Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 133 - Slime Protection Shield. Decisive In Killing

Chapter 133: Slime Protection Shield. Decisive In Killing


Seeing the huge mouth biting over, a powerful pressure was suddenly released from another place!


The sub-Dragon was hit by countless spider silk, creating a huge impact, causing its huge body to fly backward instantly!


The huge body crashed into a hidden reef and exploded with a loud bang, causing thick dust to rise from the bottom of the lake.

Even the bottom of the lake seemed to shake slightly, causing the waves of the nearby lake to surge into the sky!

“Are you guys okay?” Ye Feng looked at Li Yao and the others. When he saw Su Fei, his eyes narrowed slightly.

When Su Fei saw Ye Feng, she also had the same expression.

“You… Su Fei?!” Ye Feng said in surprise. He didn’t expect that the way they met would be so strange!

Su Fei was so happy that she cried. She covered her mouth and sobbed. “I finally found you… Sob, sob, sob, I almost died here just now!”

Ye Feng smiled bitterly. If he knew that Su Fei came down to the center of the lake specifically to find him, Ye Feng would definitely be moved to death.

“Are you okay?” Ye Feng asked with concern. He swam over and brought Su Fei and Li Yao to a place where they could stand on their feet.

After all, they were both floating just now. If they continued for too long, they would use up a lot of energy.

After all, humans were not used to floating in liquids. If they did not do so often, they would subconsciously twitch all kinds of muscles to achieve balance.

And this process would consume a lot of energy.

“I’m fine, but now…” Su Fei said. Her breathing was a little hurried, and the thin layer of air membrane around her was about to disappear.

“This is the Fish Gills Potion that is about to lose its effect!” Li Yao said anxiously. He hurriedly searched for something on his body, trying to find something useful, but there was nothing.

Seeing this, Ye Feng had a headache.

‘Is there a lack of oxygen? If there’s a lack of oxygen, then can I temporarily share my ability with her?’ This thought suddenly appeared in Ye Feng’s mind.

After all, he could freely breathe in the water now because of the ability his water element Slime gave him.

If he could temporarily give her some of the power of the water element Slime, then would Su Fei be able to breathe in the water as well?

With this thought in mind, Ye Feng spread out his right hand, and a small Slime appeared. It was a small blue water element Slime.

“This is my symbiote. I will use it to wrap you up and provide you with oxygen,” Ye Feng said as he gently placed the Slime on Su Fei’s hand.

The small liquid-like thing quickly attached itself to Su Fei’s hand, and at an extremely fast speed, not only did it spread and cling to her, but it also wrapped around Su Fei’s entire body.

Su Fei, who was wrapped in it, gradually regained consciousness after receiving oxygen. She looked at Ye Feng in front of her and felt a little awkward.

Seeing this, Ye Feng smiled. “All of you can stay here in peace. I’ll be right back!”

After Ye Feng finished speaking, his figure flashed and disappeared from where he was.

Everyone looked into the distance. At this moment, the sub-Dragon was struggling to get up. A majestic and piercingly cold killing intent was continuously sweeping over.

The next moment, he appeared in front of the giant figure.

“Sister, who is that brother? How can he be so powerful…” Li Yao looked at Ye Feng, who was able to burst out with such powerful strength in an instant. His face was filled with shock for a long time.

This was the first time Li Yao had seen such a strong person since entering the freshmen assessment.

Moreover, this man knew Su Fei. He must be a participant in this freshmen assessment. In other words, he was his classmate!

They were both contestants, but the other party was able to display such astonishing strength, and he didn’t panic at all when facing the sub-Dragon!

It was as if he was used to it, and he even charged forward with a calm expression!

What kind of person was this!?

In the distance…

“Roar–!” The sub-Dragon roared in anger and sorrow!

Countless fine blood marks actually appeared on its huge body. Bright red blood flowed on its scales, indicating that its injuries were serious.

Those attacks just now had almost destroyed all of its flesh and blood, almost completely destroying its entire body. If it wasn’t for its huge size, it wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

If it had not dodged a little, it would have died under those attacks.

“Roar!!” the sub-Dragon roared!

Its body was huge, but it was extremely cunning!

It knew that it was absolutely no match for the human in front of it. At this moment, it was just a temporary retreat!

Its huge body swiftly moved into the distance!


However, a gust of wind sounded and that human figure rushed to the front of the sub-Dragon like lightning!

The sub-Dragon’s heart pounded wildly. It suddenly opened its mouth and revealed its sharp fangs!

“This aura, it’s only an eight-generation seed. No wonder it’s so weak!” Ye Feng smiled disdainfully. However, if he could kill it, the gain from devouring it would also be huge.

Most importantly, he could also obtain Dragon Seeds from it!

This was what Ye Feng needed. After all, he was still waiting to accumulate a certain number of Dragon Seeds and enter the enchantment to save Walter!

The eighth-generation sub-Dragon looked at Ye Feng fearfully. The other party’s aura was much stronger than its aura!

Whether it was the cultivation level or the purity of the Dragon genes, the man in front of him had suppressed it too much!

Who would have thought that a human’s body actually contained 9% of the Dragon Seed!

But this time, before it could shoot out a water ball, the other party was already prepared. An incomparably turbulent current suddenly appeared and ruthlessly smashed onto its nose!

‘[Tidal Surge]!’ Ye Feng thought in his heart. Releasing this skill in the water was simply like adding wings to a tiger!

The environment was originally water flow, which allowed Ye Feng to reduce this step of condensing water flow, which allowed [Tidal Surge] to reach a certain level of instantaneous release.

In almost an instant, the eighth-generation sub-Dragon was sent flying!


The Asian Dragon’s head directly sank into the lake, and it felt a sharp pain!

Immediately after, the figure’s fist followed closely!


The fist pierced through the lake water and hit the scales on the side of the sub-Dragon’s head!


The sub-Dragon immediately felt the world spinning!


Its huge body was sent flying, rolled in the air, and then fell back into the lake.

The sub-Dragon struggled crazily, its huge body stirred up the whirlpool on the lake surface, and set off violent waves!

Its body trembled violently, and it kept spitting out fresh blood. It was obvious that it had suffered serious internal injuries.


The sub-Dragon was sent flying again!


It let out a miserable howl. Its huge eyes were filled with unwillingness, and even a trace of fear.

It did not expect that this human’s combat techniques were so proficient!

Three simple movements were filled with killing intent and danger!

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