Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 131 - The Final Battle, The Powerful Angel  

Chapter 131: The Final Battle, The Powerful Angel


At this moment, in the depths of the lake.

A man and a woman were currently trapped in the depths of the lake. Moreover, they only had one last bottle of Fish Gills Potion left in their hands. If they still couldn’t think of a way, they would be completely frozen here!

“What should we do?” Li Yao asked. His voice had already become hoarse.

His whole body was shining. The temperature of the water had dropped from several degrees below zero to more than 100 degrees below zero. If it weren’t for the fact that his symbiotic constitution was different from ordinary people and the Life Saving Potion, Li Yao probably wouldn’t have been able to hold on for so long.

At this moment, he seemed to be in a sorry state.

“I don’t know…” Su Fei shook her head.

Although her cultivation had reached C grade, she had never encountered such a difficult situation. She didn’t know what to do.

After all, she had been cultivating at home before. How could she have the chance to come out and cultivate?!

Similarly, Li Yao was the same. Now, they were basically panicking.

At first, they thought that they only needed to rest so that Li Yao could recover for a period of time and then have sufficient strength before they planned to rush out.

After all, Li Yao’s symbiotic body was a Direwolf and possessed extraordinary explosive strength. On the other hand, Su Fei was not greatly affected and had a chance to rush out.

However, unexpectedly, the ice froze everything around them, causing them to sink into the lake. Although they kept moving forward at the bottom of the lake and escaped part of the frozen water surface, they could not escape at all.

“What should we do?” Li Yao asked anxiously, his eyes filled with fear. Clearly, he had reached his limit.

Su Fei frowned. Although she was much better than Li Yao, she was also reaching her limit. She only had the last of the Fish Gills Potion left!

“The only hope now is that this lake leads to the outside. As long as we can find the shore, we might be able to escape!” Su Fei said firmly, her eyes scanning the surroundings.

“But… This lake is too big, and we are still in the center of the lake. I estimate that we will be at least 5 kilometers away from the shore!” Li Yao said with some frustration.

Hearing this, Su Fei immediately smiled bitterly. 5 kilometers!

As time passed, their body temperature gradually dropped, and what awaited them was only death.

If they still couldn’t find a way out, then there was only one outcome…

5 kilometers… Right now, they were all frozen by this extreme cold force. Even if they were on the surface of the lake, they definitely wouldn’t be able to run five kilometers.

Under normal circumstances, let alone 5 kilometers, even 100 kilometers would be a piece of cake for them. But now, it was different. Their bodies were corroded by the ice force, moreover, their bodies and minds were still affected by the frost, and their mental strength was greatly reduced.

They were now thinking about how to escape, and they had no time to think about why this power was so powerful!

“Although it’s 5 kilometers away, it’s not impossible to reach the shore. I have an idea,” Su Fei said. She glanced at Li Yao and felt that he was about to faint.

Li Yao held on and asked weakly, “What is it? Can we really escape from here…”

“The idea is very simple. You take the Fish Gills Potion first and then hold on for a while. I will release my symbiotic power, which will cause a small riot.” Su Fei paused for a moment and then continued, “The riot will not only break the surrounding frost, but also create a small impact. We use this impact to come to the lake. As long as we rush out of the lake, the rest will be easy to do!”

Hearing Su Fei’s words, Li Yao felt like he had grasped onto a life-saving straw.

“Sister, you do have a way, but…” Li Yao thought for a moment and looked worried.

Seeing this, Su Fei was a little puzzled. This method was the best that she could think of at the moment, and the best that could be done. Why would he be worried?

Su Fei looked at Li Yao and asked, “But what?”

Li Yao pointed at the bottle of Fish Gills Potion and said worriedly, “The effect of the Fish Gills Potion is about to disappear. If I take it, what will you do? Why don’t you take it? My symbiotic body is a Direwolf. I have extraordinary lung capacity. I can hold on for a long time.”

“Stop talking. Drink it quickly. Time is limited. It’s better than staying here and waiting for death. Besides, I might not really die here. Maybe I’ll just be unconscious due to lack of oxygen.” Su Fei gritted her teeth.

Under Su Fei’s orders, Li Yao could only nod his head. Then, he picked up the Fish Gills Potion and drank it. Then, he closed his eyes.


Li Yao’s throat rolled, and the Fish Gills Potion immediately slipped into his stomach.

Then, the two of them quickly exchanged positions. Su Fei was the first to try it, and then Li Yao slowly followed.

And just in case, they had to use their body’s spiritual power to the maximum to prevent their bodies from being too cold, which would cause them to lose the ability to move!


As soon as she said that, Su Fei suddenly jumped and swam toward the left side of the lake.


Then, the sound of a heavy object falling into the water came again. Li Yao and Su Fei looked at each other and then quickly swam toward the right side of the lake.

Su Fei’s body kept heating up, producing an extremely hot temperature. The surrounding environment was originally frozen by the power of frost.

At this time, the aura emitted by Su Fei was melting continuously until it turned into liquid, filling the nearby lake with water again.

“The first step is to recover the water temperature to have an impact!” Su Fei muttered to herself. To be honest, this was also her first time trying it.

After all, even if it was actual combat training, it was only at home, in a specially built combat training hall.

And in the actual environment, this was also Su Fei’s first time trying it out.

Although the final effect was similar, the details of the release also needed Su Fei to constantly adjust it.

Not long after, a ray of light emitted from Su Fei’s body, and a very powerful aura swept around.

This was an extremely holy ray of light. It was as if wherever it went, the frozen areas were all melted!

The surrounding frost power seemed to have been suppressed as well!

Li Yao saw that Su Fei was releasing such a powerful aura, and he was instantly stunned.

“It’s actually… this symbiotic body… it’s actually an Angel!!!” Li Yao was shocked. In the end, he never thought that the companion that he passed through along the way would actually be an Angel that was ranked at the divine-level in terms of rarity!

“Good heavens, I was wondering why she didn’t panic from the beginning to the end. It turns out that she’s already so powerful!”

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