Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 24 - Major Accomplishment Level Assessment, Passed!

Chapter 24: Major Accomplishment Level Assessment, Passed!

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Chu Feng did not hesitate.

He leapt.



He had dived into the deep ocean.

There was a huge splash all around.

After the view of Chu Feng had disappeared, the surface of the ocean returned to its calm state.

The taste is still the same.

In the deep ocean, Chu Feng casually moved his body.

It looked like a simple movement, but it seemed to have matched the frequency of the fluctuations of the surrounding seawater, significantly reducing the pressure exerted by the seawater on his body.

For the assessment of the Water-Element Domain Field, one word was of the essence:


In the seawater of this assessment space, every drop of the seawater contained immense pressure.

The candidate had to withstand the pressure and continue diving.

The lower he went, the greater the pressure.

And in the assessment space, everyone’s physical qualities were the same.

One could only rely on his own understanding of the water element to dive as deep as possible.

Chu Feng recalled that the person who had the deepest comprehension of the Water-Element Domain Field in his previous life, had dived to a depth of more than 50,000 meters.

It was five times more than when Chu Feng was at his peak.

His utilization of the Water-Element Domain Field could be said to be at pinnacle.

Of course, even for that fellow, he was still far from the perfection level in the Water-Element Domain Field.

After 10,000 meters, every drop of seawater brought with it a pressure that could make one feel like dying.

In his previous life, Chu Feng had only managed to break through the 10,000-meter mark.

With this new life, I could see where my limit is!

Chu Feng’s gaze was determined.

His body seemed to have transformed into a fish.

With a light twist, he dived down fast like an arrow.

He dived 100 meters without any obstacle.

A mechanical voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

{Entry-level, assessment passed.}

Chu Feng did not pay any attention and continued to dive.

1,000 meters was still very easy.

{Minor accomplishment level, assessment passed.}

Here, Chu Feng felt a little pressure.

This meant that he could no longer fully offset the pressure of the seawater.

However, it was not a big problem.

He continued to dive deeper.

2,000 meters, 4,000 meters…

All the way to 8,000 meters.

Chu Feng had done all of that in one go.

However, at a depth of ten thousand meters, Chu Feng stopped for the first time.

Veins were bulging all over Chu Feng’s body.

His entire body was enduring an indescribable pressure.

He struggled to move his body.

What’s going on? Could it be that in this life, I can’t even reach ten thousand meters?

Chu Feng frowned.

Logically speaking, with his comprehension, he should be able to reach ten thousand meters at the very least.

After all, his comprehension would not disappear along with rebirth.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt intermittent needling pain in his mind.

He seemed to have understood something.

Chu Feng could not help smiling.

I see.

Although his physical qualities were the same as in his previous life, the strength of his soul was different.

And this assessment space was within the space of consciousness, and closely related to the strength of the soul.

In his previous life, he had broken through the 10,000-meter barrier only after he had become a Grade A+.

At that time, his soul was hundreds of times stronger than it was now!

The pressure he could withstand was naturally much stronger.

Chu Feng smiled bitterly.

Could it be that he will stop here?

He could feel, with his current comprehension of the Force Deflection Technique in the Water-Element Domain Field, that he had reached the limit.

Going any deeper and his body would be directly shredded apart.

If he wanted to continue diving deeper, his soul would have to undergo a metamorphosis.

Another way was that his comprehension of the Water-Element Domain Field would have to reach a deeper level.

In the end, it was still because his comprehension was not enough.

Chu Feng shook his head.

He could only try again next time.

With this thought in mind, Chu Feng gave up on resisting the surrounding seawater.

His body stopped moving.

In the next second, Chu Feng would be crushed by the underwater pressure.

At that time, his consciousness would return to the real world.

Although the process was painful, it would not cause any harm.

On the contrary, he could reap enormous benefits.

Although the assessment space was called an assessment, it was actually also an opportunity for comprehension.

In his previous life, many martial artists had deliberately used this method to comprehend the essence of the Water-Element Domain Field at close range.

He felt the pressure from every drop of seawater without any dead angle.

The tempering of one’s techniques would often allow one to gain unimaginable insights.

As Chu Feng pondered, endless pressure swept over.

Chu Feng felt as if he would be crushed into dust the next moment.

The intense pain caused his body to struggle instinctively.

In what was like a stroke of genius, Chu Feng’s body began to move rhythmically involuntarily. It was as if he had become one with the surrounding water droplets.

More than half of the pressure around him disappeared instantly.

This discovery made Chu Feng overjoyed!

Immediately, he began to resist the pressure.

In his mind, he kept recalling the sensation of that earlier moment.

Slowly, Chu Feng felt as if he had assimilated into the water.

It was no longer a stiff confrontation.

They were one body and all encompassing.

A full half an hour later, Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

He smiled.

The pressure around him which originally had almost solidified was negligible at this moment.

With a light twist of his body, he began to dive at extreme speed!

It was much faster than before.

The 10,000-meter mark was instantly broken.

{Major accomplishment level, assessment passed.}

However, Chu Feng still felt that he was not done yet.

He felt like he could still continue!

15,000 meters.


Only after twenty thousand meters did he begin to feel some pressure.

30,000 meters…

35,000 meters!

After diving for forty thousand meters, Chu Feng finally stopped.

He had reached his limit.

Chu Feng felt a bit regretful.

He still could not surpass that fellow from his previous life.

However, that guy had apparently achieved 50,000 meters only after he had become a Grade A+.

By the time that he himself became a Grade A+, it would definitely be more than that.

No matter what, this assessment had surpassed Chu Feng’s expectations.

A depth of 40,000 meters had represented Chu Feng’s stage of comprehension of the Water-Element Domain Field.

He did not know how terrifying his Water-Element Domain Field was presently.

Chu Feng was filled with anticipation.

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