Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 25 - Origin of the Ancient Immortal Bloodline!

Chapter 25: Origin of the Ancient Immortal Bloodline!

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His consciousness gradually became blurred.

His body was crushed to pieces.


Chu Feng’s consciousness returned to his body.

He suddenly opened my eyes and let out a long breath.

There was unspeakable joy in his eyes.

He opened his personal information column.

{Name: Chu Feng}

{Grade: Grade C 6%}

{Pet Beasts: None}

{Skills: Water-Element Domain Field (Major Accomplishment level, certified)}

{Items: None}

{Points: 72,350}

{Trading area (temporarily not open)}

From entry-level to certified major accomplishment level, Chu Feng was clear how enormous the disparity was.

He wanted to test it out but was also worried that he would cause the house to collapse.

He decided to go out.

He climbed up the park behind the mountain.

It was midsummer and there were not many people in the park.

Chu Feng deliberately found a secluded location.

Looking around, and after ascertaining that there was no one around, Chu Feng focused and unleashed his Water-Element Domain Field which was of the major accomplishment level.

A circular light halo in the form of ripples appeared around Chu Feng.

Water waves were flowing within it.

It looked harmless.


Chu Feng suddenly shouted.

In the next instant, the originally undulating water waves suddenly froze.

The halo of light had completely covered a radius of tens of meters around Chu Feng.



Whether it was the ornamental stones on the ground or the large trees beside them,

as long as they were within the range of the Water-Element Domain Field, they were all crushed to pieces in an instant.

The loud boom startled the park security guard.

He looked towards the sound of the explosion.

Half of the original lush mountaintop park became barren.

“Oh my! Is this a lightning strike in broad daylight?”

The security guard hurriedly called the police.

As for the perpetrator, Chu Feng, he was also dumbfounded.

This power was really beyond his imagination.

He was only a Grade C martial artist, but the power unleashed by the Water-Element Domain Field was enough to crush an ordinary Grade B beast instantly.

Chu Feng made a comparison in his heart.

If he were to challenge the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast again and unleash this domain field, even if the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast was not crushed to death directly, it would be left with just a tenth of its strength, and could be easily beaten to death!

Even against a Grade A Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast King, Chu Feng was certain that he would be able to escape unscathed.

The increase in strength was too great.

He returned home quietly.

There were still two divine-gradel rewards which he had not yet claimed.

Again, there was no one at home.

According to the timeline in his previous life, his parents should still be in the capital on business.

But they would return soon.

It should be a matter of two days.

He sat down cross-legged in his room.

Chu Feng looked at the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List].

At this moment, the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List] was still blank.

In his previous life, when the Ancient Immortal Emperor ascended to the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List], it was already the first onslaught of the Abyssal Demonic Tide.

Chu Feng held his breath and concentrated, and spoke in a deep voice, “Apply for bloodline recognition!”

In the next moment, a golden light shot out from the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List] and enveloped Chu Feng.

{Detecting the bloodline of human [Chu Feng]…}

{Human bloodline concentration: 99.9%. Grade: Normal. Failed assessment.}

{Concentration of the Destruction Bloodline: 0.1%. Grade: Divine. Passed assessment.}

{Detected that the bloodline quality of the human [Chu Feng] fulfilled the requirement to be on the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List]. Ranked first. Do you agree to be on the Ranking List?}


Chu Feng did not hesitate.

{The reward for being ranked first on the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List] has been issued: received the [Bloodline Enhancement Nirvana] skill. Duration is 120 minutes (changes according to ranking).}

{As the human [Chu Feng] is the first to be on the Ranking List, he can receive in addition, the only divine-grade reward on the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List], which is the [Ancient Immortal Bloodline Source].}

After the mechanical voice had spoken, a drop of golden blood appeared out of thin air on Chu Feng’s forehead.

The next moment, the golden blood entered Chu Feng’s body without any resistance.

In the next instant, Chu Feng felt his entire body burning.

His skin began to turn blood red.

It was as though it was about to explode.

A hazy golden light emanated from his whole body.

His blood vessels kept rupturing and then repairing.

Suddenly, the Destruction Bloodline in his body seemed to have been stimulated as well.

It began to revive violently.

A pitch-black faint light and the golden light began to fight for Chu Feng’s body.

Chu Feng’s body had completely turned into a battlefield between two different divine-grade bloodlines.

It was constantly being destroyed and then repaired.

This caused Chu Feng so much pain that he wished he were dead.

The unique characteristic of the [Ancient Immortal Bloodline] was that it was undying and indestructible.

It continued to unleash its power.

The Destruction Bloodline was much more “cunning”.

It continued to secretly absorb the power released by the {Ancient Immortal Bloodline} into itself.

Only at this moment did Chu Feng understand what Yu had said.

With the Destruction Bloodline, he could then possess both of the divine-grade bloodlines.

If not for the devouring characteristic of the Destruction Bloodline, Chu Feng would definitely be “stuffed to death” by the two enormous powers!

As time passed, with the ebb and flow, the Ancient Immortal Bloodline source had almost been ‘devoured’ by the Destruction Bloodline.

But when the Destruction Bloodline, which had been successful so far, had to deal with the Ancient Immortal Bloodline which had already been swallowed into its body, it also seemed a little powerless.

This was because there was no way to break it down.

They were both divine-grade bloodlines.

One could not do anything to the other.

There was no choice. The Destruction Bloodline could only compromise and choose to coexist.

In other words, the Destruction Bloodline was cunning. It slowly devoured the Ancient Immortal Bloodline.

If the Destruction Bloodline had been replaced by any other divine-grade bloodline, Chu Feng would have already been killed by the battle between two divine-grade bloodlines.

In the end, the bloodlines in Chu Feng’s body gained two colors.

The main one was the Destruction Bloodline,

while the Ancient Immortal Bloodline was the supplementary one.

All the characteristics of the two divine-grade bloodlines had been perfectly retained.

As he quietly felt the might of the bloodlines in his body, Chu Feng could not contain his laughter.


Too powerful!

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