Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 26 - The Only Divine-Grade Reward on the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List]

Chapter 26: The Only Divine-Grade Reward on the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List]

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Currently, Chu Feng’s great confidence in resisting future abyssal invasions was unprecedented.

His cultivation speed was a hundred times faster than others!


The Destruction Bloodline continued to temper his physical constitution without upper limits, rendering his physical body comparable to that of the most distinguished royalty in the Abyss!

The Ancient Immortal Bloodline was alive, undying and indestructible, enabling his life force to reach a terrifying level.

In addition, there was the [Bloodline Enhancement Nirvana] skill, the reward for being ranked first on the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List].

Within 120 minutes, he could burn his bloodline at will and unleash several times the power of his bloodline, yet it would not cause any subsequent damage to his bloodline.

Chu Feng had also not expected that the reward for ranking first would be so impressive.

Generally speaking, the [Bloodline Enhancement] skill rewarded by the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List] would produce different abilities.

The most common was that for a certain period of time, one’s strength would increase by 10-100%.

And subsequently, there might be varying degrees of complications.

A skill like Nirvana was similar to cheating. It was simply heaven-defying.

In his previous life, the Immortal Emperor must have relied on the Ancient Immortal Bloodline and also the enhancement by the Nirvana skill to delay the pace of invasion of that terrifying Demonic Emperor.

Otherwise, even with the help of the Golden Ranking Lists, humans would not have had time to evacuate from Earth.

With the added support of so many divine-grade powers, Chu Feng was like a cockroach that could not be killed.

His cultivation speed was heaven-defying, his explosive power was heaven-defying, his defense was heaven-defying, and his life force was heaven-defying!

Moreover, the further he progressed, the more obvious the effects became.

Besides, these were not all.

Chu Feng still had a divine-grade reward which he had not claimed.

This was an existence which would make all humans love and also hate,

the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List].

It was also known as the treasure chest of the human world!

All sorts of items were being sold in it, and their effects were simply amazing.

However, the price was in uncountable points.

Everything would require points!

There was just too much good stuff, and points were always insufficient.

In order to gain points, one had to continue to fight with the abyssal creatures.

Perhaps this was also the purpose of the Golden Ranking Lists.

Chu Feng looked at the last Golden Ranking List seriously.

This was the first time since his rebirth that he was carefully browsing through the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List].

After concentrating, a thick book with golden rims suddenly appeared before him.

With a thought, he could see the contents of the book.

On the title page, all the items for sale had been divided by their grades.

Grade D, C, B, A, A+…

Before each grade, the minimum points required had also been specified.

{Minimum points required to browse through Grade D items: 10 points}

{Minimum points required to browse through Grade C items: 100 points}


And so on.

It meant that if one had insufficient points, he did not even have the right to view what was inside.

It was worth mentioning that if one had ever fulfilled the requirement for a grade, even if he were to use up all his points to 0, he would still be able to browse.

Chu Feng had over 70,000 points.

The highest he could browse were the Grade A items.

He started to look at the items from the beginning.

All kinds of strange and weird things were available for sale.

There were one-time use Scrolls, Guardian Golden Stones, Shell Injury Magic Bombs, Demonic Fangs Venoms, Water of Life, Pet Beast Balls, Super Balls…

He flipped directly to the last page of the book.

Chu Feng recalled an interesting game from his previous life, [Open Mystery Treasure Chest].

On the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List], there were some treasures which could not be purchased directly.

It would only be possible to get them by opening mystery treasure chests.

Chu Feng saw that on the last page, there were seven neatly-arranged treasure chests: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Dark Gold, Sub-Legendary, Legendary, and Divine grades.

Behind each treasure chest was a number which represented the points consumed.

What item one would get would depend on heaven’s will.

In the previous life, Lin Yi had been extremely lucky. He had once opened and obtained a special legendary grade item, the [Strange Dimension Door].

It could ignore all obstacles, and traverse through space; the distance traversed was determined by the strength of the user’s spiritual energy.

It was similar to teleportation.

With the [Strange Dimension Door], Lin Yi’s ability to pursue, flee, and dodge could be said to be the strongest in the entire human race.

It was also because of this reason, Chu Feng had nowhere to run.

Opening the mystery treasure chest was a huge gamble.

Each opening of a legendary grade treasure chest would require 10 million points.

If one was unlucky, it could be an empty chest.

If one was lucky like Lin Yi, he could come and go freely in the Abyss.

In his previous life, Chu Feng’s points had always been very tight. He did not have extra points to play such a rich man’s game.

Encountering it again in this life, it would be a lie to say that his hands were not itchy.

Coincidentally, he also knew of the ‘bug’ in this [Open Mystery Treasure Chest].

It was a hidden mission.

By following the special method, one could obtain a fragment of a special legendary grade item in the end!

In the previous life, a minor character had been lucky enough to discover it.

It immediately caused an uproar globally.

In this life, Chu Feng thought he could give it a try.

The points he had seemed sufficient.

But before this, he had to obtain the only divine-grade reward from the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List].

This was a reward which could make everyone die of envy!

It was extremely practical!

“Applying for the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List] point recognition.”

Chu Feng spoke impatiently.

After a long wait, a heavenly voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

{After appraisal, human [Chu Feng] has 72,350 points. As the first human to surpass the requirement of 50,000, he can receive an additional divine-grade reward from the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List]: An entitlement for 50% discounts on purchases.}

“Hoo… That’s it!”

Chu Feng did not even know how to describe his current feeling.

There was just one word to describe it, ‘awesome’ !!!

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