would definitely receive a great reward!

This was also the reason why Su Fei wanted to participate in the freshmen assessment in Cloud Mist Academy. She wanted to prove herself!

Countdown of 10 seconds!

Su Fei and Li Yao braced themselves. According to the speed of the shockwave, they still had 10 seconds before they could break through the shackles of the power of ice and reach the surface of the lake!

6 seconds!

5 seconds!

4… 3…!!



At this moment, a huge tremor came from the depths of the lake, as if something huge had hit the bottom of the lake.

Li Yao and Su Fei opened their eyes abruptly.

They turned around and saw something swimming toward them from afar!

The sound indicated that it was getting closer and closer!

Li Yao and Su Fei’s expressions turned serious. Could it be… a giant shark?!

No, there were no sharks in the lake?

As the giant creature appeared, the impact force Su Fei and Li Yao received disappeared instantly. The ice layer that had been shattered was frozen by the force of frost!

“D*mn it! We were just one second away from reaching the surface of the lake!” Su Fei was very unwilling, and her face was very pale and helpless.

The light wave this time had almost exhausted all of her spiritual power, but she had never thought that there would be a creature in such a harsh environment!

What scared them the most was that before the creature got close, they had already smelled the aura from the abyss of death.

According to common sense, the more powerful the aura of the creature was, the more powerful the creature was.

Li Yao took a deep breath when he saw the giant figure approaching them. If that was the case, they would be dead for sure!

Bzz… Bzz…

At the same time, the vibration became more and more intense. The sand and rocks at the bottom of the lake were shattered and waves were set off. The surface of the entire lake trembled slightly.

A black figure gradually emerged from the surface of the water and flew toward them.

It was a sub-Dragon!

And it was a super large sub-Dragon that was more than 10 meters long!

Li Yao and Su Fei’s mouths were wide open, and even their breathing stopped.

They knew about the sharks. As one of the top predators in the ocean, this was actually a sub-Dragon?!

Unless there was the power of humans that dominated the ocean, it was impossible to defeat such a powerful monster!


The huge sub-Dragon almost instantly appeared beside the two of them. The immense pressure actually made them unable to move!

The sub-Dragon opened its bloody mouth and viciously bit down toward their necks!

Danger struck!

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