Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1309 - 1309 All Victories! Reward!

1309 All Victories! Reward!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King was furious.

He had even begun to curse everyone without thinking.

After venting, he could only helplessly accept all of this.

The item had fallen into Chu Feng’s hands. If he wanted to take it back, unless he thought of a way to kill this fellow, it was impossible to take it back!

But how could he do it now?!

“Ji Changfeng!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King tilted his head and looked at Ji Changfeng, who was watching the show. He shouted angrily.

However, the other party acted as if he did not hear him and ignored him.

In any case, he had already offended him so many times. One more time was fine.

The helpless Purple Golden Heavenly King clenched his fists.

Could it be that they could not even win one round of the fourteenth game of Emperor’s Chess?!

If he lost this round too, he would lose all three rounds and double the score!

It was 5:8.

The fourteenth game was over, which was 7:8!

This meant that if the Gloomy Emperor’s camp won a small round in the last round, it would be a draw.

Only by winning at least two rounds and obtaining the victory of the last game could they obtain the final victory!

This difficulty increased instantly!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King took a deep breath.

The pressure immediately increased.

“Let’s give it a shot! If I can win this small round, my chances will be much higher…”

As a peerless expert, the Purple Golden Heavenly King naturally would not admit defeat easily.

He immediately straightened his back and looked coldly at Bing Yao and Chu Feng.

It was not like he had never fought so many people alone!

There might be hope!

At the thought of this, the Purple Golden Heavenly King suddenly charged out.

The only remaining scarlet glove erupted with a dazzling blood-red light.

“Blood Golden Howling Sun Fist!”

Like a ferocious tiger in a cage, a cornered beast was still fighting!

However… the Purple Golden Heavenly King might have forgotten that even though he was indeed a top-notch expert, was the other party inferior to him?

After the man lost a glove, Bing Yao believed that even she could fight against the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

Furthermore, there was an unreasonable fellow like Chu Feng!

Yes, in Bing Yao’s eyes, Chu Feng was someone outside the rules!

His level was clearly very low, but he could always kill enemies against the heavens!

Even she felt inferior to him in terms of means!

In fact, Bing Yao often wondered if she could hold on if she was Chu Feng’s enemy.

If it were any other Third-Turn Divine Lord, Bing Yao would definitely feel that they were insulting her. But if it was Chu Feng… she actually lost all her confidence…

She took a deep breath.

She suppressed the sigh in her heart.

The reason for that was because that bastard Chu Feng was scolding her again!

“Hey! Old woman, are you in a daze again?!”

“Seriously, I’m not afraid of a god-like opponent, but I’m afraid of a pig-like teammate!”

“Can you guys save me some trouble?!”

After a series of attacks, Bing Yao wanted to strangle Chu Feng to death.

She replied coldly.

“If you scold me again, I’ll quit the chessboard even if I have to give up this round. Fight him yourself!”

This one sentence immediately shut Chu Feng up.

He could still tell which was more important.

Although scolding was satisfying, Chu Feng knew all too well that he had to rely on this old woman to fight with her life. At most, he would only be a support.

However, he still muttered softly, “I’m someone who takes the big picture into consideration. I’m different from this old woman with a glass heart!”

Bing Yao’s face was ashen as she pretended not to hear him.

She vented her anger on the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

Every move was fatal! Hysterical!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King, who had been working hard, had originally planned to give it a try. With his ruthlessness, he might have a chance.

But he was stunned by the furious Bing Yao.

Damn! It seems like it’s my turn to be anxious and risk my life now, right?

What are you guys crazy for?!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King wanted to cry.

He wanted to explode.

However, he, who had lost a glove, had yet to adapt to it. He actually could not withstand Bing Yao’s attack!

He was beaten back.

He was forced to the edge of the chessboard.

Chu Feng watched leisurely from the side and clicked his tongue in wonder.

“I didn’t expect provocation to be so effective on this woman. It’s as if I’ve added an invincible buff. I don’t even have to do anything. Tsk tsk…”

Although he was teasing, Chu Feng took advantage of the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s helplessness to harass him.

In addition, he would summon the Five-Astral-Beast to help from time to time.

For a moment, he actually blasted the Purple Golden Heavenly King out of the chessboard!

They did not have the ability to kill the Purple Golden Heavenly King. It was already not easy to beat him off the chessboard.

After dealing with the strongest, everything else was simple.

Ji Changfeng had long seen that the situation was not good and slipped out himself.

In the end, Chu Feng and the others pretended to chase after the phantom commander and kicked him out of the chessboard.

In the third round of the fourteenth game of Emperor’s Chess, he won with difficulty!

Interestingly, few died in these three rounds.

Only a few unlucky soldiers from the Sacred Land had lost their lives from the beginning. The remaining generals and commanders from both sides were all intact.

It had to be said that this was a miracle.

He clapped his hands.

Chu Feng sighed.

“We won!”

“We’re only one step away from winning!”

At this moment, Bing Yao, who was clearly still angry, suddenly said, “Be careful!”

“If the other party has no hope of winning, they will definitely go all out.”

“Because this time, they paid a huge price. Even the kings of the Sacred Land are almost all dead. Do you think they will let this go?”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow upon hearing those words.

“What has that got to do with me?”

“Are they the only ones who will risk their lives?”

“In the face of absolute strength, so what if they are unwilling?”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, Bing Yao’s eyes lit up.

“Are you saying that you’re confident in the last round?”

Chu Feng smiled meaningfully.


With that, he ignored Bing Yao’s ashen face and flew back to his side.

Tsk tsk, the feeling of playing with Bing Yao was really satisfying!

As for the last round… he was naturally confident. But then again, Chu Feng was not a god. How could he be foolproof?

He could only do his best and leave the rest to fate!

However, to be honest, Chu Feng really had some thoughts about the last game of chess…

After returning to the Green Emperor’s camp, before Chu Feng could think further, the sound of the reward being transferred could be heard.

This was undoubtedly Chu Feng’s favorite sound.

“I wonder how many military merits I can obtain this time?!”

“Unprecedented three wins. The Green Emperor’s Palace shouldn’t be too shabby, right?”

Chu Feng was filled with anticipation.

“I’m not greedy. I’ll be satisfied with 50,000 military merits!”

Because 50,000 military merits meant at least one Master God Weapon!

If he was lucky enough, he might be able to draw some Master Divine Weapons that would help in the upcoming battle!

Most importantly, he still had no clue about his Vampiric Cape!

When could he draw out so many Master God Weapons?!

This Emperor’s Chess was almost over!

Chu Feng had not forgotten that this was the final goal of his trip!!

Was there any way?!

For example, letting him choose directly…

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